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The official website of NFL, and the Carolina Panthers defensive end Edison contract for 3 years, football wo The Carolina Panther has taken time to leave the players who are about to enter the free agent market. When opened less than two weeks from the market, the black leopard and the defensive end forward Mario Edison (Mario Addison) were renewed for 3 years. The contract is worth 22 million 500 thousand dollars. Edison will now work for the panther to 2019. Mario is one of the best pass players in the league. He is worthy of the contract. The Black Panther general manager, Dave Gethmann (Dave Gettleman), said in the team statement. He has been interfering with the quarterback of his opponent, and we expect him to play a bigger role in the defensive team. despite the disappointing performance of the Black Panther last season, Edison is a few bright cheap nfl jerseys free shipping spots. He got 9.5 shots of his career high last season, the first in the team. He has been killed 22 times since 2014, and at this stage the team is the most. Edison is the first of the 5 leopard defensive frontline players to become free players to renew their appointment with the team. To renew or call the lead of a $13 million 615 thousand franchise tag way for defensive tackle Schott Kavan (Kawann Short) provides a big contract. In addition, the Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson), who has been playing for the Panther, will also become a free player. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Oswald vhailor: cannot start the playoffs a little disappointed | football Brock - Brock Osweiler recently said that the replacement of Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) was a little disappointed in the playoffs of the Denver Mustang. on Thursday U.S. time, coach Gary Kubiak announced that Manning will start the team's playoff debut, which is obviously not unexpected, but is also a risk decision. Oslo Wheeler said: it is difficult to accept or hear this news, a little disappointed, I have not known players, so I also support Manning starting. apparently Oswald Wheeler said is right, Manning is currently the best team selection, although there is no guarantee that he is not back from injury.card Lille - Mike (Khalil Mack) in the game's 5 capture performance, let Oakland Raiders commander Jack Del Rio (Jack Del Rio) think the team defense team will have a bright future. "when we go ahead, we will build a ruling defensive team," Del Rio told ESPN. "We have taken a few steps and showed some signs, but this is something that will happen. It's just a matter of time. " The success of NFL is built on the double cladding that attracts and defeats the opponent. Del Rio now has the ability Mike has, and Mike has made 9 escapement in the last 3 games. in addition to Mike, Del Leo can expect rookie Mario - Edwards Chong military small (Mario Edwards Jr.) and veteran defender Dan Williams rushed the ball (Dan Williams) as the cornerstone. Edwards has stood out since the middle of the season. According to the rugby focus network data, he has made 21 catch up quarterback in the past 6 games, and Mike has won 19 times. Williams has become a strong leader in the progress of the ball Raiders. They let their opponents run in the past month, each time the ball can only advance 3 yards. even though the Raiders have no hope of getting a playoff seat, they have a bright future. If the Raiders head went on the defensive on several draft group do not feel surprised. As they did in the attack team, they would want to make Mike a good player around it.The official website of NFL | news: a red team | football organization pressure change The Washington Redskins team can be said to be a never-ending argument, unless one day their boss Dan Snyder (Dan Snyder) are not selfish and stupid, and decided to change the name. many people want this name to be changed, even the mayor of Washington doesn't support this name very much, but Snyder doesn't seem to have any idea of renaming. now, that the US will press for Christ to change the team name red. Their spokesmen said the red skin of the Washington team was a serious offense to the public image of American Aborigines. so let's see what the red skin will give.

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