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although the title is said, but the lucky patron god also has the time to warp. The Kansas chief failed to continue their good luck last Sunday. , you can say that Andy Reed's time control skill is too dish, or the team defense is too slack, but unfortunately, in the fifteenth week, the misfortune of the chieftain 19-17 in the Titan game still had some influence. after all, the final decision of the game is a 53 - yard free kick before the end of the time. To a certain extent, your fate is no longer your own grasp. 14 weeks before the trip, the chief was 10-4 - Everything is going smoothly. results, including a Sike with area match won the victory of the light horse, this field is enough for a while blowing. Although statistical data can not show the value of this victory. Although luck many teams, but the chief may be NFL this season most favored a lucky. if the chief wants to be tougher in the American League playoffs, they can quickly recover. is it better to look back on how many of the games they won? ninth weeks VS Jacksonville Jaguar 4 Jaguar ball conversion allows the Emirates to earn pours, once one of the most astounding is the fourth day end line before the ball drop, eventually the chief hunting Jaguar 19-14. uh, embarrassment, chief of the first section with a touchdown, was never able to successfully enter the end zone. of course, the emirate used the substitutes for the quarterback, the substitute for the running guard, the injured h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and... But they didn't stop them from winning. The goddess of luck looked down, and the Sheikh knocked down one of the NFL's team. tenth weeks VS Carolina Panther , the chief attacking team didn't even get the touchdown. Thanks to the record of 3 free kicks and Eric Berri's 46 yards, they could score the score at the fourth quarter remaining 4:25. should the attack team take the rhythm, right? I don't, chief of the offensive team still could not enter the end. Well, the defense team comes out. Marcus - Calvin - Benjamin Peters successfully blocking, causing the latter in the 34 yards off the ball, Peters 10 return yards to the 24 yard line, although because of the foul and fined 5 yards and a touchdown to attack group. But it's enough for the chief to win the free kick. wants to know how the 5 yards are punished? Is this, Peters successfully steals after too excited, direct "punt" Bigfoot kick football to the audience failed [], had kicked the ball 15 yards should be punished, but not serious Peters punter, so there is a delay penalty game, 5 yards, really lucky! After all, less the 10 yards, winning free kick success probability is high. VS Denver Broncos twelfth weeksThe - Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) is Pittsburgh Steelers a big show, as one of the best quarterbacks alliance, is also the team's appearance. He represented the team boarded the ESPN week night game poster is right and proper. and Bishop - Sanghi (Bishop Sankey) is the Tennessee Titans second round pick this year, so far this season, he started 2 of 91 games and scored 357 rushing yards and 1 touchdowns. So when you see him and the big book on the poster in a week and one night race, you are sure to be as shocked as Sanjay. Sanghi said, "it was a shock to me. Looks very cool ah, I have chance and Wallace such characters together in the poster. Honestly, I have no outstanding contribution, so I was very surprised. I think there are so many good people in our team that can appear on the poster. " Sanji was no hindrant to the start of the start. A year ago the Steelers rookie running back Liweien - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) in his first 10 games 102 red ball only got 339 yards, and le Sean Mccoy in his 09 year of his rookie season 10 games before the 86 red ball won only 353 yards. But now Baer and Mccoy are all the league's trump guards, and Sanji, like them, was selected in the second round. sang Ji said: "you may think that is a good thing but I stand head and shoulders above others, just want to help the team with more points, and we rushed the ball in efficiency is high, our attack will be better. I've always had a dream that I could go on a week and one night game because every fan would see it. Now that dreams come true, I'm excited. "Olives: father's prison is dead! Denver player Smith contestants Smith Denver wild horse defense frontline player Antonio Smith (Antonio Smith) knew the news of his father Marty Christopher Williams (Marty Christopher Williams) died in prison on Wednesday morning. "it's very difficult. I didn't know this morning, "Smith told the Denver media. "My mother called me on the phone. The telephone at about 6:30. " According to , Smith took part in Wednesday's training and still planned to take part in the super bowl, according to people familiar with the matter. According to , Williams, 55, was reported to have died of complications from recent cardiac surgery. He had been in prison for more than 20 years after he was convicted of first-degree murder. Smith Houston in Dezhou and the Broncos coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips (Wade Phillips) worked as a free agent, the season before he joined the mustang. (source: NFL Chinese official network)Beijing time in December 15th, the New York giants came to Miami to challenge the dolphins. This is the giants qualified for the postseason, so it is so important. After a fierce battle in the four quarter, the giants eventually with Eli Manning recorded 4 touchdowns in the victory over the dolphins. The record continues to be the same as the red skin and the eagle. The score of the whole game is 31:24. first game, the dolphin team sent a mistake, let the giant take the first point with a free kick. But the dolphins rally to organize an effective attack by Lamar - Miller (Lamar Miller) to get a 14 yard touchdown run the ball. The first section of Harding Park, home court battle dolphin to lead 7:3. the second quarter, the giants quickly completed a touchdown, Eli Manning (Eli Manning) direct convey zone Reuben Randall array (Rueben Randle) will lead the score. But Miller survived at least 6 good times don't last long, personal grapple ran a 38 yard touchdown. The dolphin won the lead again at 14:10. Then the dolphin turned the difference into 7 points with a free kick from the giant. In this section, Eli left less than 1 minutes again sent the ball up front, is will Thailand (Will Tye). At the end of the first half, the two sides battle at 17:17. the third quarter, Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill), in a 47 yard touchdown pass to Kenny - Sitiersi (Kenny Stills). But Eli answered with a 6 yard touchdown pass. Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham) excellent tip control helped him to finish the difficult catch. At the end of this section, the giants kicked a free kick of 48 yards. Let both sides stand on the same starting line and enter the fourth section. 24:24. In fourth, the giants' Beckham quickly completed a wonderful catcher. He ran through the entire line of defense after the dolphins received Eli pass, easy to get a 84 yard touchdown. Giant 31:24 dolphin. Since then, the dolphin team has not been able to organize the success of the push to equalize the score. And the dolphin defense team will be first attacked by the giants after every pause. Time has been consumed by a little bit of consumption. The final giant was on the road with 31:24 on the dolphin.

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