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In order to show Garner's traditional dance's enthusiasm, passion and bold and unrestrained, this jersey will incorporate Garner's melody, beat and rhythm into the design of the Jersey through the fashion design. The shirt color Flag of Ghana to regain the two yellow and red eye-catching Pan African color, and further reflects the energy and spirit from the state of Garner unique traditional dance. flag on the black five pointed star is placed between the elaborate patterns, it represents the melody from the players' heart, inspire the whole team together, with the national rhythm in the field.The official website of NFL | cowboy boss Manzel: why not choose reason over emotion | football must remember that Manzel's loss became one of the biggest stories of this year's show at the show conference a few months ago. But it might have made him even more frustrated with the d cheap nfl jerseys free shipping isappointing show, and he had almost been able to return to Dallas. it is not difficult to imagine those pictures, graduated from the Texas A&M University, Texas boy, Manzel joined his hometown team in the history of the Dallas cowboys, he was a brilliant team in growing and becoming the leader of the team, he led the team to the Super Bowl champion, and became the team manager after retirement. Unfortunately, all this was killed in the first chapter of the story. When interviewed Jerry Network, the cowboy boss, Jones Jerry Jones, said, "I want you to know that I once picked up the card with the name of Manzel, and I almost put it in the box at the very time", "NFL". The fact is, the cowboy team finally chose Zach - Martin from the University of Notre Dame. Manzel was one of our three most important options. But we have to think about whether Manzel can live with Toni ROM (now the first quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys), Jones said. Not long ago, he just with the Cowboys signed a contract worth $100 million for six years, the Cowboys seem still full of confidence to him. Jones also took into account the feelings of the cowboy fans. He finally said that giving up Manzel was a tough decision. I also firmly believe that he will be able to succeed in NFL. Maybe, this decision is worth a long time for me to think can be happy: just past the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore crow against Terrell Saggers is not (Terrell Suggs) last played the enemy battle. , the 34 year old crow outside linebacker in the loss to the Steelers after the game said they would not retire. The loss actually means that the crow is out of the playoffs. The crow has not been in the playoffs since 2014. According to , according to ESPN, Saggers was dissatisfied with a journalist who asked him to retire. "I don't know what you've heard - what's wrong with his mind? I have been planning to return and another year "said Saggers. , I think we all agree that if Saggers retires, the Raven will no longer be the same as before. Thank Saggers for being willing to return when he doesn't need to prove anything anymore. He has been killed 8 times this season, and last season he missed 15 games with a tearing Achilles tendon. The total number of his escapement is twenty-first, and after retiring he is sure to enter the hall of fame. But the between the Steelers and the crow looked increasingly become a veteran of the battle has entered the stage, many old veteran played outstanding career. If we can see a match like this next season, everyone will look forward to it immediately.The official website of NFL | Chris said Johnson want to play football | cowboy Chris Johnson, a former jet runner in New York, was interviewed by a reporter in his Hollywood restaurant with his quarterback friend Vince Yang (Vince Young), who was once a reporter in New York. didn't waste too much nonsense. He asked directly if he could choose to play in Dallas. Johnson replied, "I have a good impression of Dallas, which is what I am trying now. Dallas is great for me. Yang Zaibian added: he will feel better, Dallas people will be more love CJ. Although wasn't successful in jet last season, Johnson's previous 6 seasons were unquestionable. No one has ever punched the ball code less than 1000 yards in one season. has learned that Johnson's idea of going to Dallas is not very arbitrary. It is based on the fact that cowboys are selected to run in this draft, which is bound to be an opportunity for the veteran running guard.

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