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The Detroit lions center Dominic Ruiaola (Dominic Raiola) recently was fined 10000 dollars, because when he was in Sunday's game against the new England patriots defensive player of the rough impact not necessary. this is occurring in Detroit with 57 seconds left, the lion in the 35 yards, 9 yards and three, he offended the Patriot Zach Moore (Zach Moore). The coalition ruled that his actions offended the alliance's protection regulations, "hitting, beating the players' head, neck or face." the 14 year veteran has not been another foul penalty, that is in the last match of the attack, should he suddenly kneeling opposite the player's knee dive. The final 9 to 34 lions defeated the patriots. After the game, he said he didn't want to hurt anyone. It was just a game arrangement and it was in line with the rules.Beijing 5:30 January 16th at 5:30 a.m., the league's top seed Dallas cowboy and four seed Green Bay Packers competed for the last finals of the League of nations. Cowboys season scored 13 wins and 3 negative good grades, and packaging production season 10 wins and 6 losses. The two teams had had a hand in the sixth week of the regular season, when the cowboy 30:16 defeated the packers. * more ahead of the game, please click here *At the beginning of the game, the cowboy at home is the first to attack. Mike Prescott (Dak Prescott cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ) to feel good, continuous pass found outside the over Terrence Williams (Terrance Williams), Mendez Bryant (Dez Bryant) and Cole (Cole Beasley) - Beasley scored 13 yards, respectively. In the half of the packers, kicker Dan Bailey (Dan Bailey) hit 50 yards free kick, and the cowboy 3:0 is leading the wrapper. Montgomerie (Ty Montgomery), a guest in the Green Bay of the running guard, was in good condition. He left the ball 15 yards on the left side and led the team into the half - field of the cowboy. Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) is the first to find Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) for 16 yards, then long tight end Richard - Rodgers (Richard Rodgers), 34 yards passing touchdowns. The packer quickly overtook the score to 7:3. 's Prescott short Terrence Williams, 12 yards. After entering the Green Bay half court, the cowboy Butler Butler (Brice Butler) was fouled by violating the sports spirit (Unsportsmanlike Conduct), and the cowboy was broken and stepped back for 15 yards. Aaron Rodgers did not waste this ball, long Dafante - Adams (Davante Adams) with 32 yards. The game entered the second section, and finally Thailand Montgomerie left the ball on the left to score 3 yards, and the wrapper 14:3 cowboy. cowboy gear out, followed by Aaron - Rodgers Allison - long out of pocket Jieluoninuo (Geronimo Allison), 26 yards. Enter the cowboy half, fullback Aaron Rip koves Ki (Aaron Ripkowski) on the left 20 yards rushing, Dafante Adams ball 10 yards to the score line, ty Montgomerie left 1 yards rushing touchdown, the packers cowboys 21:3. The critical moment, Hernandez - Bryant to come forward, one on one diagonal Sergio darys Gunter (Ladarius Gunter), with 21 yards behind Bryant in the first pass, after completing 40 yard touchdown catch. The cowboy wrenching the score at 10:21. cowboy kick-off, the packers Christine Michael (Christine Mich〉A combination of red wine and blue is Burnley Football Club proud of traditional color, New Jersey home court changed the preferred way of wine red shirt collocation, occupy absolute proportion, sky blue in the sleeve stripe form, also appeared in the collar and the cuff, the designer is redefining the way the club's image, remove the burden of "re starting"., with NFL, will be unveiled in the domestic league, AFLC. The following is a brief forecast for the first round of the league. related content: the Chinese American football league matches East Shanghai vs Hangzhou Osprey goatsucker existing in the team, the Shanghai nighthawks is the earliest established (August 2011), its strength is like shaolin". The Osprey in 2013 1 to build team, despite the rapid development, but the actual combat experience and player overall strength is relatively weak. Nationwide, Hangzhou Osprey progress faster, thanks to the regular and Shanghai team communication had home court victory over the Shanghai Jiaotong University lion, but in the face of the Nighthawk, unless a miracle has a chance of winning. Shanghai Titan vs Shanghai warrior 4 team in the East, 3 in Shanghai, 3 with the potential to win the championship. It can be said that the development of American football in Shanghai leads too much in other areas. The Shanghai warriors established by part of the original Nighthawk member in March 2012, the Shanghai Titans established by part of the original warriors member in July 2013. Although the Titan team built later than the Osprey, but they have the ability to challenge the warriors, the warriors game in recent field and the outcome of each other. Titan's rapid development is due to a wide range of publicity and professional coaches, the Titan list is up to 70. And the warriors always have several personal skills and tactics of high players, while the warriors personnel has been carried out in succession, although the number is not much, from 15 in 2012 to 45 now, but its strength is extremely strong, last year the 13 Team West rout of about 40 people is a typical Chengdu horse example. , the Titan Nighthawk warriors, held in Shanghai in the last 3 games in the outcome of each other, the Titan, Titan goatsucker wins wins warriors, warriors - nighthawk. Each team is a home win, and on the other hand it may be because the tactics and style are mutually restrained. The warriors want revenge, Titan will not wait, toss up, and this is the only chance that home court warriors, the warriors more. north area Chengdu vs Chongqing horse pierAlthough is not the enemy of the same city, it can be regarded as an adversary in his fatality. The 2 mainstays of the last champion wharf quit directly, resulting in a great reduction in the strength of the docks. In the first half of May, the friendly match against Titan in the first half of this year was exploded at 56:0, but after all, they had won the championship team, and in the whole, they still had the strength of the first World War. The horse might not enhance, on June and the city team panda battle horse, there is a long way to go, the first game is away to dock workers, will be a tough game. Beijing whirlwind vs Wuxi Trident is the original Beijing tornado team most guardians team player in China is the oldest group playing the sport, their strength is always in the upstream in the country, but in the face of the Shanghai team was hard to get a win, or that sentence: Shanghai football development leading other regions too much. And the Trident is the 〉

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