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Wang Weiheng: | squash squash women's Asian Games to make significant progress to the medal Luca from the Guangzhou Asian Games and more than 1 months, the Cleveland reporter Tour Finals in the national squash with the national squash team coach Wang Weiheng, asked him to talk about the national team team preparing for the Asian games. Wang Weiheng said, to carry out the Chinese squash time is not long, and the Asian teams still have a big gap, but China's progress is obvious, the Asian Games have impact medals of normal play. Wang Weiheng introduced, I took the national squash training team in January this year. Actually, I paid attention to the development of squash in China a few years ago, and focused on the progress of the national team. I think there is a big gap between the technical level of the national team members and the foreign countries. The first goal for me to take up the national team is to improve these players' shortcomings and deficiencies as soon as possible, such as training, participating in competitions and physical fitness, and improve their level from these three aspects. Wang Weiheng said that foreign players have more opportunities to pl cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ay games around the world and have accumulated a lot of experience. Some of us have not yet been able to go abroad, and the players have not been able to participate in international competitions. I am in charge which emphasizes the training of players control the game speed, speed control. A short time ago, our team members participated in the Chinese Squash Open. One of the women players has achieved good results. This shows me that the Chinese team has made some progress and achieved some results. , I am a professional player. The players of the national team can feel the quality of professional players from me. In my vocational education, I mainly grasp the speed, physical fitness, opportunity ball and psychology of players. The players have made obvious progress. This group of players is still at the beginning stage. For obvious progress, we still have a long time to work hard. Of course, our players still have much room to improve. Wang Weiheng said: "the National Games will be held in Guangzhou, which is good for our players. There are many disadvantages. We will adapt to the field well, and many spectators cheer on us. Of course, there will be more pressure on the domestic players. As a coach, I won't put too much pressure on the players before the game, but the players are required to do their best to play every game. As long as we play the best level in the competition, we can not worry too much about winning or losing. We shouldn't play games with our burden. If we play games with our baggage, we will never play our original level. Wang Weiheng said, "what I can do now is to adjust the competitive state of the national team to the best level before the Asian Games, so as to welcome the arrival of the Asian Games. After all, squash is a new start in China, and we still have a big gap compared with other countries and regions that have long squash. From the coach's point of view, we only 〉The official website of NFL, Palmer and Fitzgerald will not participate in the tournament, Football Hall of fame nest tiger July 23rd hearing preseason often disappointed, fans to finally have games to see very exciting but only to see a group in order to keep the team opportunity grappling line three players. At least the Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) to warn you that. said Saturday that the Arians he has decided not to let the quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) and Larry Fitzgerald (Larry over Fitzgerald) to participate in the game hall of fame. Although said he wanted to let Arians starting in the pre-season match to get more playing time to speed up their regular season for the two players ready, he does not want his most important risk too much. so when the cardinals in the hall of fame game against the Dallas cowboys, Drew - Stanton (Drew Stanton) will serve as the starting quarterback. It is not yet known whether Dak Prescott will play for the cowboy, but it can be said that even if he is out, he will not play a lot of time. Once the fans think of the meaning of the pre - season, their excitement will not last long. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.thousands of viewers witnessed the Cleveland Knights' Lebron LeBron (LeBron James) in the fourth match hit the field side camera, causing the scar on the face. James may not be so lucky, but the Detroit lions wide receiver Gordon Tate (Golden Tate) think this is a very serious thing. Tate said recently a cameraman should be punished, he said: "when all the security they need not be punished, but when some risk so they blame, because some of the things we athletes will be punished when they cause injuries this kind of punishment should be." clearly suggested that if players because Tate and collision of the cameraman's lead to injury, so should be punished, although he did not hurt the Tate, but his former teammates had such an injury. In fact this is not the first protest Tate player, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) at the NBA finals when twitter said: "the camera does not move? The video camera should not exist. " Does also remember the Gatorade Mcglaughlin (Jeremy Maclin) Gatorade bathing? It's good that he wasn't hurt.The Second World Championships will be held | old Bowling bowling in Las Vegas in August world old age Bowling Championships hosted by WTBA, two years, is the second year in August 2015, 23-30, Las Vegas, Sam City Hotel & Casino Sam bowling center, 56 lane, each country has a quota of four men and four women. will be able to take part in 50, single, double, team, elite, all-around, five projects.

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