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In January, in January, in memory of the great Martin Ruud Kim, many players changed their own Black shoes (Black History Month). At this time of the year, the big ball shoes brand launched a variety of black moon matching shoes, which has become a big tradition in the alliance. In addition to the recent NBA relaxation of the team's shirt and the reference color constraints, the players can be more free to show their personality. in order to know more about how NBA manages the shirts and shoes of all teams and players, we interviewed Christopher Arena of NBA. Arena and his team specializes in the wearing of NBA, such as the cooperation between NBA and Nike, so does the team's jerseys conform to the design of Nike, for example, each player can have several "theme nights" in a season. (ten of the season) in the past ten years, we can find that the alliance has become more and more relaxed about the traditional dress requirements. , before reading an in-depth cheap nfl jerseys free shipping interview about NBA's policy on shoes and jerseys, we should understand that the league has always attached great importance to and respect the different personalities of all players. Nick DePaula:? What has been the change in the league rules for players' shoe matching in these years? Christopher Arena: I worked in this position since 1994. Our team began to pay attention to the color matching rules of these shoes from the mid 90s. At that time, the player had to wear a black and white match. The proportion of black and white main color changed to 51%. Because we want each team to have a different feature. As time went by, in the early 00, we classified grey as the main color matching. So there's a black and white ash. After a while, we began to think about the opportunity to compete in the full name competition, so that players can wear the color they want to wear, because it matches the all star game red, white and blue team uniform. when we implemented this policy, we began to study the requirements for wearing shoes for different activities. Our league has a lot of different activities and platforms every season. We think, "in order to match the different activities, the players need to wear different color matching shoes." For Halloween, for example, players can wear orange or orange black shoes. In 2011 and 2012, we tried some breakthroughs "in addition to black and white, the players can choose the color of the shoes at will."Allen Allen, the Jacksonville Jaguar's Allen Robinson, has recently mentioned some inappropriate practices of the US police about African Americans. Let's see what he did in the match that just ended on Sunday. against Baltimore crow matches last 2 minutes of the first half, the Jaguars quarterback Blake potters (Blake Bortles) made a false ball to the right hand, running the ball to Robinson's tactics, Robinson finished the ball up front, to help catch the Jaguars score. After completed the array, Robinson raised his hands to celebrate the celebration. The movement meant, "raise your hands and don't shoot."sometimes, a victory is more effective than expected. New York giant horn Dominic Rogers Cromartie (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) suffered from the "indefinite" ban on penalty. It is over. He will return to the team on Wednesday. after a series of disagreements between Rodgers Rome and Ben McAdoo, the giant announced a ban on him. The ban seems to have made the giants in the already difficult situation more troublesome. After the 5 game losing streak and the loss of Odell Beckham Jr. from the stars, Odell's season seemed to be hopeless. The discord between Mcadoo and Rogers Cromartie made the dressing room a potential problem. in the long run, Rogers Cromartie's appearance is better for giants. Although the playing time is less than Eli April (Eli Apple) and James Norris - Jenkins (Janoris Jenkins), he might be giants this season the best cornerback. The giant made nearly 400 yards in the 23-10 victory over Denver Mustang.Bowling |2016 Guangzhou Bowling Association League member League (December 12th) Wang Hongbo won the bowling ball 2016 Guangzhou Bowling Association member League (December 12th) Name of serial number, First Bureau, Second Bureau, third bureaus, fourth bureaus, fourth bureaus, plus sub score 1 Wang Hongbo 243258218216 -309051102 Wen Jianhua 19020123322524 873293 Li Zongsheng 216225233197 871384 Pan Yuehong 190229223223 865475 189232212227 Bo Yang 860566 Zhiming 21021118222224 849657 Zhu Jingtao 186211226221 844758 Zhu Jianxiong 21323519517624 843859 Chen Weishan 21121619619124 8389510 Xu source 202235165234 83610511 recruit Zhi Feng 221212220179 83211512 Chen Hanzhong 16618025518940 83012513 Chen Yunjiang 185200206235 82613514MIKE192213218203 82614515 Liang Yongming 187190206237〉

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