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The official website of NFL, rookie Jared Gough rams quarterback, the three or four Rugby nest Jared - (Jared Goff) and Castro gove - Kinam (Case Keenum) the gap between how much? It is obviously very big. According to the reporter recently news, Goff was the three or four Losangeles rams quarterback, not only in Kenath, after also ranked Sean Mannion (Sean Mannion) after the training performance are also far more than the Goff mannion. But the team coach still for the gove evaluation is very high, expect him to become a qualified NFL quarterback, he and the team's starting quarterback but also very distant distance. Goff himself said he was confident that he would gradually adapt to NFL and grow up.NFL, the official website around the London Games: Jaguar won the season "home court" first win in football nest Beijing time was officially launched in the first London bowl in the 9:302016 season of October 2nd. The Jacksonville Jaguars in the second home court at Wembl cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ey Stadium in London against the Indianapolis colts. The two teams with rivals over the past 7 meetings, the Jaguars made only 1 wins and 6 negative results, but the two sides last game, the Jaguars 51:16 victory over the Colts home court. In addition, the Jaguar team had a 1 - 2 record in the last three seasons at Wembley. the two sides to have three out. Colts quarterback Andrew ball, Lakshmi (Andrew Luck) was destroyed in the half pass, defensive end Don Fagafaga Coue Janick (Yannick Ngakoue) and steals the ball, advancing to the Colts 24 yard line. The Jaguar team to seize the opportunity, and Robinson took over Allen (Allen Robinson) by Blake Boteersi (Blake Bortles) 3 yards passing touchdown, the Jaguar team took the lead 7:0. After giving the Colts a way to promote the Jaguars half, quarterback Paul luck was middle linebacker - Persian Lasini (Paul Posluszny) captured and killed, the Colts had by the veteran kicker Adam Viniateri (Adam Vinatieri) with a 53 yard free kick to chase the score 7:3. After that, the Jaguars third out again. In the second quarter of , the little horse took Chester Rodgers (Chester Rogers), causing the corner guard Devine Moorhouse (Davon House) to interfere with the ball catch (Defensive Pass Interference) foul and advance the 20 yards. Eventually Adam - Viniateri hit a 49 - yard free kick, and the score became 7:6. Jaguars offensive team again, Blake Boteersilian ran with the Colts led the team into the first half, and then took over Allen Robinson by cornerback Patrick Robinson (Patrick Robinson) defensive interference ball foul, the Jaguars came to the 1 yard line. Blake Boteersi reading options for 1 yards rushing touchdown, the Jaguars leading 14-6. Colts quarterback luck was defensive end Tyson (Tyson Alualu) - Ljubljana aroe sacks, had to punt again quickly. Last minute first half, the Jaguars a way forward, Allen Robinson had 15 yards and the ball out of bounds stopwatch kicker Jason Meyers (Jason Myers) 22 yard free kick hit the Jaguars at the end of the first half to expand the lead to 17:6. opened the ball in the second half, and the Jaguar first attacked. Marquez - Lee (Marqise Lee) received Blake - Boon Thursday - Palmer Carson Cardinals quarterback (Carson Palmer) in the injured reserve list, the most optimistic scenario, he can return to the game last season. According to coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said that the Cardinals decided to two players return places left running back David Johnson (David Johnson) and Palmer. Palmer had the chance to play the last two games, but now the 3-4 cardinals, ranked third in the west country record is not optimistic. Drew - Stanton (Drew Stanton) will be the first cardinals, blain Garbutt (Blaine Gabbert) as a substitute, Arians said his current Garbutt's plan also did not start.The official website of NFL | patriot guard: Brady can hit the 45 year old | football (Tom Brady) - Tom Brady's father had joked, Brady might have been the new England patriots play to 70 years old, the patriot is not what good. Brady himself had also said that if the body allows, in the hope of the team until the age of 40. this week, patriot Connolly Dan Connolly was asked how long the quarterback could play for the team in the interview. He said: if Tom still lives, trains and works in accordance with the existing way, I believe he can play longer for the team. Maybe, he can be 45 years old. He is very serious in his work and likes to compete. He has the ability to continue to lead the team. Brady's father was laughing, Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) won't let that happen. Billy Cheik has always been ruthless in dealing with the team's lineup, and he will only stay on the team that he thinks well enough. This is one of the reasons why patriots can remain competitive for a long time. The Brady, always want to hit the 40 year old seems to be an impossible task. But who can completely negate the possibility? Time gives the answer.

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