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The official website of NFL, Steelers running back Baer: like curry as a sport, football nest change leviant - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) that he rushed the ball patient style will change the NFL, how to change the NBA library like Stephen play. I think I was changing the game, the Pittsburgh Steelers running back to the media. In this respect, I'm like Steph Curry for basketball. Don't mistake me. I didn't say Stephen - Curie was the best player, but he changed the game, so he would keep it in mind. Now, everyone wants to throw three points and throw in three points. Baer has a patient flush style, he needs to attack the striker to continue to open the gap, and then he gets a lot of numbers out of the space. He said he expected the young runner to be able to play the ball like him. colleague de Raymond Green (Draymond Green) in the Jinzhou warrior was Baer's college student and played basketball together. He thought that Baer bikori. he had never seen his patience before he had flashed the ball, Green said. You've seen Barry Saunders. He's very flexible in the ball. He is as slippery as oil. You've seen the power flushing style of the bus Bettis. You've seen a super fast running guard. But a patient like a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping runner like him? I don't know if we've seen it before. He's a special running guard. He's sure to bring the game to a new level and it's interesting to see him playing. in the last game, he scored 167 yards hit the Steelers playoff record with a punch to punch the ball ball, helping the team win over the Miami dolphins 30-12. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Manning into second and 500 touchdowns | football quarterback Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) created history again today. Manning has just ended in today's match 41 to 20 victory over the Arizona Cardinals and led the team in the game, and tight end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) to complete the line up front became Manning occupation career 500th touchdowns, after Bret faffe (Brett Favre) 508, in the history of the second. After that, he finished 3 other passes, and after the game, Payton - Manning took 503 passes. Denver Broncos offense has finally resumed the 2013 fire, and the number one wide receiver de Marius Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) also swept away the previous downturn to get 226 yards of the ball, although not the Broncos history record, but the League single game the highest individual ball size. And if it is left Jiefeng Ryan - Claude blocking foul, Manning had a 77 yard touchdown pass to Thomas. and just after Manning completed 500 passes, he also sent 221st of his 221st copies to the quarterback, and became 221 quarterback players in history. even so what, if there is no injury, two in support of Thomas, Manning believe that this season will not be long before you can refresh the record 508 touchdowns faffe.The official website of NFL | patriot boss: mistakenly believe the | rugby union new England patriots owner Robert - Kraft (Robert Kraft) on Wednesday morning beyond all expectations to meet with reporters, he stressed that the team to maintain the suspended penalty down Brady NFL. The decision made by the alliance yesterday made me difficult to understand, he said. angry for his Alliance for a one-way fans at Anfield in May. The tickets for the team included a fine of $1 million, and the team lost its first round of draft in 2016 and the fourth round of draft in 2017. He said he believes it can help the Brady pardon. Considering the actual situation of the evidence and the union as a punishment for violations of the history, I really believe that I did in May can make the alliance more easily forgive brady. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I mistakenly believe in the alliance, Kraft attacked NFL's investigation and reiterated the team's belief that the League still did not have any hard evidence of any team's pressure on the ball. He said: my conclusion is that the survey is never fair and fair, Kraft also attacked NFL's actions, including bringing the appeal to the New York court and without a revision of the error. He also for union president Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) published by the Brady mobile phone unhappy with their destruction. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????|?????NFL?????????????????????????-?????쨢??Bill Belichick???????????? Kraft stressed he Brady's trust, said some people are determined to damage the reputation of the office quarterback NFL.Every team in the NFL League has a large coaching team, and the coach is undeniably the most authoritative. In defense, he is responsible for the defense coordinator, the defensive front coach, the line guard coach, the guard guard coach and so on. defense Coordinator Manager so the defender, he decided which defense tactics to use. The defense coordinator watches the whole defense team every day to prepare for their upcoming games. A great defensive coordinator needs to be flexible and put the players in the right position to win. The defense front coach is responsible for training the personal skills of the defensive frontline players, including the cutting and running of the ball, the compression of the running space, the impact pass, and so on. In addition to the defense coordinator to discuss the development of new defensive tactics and so on. The line coach creates a defensive style based on the opinion of the defensive coordinator. It is responsible for training the line guards to capture and attack skills, especially how to prevent it. The defender coach has a holistic concept of the team's anti transmission ability, and has enough recognition for the average level of the alliance. He is often responsible for the offseason training project. The defense team also has some other coaches who are more focused on their work. The above are the most important coaches in the defense team whose ability directly affects the overall defensive level of the team.

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