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Macron CEO Gianluca · (Gianluca Pavanello); Pavanello added: "we are very pleased with the city of Storck - the home of the world's most popular football league and form a new partnership in the top 10 of the top clubs, in close cooperation with the club under our designers have begun to round the clock for work, can bring far proud new jerseys for the players and fans."NFL's fourth week race, the Washington Redskins star receiver DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) in his shoes on the pictures of the yellow tape warning signs. maybe such a warning played a key role in him, but he had to pay a fine for it. , according to the news of ESPN, he has been fined for violating the dress code of the league. Jackson said he used to wear shoes cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in preseason, but he suddenly decided to do so in the regular season. "It's cool," said Jackson. "My message is to remind myself of what I want to get, so I don't worry about fines." It is reported that Jackson was fined 6076 US $tiger news August 19th the Carolina Panthers fans have to wait to see the quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) of the new look. Tom Perry Cero (Tom Pelissero), the NFL official, reported on Friday that Newton would not play against the Tennessee Titan's pre - season. has already reported that Newton is still recovering from shoulder surgery, so it's unlikely that he will play the next pre-season game, so the news is not surprising now. Peilisailuo reported that Newton "day pass are increased and the feeling is very good," he said Newton will be "third preseason schedule" to play against the Jacksonville jaguars. "you can see that he's a little bit rusty," said team manager Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera). "Some of the passes decided to be too late. When he passed the ball, his pass was good, so we don't worry about that. " " now just wait for him to return to the size of the game and resume regular training without having to ensure that he has been paying attention to him all the time. " it's always the Black Panther's goal - so they'll always be careful about Newton. Although it is doubtful that Newton's unfamiliar performance will continue into the regular season, the Panther has no choice but to allow their most important players to return to the game.Every team in the NFL League has a large coaching team, and the coach is undeniably the most authoritative. In defense, he is responsible for the defense coordinator, the defensive front coach, the line guard coach, the guard guard coach and so on. defense Coordinator Manager so the defender, he decided which defense tactics to use. The defense coordinator watches the whole defense team every day to prepare for their upcoming games. A great defensive coordinator needs to be flexible and put the players in the right position to win. The defense front coach is responsible for training the personal skills of the defensive frontline players, including the cutting and running of the ball, the compression of the running space, the impact pass, and so on. In addition to the defense coordinator to discuss the development of new defensive tactics and so on. The line coach creates a defensive style based on the opinion of the defensive coordinator. It is responsible for training the line guards to capture and attack skills, especially how to prevent it. The defender coach has a holistic concept of the team's anti transmission ability, and has enough recognition for the average level of the alliance. He is often responsible for the offseason training project. The defense team also has some other coaches who are more focused on their work. The above are the most important coaches in the defense team whose ability directly affects the overall defensive level of the team.

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