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Our football equipment network is the largest and most complete and the most authoritative football shoes, football equipment website, to provide learning and knowledge search platform for the football fans of football equipment.The official website of NFL | pony receiver Hilton for his teammates happy football | Iraq contract Indianapolis pony T.Y. T.Y. (T.Y. Hilton) has signed the contract to play for the 2020 season, which allows him to care about things other than contracts in the next few years. when the pony and the quarterback Andrew - LAK (Andrew Luck) signed a contract with the team until 2021, Hilton was happy to have the same teammates as he was. Hilton does not think the contract distraction is good for LAK's presence. that's great. I know that the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping renewal of the contract is a big burden to him, Hilton said. Now he can put his attention on the ball. This is his favorite thing. It's important to get him to focus and be ready to come. if the deal is a big plus for the offensive team, then the ponies in the lac, Hilton, Alan - tight end Dwayne (Dwayne Allen) and Anthony - Costanzo left Jiefeng (Anthony Castonzo) in good condition in the past two years after the completion of the renewal. If the pony can find some of the defensive players to get the same treatment, the future of the pony is much better than that in the playoffs last year.Baltimore coach Jim Crow - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) in the local time in an interview on Tuesday confirmed that the team is selling the team offensive tackle Eugene Monroe (Eugene Monroe), regardless of whether the transaction is completed, the front door Luo can not participate in the team's training activities. Harbert said in an interview: "as far as I know there are some teams in the asking price to us, so in this case we think or not to let him participate in the training, the decision in the New Zealand Ozzie Slim (Ozzie Newsome, general manager of the Crow) hands, what is the result that we will eventually look at." Last week Harbert praised this year's first round rookie Ronnie - Stanley (Ronnie Stanley), think he certainly has the ability to quickly become a team starting left Jiefeng. Monroe, on the other hand, has become a superfluous person in the eyes of the coaching team because of the basic salary of up to $6 million 500 thousand and worrying injuries in the new season. The Raven suffered a large injury last year, which made the management and the coaching group determined to make a young reform, and Monroe, 30, would be hard to stay in the team . The official website of NFL | quarterback Andrew ruck, need to learn how to protect themselves | football Andrew LAK (Andrew Luck) only completed 7 games last season in Indianapolis pony. It entered the list of injuries due to spleen and shoulder problems. In the 2016 season, there is still a few months to go. The champion in 2012 is obviously still recovering. lark said, "there are still many things I need to do at present. This is a process that needs to be done. After falling down, I have been training with trainers and doctors. Their advice to me is according to their plan, at least I have great faith in this. He was lucky because he had a long time to recover. , according to a news of the pony's official website, took part in a voluntary training camp for the pony on Monday in the United States, indicating that everything was in an orderly recovery. , but he still doesn't know if he feels pain or action restrictions. He said, "I can't answer the question of injury now, because I'm not on the court. I hope I have crystal ball to answer all your questions. last month, the team boss and coach at the NFL conference said they hoped their young quarterback would learn to protect themselves. After that, he suffered too many injuries and caused too many injuries, which is what the team did not want to see.

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