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The official website of NFL, the Mustang coach sago ANN can fully participate in the football competition starting quarterback wo Trevor - Trevor Siemian is ready to compete. The Denver Broncos coach Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph) told reporters on Monday that the quarterback has been accepted in the offseason left shoulder after surgery had no injuries and can participate in the training completely. is now licensed and trained. Simeon, the first quarterback of wild horse last season, will compete with grade two quarterback Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch). Joseph stressed on Monday that two people had the same chance to win the start. this is an open competition, and each has 50% possibilities. I want to go to the last minute will see the outcome. But reported that more experienced Simeon will dominate in the off-season training at the beginning of horse coach group think he last season is very good, but better than expected. Simeon gre cheap nfl jerseys free shipping w up after a broken offensive front line, which led to the fact that the team had never really launched an attack on the ball and forced Simeon to exert pressure on his opponent when passing the ball. when Lynch came on, he showed his ability to sell him the first round, but he was also dragged by the lack of experience. A complete offseason will help two people ready to start the League one of the most attractive quarterback competition. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Raiders face injuries, continuous contract is a CD player | football Oakland Raiders team has recently Disasters pile up on one another. in the new season, lost 4, and happened to encounter the injuries to key players. The Raiders naturally want to improve the current difficulties, the team in the local time on Monday to sign the new England patriots had been laid off over the outer Kenbu Riel Tompkins (Kenbrell Thompkins), to replace the injury worse rob Street (Rob Streater). It is said that he may be at least truce until November. a day later, the Raider chose to strengthen the online security position. The Kaluka - Maava (Kaluka Maiava) was included in the list of injuries, the team selection of ray - ray - Armstrong (Ray-Ray Amstrong) emergency. Armstrong has just been cut off by the Saint Louis ram. The reason is that he made a decisive mistake when he came on the stage as the special request player. A foul play made it impossible for the ram to endure. In 2012, Armstrong's rookie season was spent by the dolphins. Despite his outstanding talent, he lacks discipline and has 9 fouls in a single season. The Raiders will use him as a line guard, hoping that he can show his offensive and athletic ability. Raiders may continue to find the right players in the next few days, with a large list of reinforcing the weak.Baltimore crow team offensive tackle Eugene Monroe (Eugene Monroe) and defensive tackle Tim Jeni (Timmy Jerrigan) both in roots Tuesday to return to the training field, two people were absent from the wild card game last week. this is Monroe in December 21st last year in Houston, the team lost to Dezhou in the game for the first time to participate in training after a sprained ankle, but Jeni is suffering from root injury affects the feet and knees, this season has missed four games in the last week, once again he was forced to sit on the sidelines. It is reported that both Monroe and Jeni are very likely to play in this week's match against the new England patriots. Jeni said: "I have been ready, because of injuries sidelined half a season of taste really hard, but it makes me look forward to participate in the battle." , in addition, the Marlon Brown, the Raven Marlon Marlon, was absent from yesterday's training because of unknown reasons. Crows and Patriots will first release the official injury report on Wednesday.Tom Brady (Tom Brady) with a helmet of love now hit array players to celebrate, but don't want his hit too hard, causing Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) concussion. the new England patriots players say they are wary of all the time after a touchdown celebration from brady. Someone said, "suddenly, he appeared and hit your helmet 3 times. I'd like to say, hey man! Calm down. " Even the Patriots defensive player is also well prepared, their safety guard Dwyane Maikekaote (Devin McCourty) said: "I didn't think his is so fierce, my helmet is loose, this is how I feel." in the locker room and reporter Brady is a calm introverted person, but to the pitch he became a different person. Brandon - Rafael (Brandon LaFell) said: "he is unique, he suddenly gave up, I don't know what he yelled at, but you will remember this moment."

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