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The NFL show in 2000 is close to the end, and it's been a long time away from the New York jet team to pick up Chad Pennington with their third first round. An experienced Scout is standing at the table shouting at the Bill Parcells of the general manager and chief coach of the team. The jet fleet is going to choose the sixth rookie. They are still discussing who will choose next. ; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; " "; " "; " "; " "; , a thin quarterback from University of Michigan, was slow enough to be able to use a hourglass for time and was still unselected at the sixth round. The jets responsible for the central and western regions of the scouts to the general manager Parcells recommended Brady, "we need Tom Brady," he said. It is said that when the recommended Brady is the famous scout Jesse Kaye. Although the jet has for the first time since 1983 in the first round pick quarterback Chad Pennington, but Kaye still hope that the team will be Brady's hiring, he (Orange Bowl) of the Citrus Bowl in Brady's performance very impressed. Even if the game Brady phenomenal performance (369 yards and 4 touchdowns) seems to have very value, but it is still una cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ble to convince the general manager of Parcells. jets handed their 179th - track show card, and they chose defense guard Toni Scott (Tony Scott) at North Carolina State University. 20, the new England patriots with their 199th overall pick cards picked Tom brady. ;;;; ";"; ""; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";" today, it's painful to know the real relative jet fans of the year. Patriot with their amazing No. 199 took a 37 year old champion quarterback Brady has led the Patriots once again locked in advance playoff. And spray 〉The official website of NFL | Carle predicted card harvest in Lille Mike next season 30 sacks | Rugby there were few players in the past 2 seasons, such as the Oakland Raiders' card Lille - Mike (Khalil Mack), so efficient. Last season he finished 15 grappling, 77 grabs and 2 shots, and his capture was 11 more than the 2014 season and great progress. Although last season, Mike's performance was very successful, but it is difficult to predict what will be his next season, the team's recent quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) stand out a bold prediction: I think he will have 30 quarterback sacks, carefully watching his video, he every file defense efforts, he has a gift so, nobody in the league. In fact league history is captured and killed in 2001 - Michael Stella Don (Michael Strahan) 22.5 is created, after Justin Houston (Justin Houston), Jared Alan (Jared Allen) and Mark Justino (Mark Gastineau) 22 Co creation. , it's hard to imagine that Mike has completed 30 cases of killing and killing. Though his punching ability is unquestionable, the 30 capture may be difficult for him to achieve in his whole career.The official website of NFL | Sherman: Tom Brady is the best active | football quarterback ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Since Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) has been retired, actually not what this topic argument: even Robert '(Rob Gronkowski) - Marcus and Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) also have the same answer. When was recently interviewed by ESPN, two people were asked who was the best quarterback for NFL and gave the same answer. Tom Brady ( Tom Brady). He is, 'said gloon. Russell (- Wilson) (Russell Wilson) is a great quarterback, a trump quarterback. He is worthy of praise. as for Sherman, he could have given Wilson a vote, but he was not the answer to his choice. Tom, Sherman said. the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brady's choice for a very simple reason: he is an active quarterback get most times champion. Kobe (- Bryant) (Kobe Bryant) was not the best player in NBA because of his five rings? Tom has four rings. So he's the best, of course, if the title number is the judgment standard, then NFL second is either good quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) or Eli Manning (Eli Manning), two people have won two champions. Then have a ring of Werwilson, Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rdgers), Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) and Joe Flacco (Joe Flacco). in Brady after retirement, he announced his retirement when it is about the best active quarterback really gets interesting when the debate began.'s optimism about the return of Kevin White (Kevin White) to the stadium is so far. Ryan, general manager of Chicago, White announced on Saturday that they were selected seventh times in this year's draft for the treatment of tibial stress fractures, which need surgical treatment. White will start a new season on a list of injuries that can't be on the field and may be absent from the whole new season. Perth said White had suffered a worsening injury this week, which led to the need for surgery. The team confirmed that White appeared in the offseason the team training in tibial stress fracture. The team hoped that the rest and recovery process could solve the problem. This week White was again diswell, and the coach noticed a change in White's pace. White will be absent from the first six games of the new season when stays in the list because of injury, but it looks as if the team expects White to be absent for a long time. and less than 24 hours ago, White said he was ready to return to training. "I feel I can play. But you have to listen to the coach and trainer. If they say, 'Kevin, rest for another week, then I have to do this, "he said on Friday. "I hope we can get some good news and hope I can return to training as soon as possible." bears selected White is hoping he can replace Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) as quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) of the first pass, at the same time, and the other side of the star receiver Arshin - Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery) with. In the short term, when White is unable to play, the veteran Eddie Royall (Eddie Royal) will take a more important role in the attack team. The new manager of the team, John Fawkes (John Fox), is thought to be more dependent on punching than his predecessor. It may be particularly true that the bear team is now losing White, which is expected to have an impact on the rapid presence of the new rookie season. This is a very big blow to the team that is in the transition.

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