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??????????????CBA?????????????????????????????? I don't know that there are advertisements on NBA's jerseys, but not so blatant in China. Because the ads on the jerseys were not allowed until 2017, so the advertising cost of the team is the most expensive. fourth is Broolyn's basketball team's sponsorship sponsorship, sponsoring 8 million dollars a year, and the nets signed a software service company in Atlanta infor. Although the performance of the nets is very poor, but after all, in this big city in New York, there will be a lot of people's attention. third is the Hornets, the Hornets are special, because the team's boss is Jordan, and Jordan brand belongs to a sub brand of NIKE subordinates. So the logo on wasp Jersey is the symbol of flying man Jordan, and the other teams are the symbol of NIKE. Their sponsors are LendingTree, an online rental trading platform.The official website of NFL | Panthers cornerback Norman not to sign the contract | football franchise tag some privileges labels play cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ers have quickly signed the privilege tag contracts, these players include Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) and Codi Glen (Cordy Glenn). Don't expect Josh Norman (Josh Norman) to sign his 1 - year contract for $13 million 952 thousand in the near future. I'm satisfied with my current state. You have to trust me, Norman told the Sherlock media on Friday. If I have been waiting for so long, I can wait a little longer. I don't mind waiting. Wait for me to get what I want at the end. Believe me, waiting is my special. usually when a player is eager to sign his privilege tag contract, which means he (or his agent) knows that the value of the label contract is higher than his actual value. Norman had no such idea. Norman rejected a $7 million - A - year contract last season, after which he proved to be one of the best players in the league. Now he wants to get a salary at this level. Norman, who won the best lineup last season, did not give specific figures for the amount of contract he expected, but apparently the number was close to the top salary of the . Norman said that if in July 15th the deadline before signing the contract privilege label both sides cannot sign about, he does not intend to stop training. But the Carolina - born player also said he would not make a bid for his home team.|CPBA 3rd anniversary National Bowling bowling activities warm-up match Zhang Haitao win according to the articles of association, the winners are the top thirty rank name unit G1G2G3G4 points difference score sharing 1 Zhang Haitao Liu Shaoyi 257216239203091522902 of Henan Dalian 248211191247089722-183 Anhui 234232203218889522-204 Anhui cattle Lishun rubine 18225822621412892223-235 Lin Wei Suzhou 181233247226088722-286 key Hefei 186208236252088222-337 Yancheng 278203224177088222-338 Guangzhou vincant Qi Wang Hongbo 214214226227088122-349 weeks Zhaoxuan Lu Yun Zhejiang 243193212226087421-4110 Ningbo 247215197209086821-4711 Nanjing 193248220207086821-4712 Taiwan 218187256202086321-5213 Kunyi Hong Tao Kailin Wang Shizhen Nie Zheng Maolin Dalian 223224215195085721-5815 Zhuhai 195190227248086021-5514 Jian Nanjing 224199237197085721-5816 Xia Yufang Changzhou 22518118924416855214-6017 Wang Liangxin Suzhou 201198238217085421-6118 Dalian 243217225167085221-6319 yuan to pay the doors of the temple taking Rongnan Han Ning 204229224194085121-6420 Sichuan 221203198226084821-6721 Foshan 20923417021418845211-7022 Europe Zhibiao Zhang Shanghai 216204223200084321-7223 Anhui 236201203203084321-7224 Quanzhou 20120021520323842211-7325 Chen Xiangyang Qin GUI Da Wang Dali Shenyang 200234208199084121-7426 weeks Yunhe Nanjing 237190180234084121-7427 Wu Kairong Xiamen 216224198202084021-7528 Liu Yong Chen Zhongqing 20120021119232836209-7929 of Nanjing Xiamen 182207244202083520-8030 Hebei 194196224217083120-8431 Wuxi 2152121892130829〉 Li Shengze Zhao JiaxingThe official website of NFL | practice fight Cowboys boss has praised | football third weeks of training camp often means injuries and gunpowder, especially when the two teams play together. , on Tuesday, California (California) Oxnard (Oxnard), Dallas cowboys and Oakland Raiders broke out in a practice fight. In fact, this is not much of the value of the news, but the special thing is that the scuffle is almost involved in the crowd. this battle for the Cowboys cornerback Maurice Keleiboen (Morris Claiborne) on the Raiders tight end Michael - Rivera (Mychal Rivera) a strong grapple up, Keleiboen just crash very proud, he told reporters: I just felt a heavy shoulder hit me, so I went to the grapple. Just because of this, it turned into a quarrel. Raiders coach Denis - Allen (Dennis Allen) said he was very disappointed to fight, but the Cowboys owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) is the aggressive behavior of praise. reported that the number of Raiders fans overwhelmed cowboy fans in this training, and remained fairly high decibels. The Raider owner Mark Davies (Mark Davis) said: the Raider fans are the best! The teams plan to play an exercise game in second days.

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