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The NFL stars in my mother's eyes are all babies! 2017-05-20 source at 18:23: NFL Rugby rugby /NFL / star headline: the NFL stars in the eyes of mothers are all babies! those heroes summon wind and call for rain in the NFL arena, to the front of the mother, they show a different side. What is like grace Damm hole (Ndamukong Suh) - Su, Travis - Cares and Jensen - Cares (Travis and Jason Kelce) and Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) this NFL star to maintain long-lasting vitality? Their mother is the clearest. Damm hole - sue. The name of is the nightmare of the quarterback. but in someone's mind, the six - foot - four, 305 - pound dolphin defense monster is another way. "Oh, he's a baby that makes people want to hug." Bernadette Su (Bernadette Suh) said her son, "sometimes we will watch TV together, he either hold me or lying next to me." boy grew up in the period of the Soviet Union Portland Oregon, but not interested in architecture, he love the study of how the Tom Brady (Tom Brady) on the ground. "he is very observant, very creative, like playing. It's very creative when you play Lego. " Bernard said, "he is very decadent and miraculous." as the fans, we wi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ll enter the NFL in these players after their fans, flatter and judge them, and a full range of them is analyzed. When they bring us a surprise when we give praise, but sometimes, they could not indirectly led fantasy team we will gain a complete victory, mercilessly attacked them. we don't know all of these people, but the women who raise them understand. To celebrate Mother's day, we interviewed three NFL players' mothers to explore their son's true nature. Before the spotlight - Donna Cares (Donna Kelce) from a special family. she raised two NFL players. One is Jason, the professional bowl center from the eagle, and Travis, the chief's professional bowl player, and one of the most exciting near - end fronts in the league. Donna recalls her sons when playing "very active", the momentum could tear the house down! "when they go to college, I feel like a general," said Donna about family spend on the budget, "because it is home to the bulk of this overhead. A high school drinkNew Orleans saints' training camp has been battalion for many days, but the situation is beginning to improve. Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) wore Armor Training for the first time since the left external oblique muscle injury, while Chang Po Bailey (Champ Bailey) (unknown injury) did not participate in any antagonistic training, but she took part in warm-up and position training, . needs no more words. Bracey's return training is a great advantage for the team. Although attention is paid to the position of Ryan Griffin and Luke McKoen (Luke McCown) in the competition to backup the quarterback, it is also quite interesting. Almost nobody doubts that his injuries will soon recover, so his quick return is not particularly surprising. Bailey's return has a huge impact. The second is the saints defensive team one of the best ever, but their current position has been plagued by injuries (such as jarius Byrd (Jairus Byrd) is recovering from surgery, and Patrick - Robinson (Patrick Robinson) due to undisclosed injury leave training). Of course, Bailey has been involved in many team meetings and the discussion of players in his position. But it is still a great thing to see him return to prepare for the new season from the beginning of the season. has many problems to worry about in the saints, but the injuries of the two important players of Bracey and Bailey are finally laid down. There is still a lot of time for the players to return to training before the regular season begins, so there is no reason why the fans need to worry. At the moment, everyone should be happy for the two star players to return to the Green Bay Packers regular season ending war, quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) with the second half returned to the field on the pitch, but the Detroit lions beyond all expectations and did not mind the impact which makes the mobile tactical quarterback, Rodgers reduced ability to get more opportunities, lions coach Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) at the press conference on the reporter's question was speechless, really become a laughing stock. but we believe that the Dallas Cowboys won't make the same mistakes as the lions, and they are bound to put a lot of pressure on Rodgers. For this reason, the T.J. T.J. (T.J. Lang) of the right front guard of the packers said: "I will not be surprised by their massive impact. Even if they take the super normal intensity, it will be normal. After all, the calf is the weakness of Rodgers." but the cowboy team's defensive team did not feature the quarterback, and their characteristics were biased towards the conservative type. In addition, Rodgers's calf injury did not affect his brain, nor would it affect the ability of the packers to attack the line guards.The official website of NFL | jet suspension "light running back" Johnson | football contract In the history of , only 7 of the 2000 seasons in the single season, Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) had to search for the next club for second consecutive years. The jet at the end of the day before his contract to choose to abort the savings of $500 thousand bonus options, but the activation of the linebacker Jason Babin (Jason Babin), Kelvin pace (Calvin Pace) a $2 million 500 thousand bonus option. jets signed Johnson last year to 2 years 8 million of the contract, but Johnson did not show his previous 08-13 years on the Titan 8000 yards rushing style, with Chris - Avery (Chris Ivory) and its distribution time suffered the injury slump, whether it is red ball number (155), rushing yards (663) or catch the number (24) is the lowest occupation career. The jet's choice not to execute Johnson's contract will save $3 million 500 thousand in the next season and reduce the impact of $5 million 250 thousand on the paycap.

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