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| handball national sports bureau discipline inspection team leader Wu Qi was elected chairman of the association | handball Handball Association Luca December 27th, China Handball Association general meeting held in Suzhou, the election commission in the State Sports General Administration of discipline inspection team leader Wu Qi as the new chairman of the five session of the association. 17 people, such as Lei Jun and Meng Wei, served as vice chairmen of the association, and Peng Ning served as the Secretary General. The conference examined the work report of the last National Committee, and the 2010-2020 year development plan of China Handball Association. It deliberated and revised the association's rules and regulations. At the conference, the National Women's handball team, which had just made a historic breakthrough at the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010, was also commended. (photography Xie Bin)NFL's official website, the chief and Bill intends to get exposure trading quarterback Toni Romo, rugby wo in duck - Prescott (Dak Prescott) is expected to become the future of the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback, cowboys in the offseason will decide how to treat the former starter Toni Romo (Tony Romo). and Romo cowboy contract until 2019, so if there is going to have to pay him then picks and cowboy exchange. But which team would like to deal with a often injured veteran quarterback? NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported Friday the Kansas City Chiefs is one of the team of Romo intentionally. Rapoport said that the quarterback wanted to upgrade the quarterback position after the second season of the quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith). is noteworthy that Andy Reid did not promise Alex Smith's future starting position, Rapoport said. They have done the quarterback for Alex - Smith in the past. They will consider it if it is possible to replace them. Rapoport, according to the sources of the people, said that if the chief was able to deal with Romo, they could cut Smith. another possible trading team is Buffalo Bill romo. If the new coach Bill opting to cut $12 million in the next season, Taylor de Taylor (Tyrod Taylor), then pay transaction may be one of their choice by the. Of course, if then retired Romo also do not have to guess the future by the end. Reported that Rapoport is still considering the options by retired. but if he ready and willing to continue his career and want to be traded to other teams, so he will become a rather attractive sought after player. if he can really in Smith or Taylor on the basis of upgrading will be two teams to consider whether the transaction by the. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The right foot injury of Oakland Raiders Marcel Reece is not so terrible as it was originally supposed to be. He will play well in the regular season next month. Rees took part in all the training programs on Wednesday. In the next two days, he will take the MRI to confirm the injury situation against Detroit lions last week. And the injuries on the team's report were changed to the leg. Rees has been out of 4 games since he was a regular whole - guard in 2010, and he said he didn't want to play. I was relieved when I knew that my injury was not as serious as I had imagined. This is really a decompression. I feel that the injury is getting better and better. If I need to rest, I can't imagine how I spend every minute. Rees hurt his foot in last Friday's game. He insisted on continuing the race. After that, he was put off because of intolerable pain. X light after the match had no ideal result, but he was forced to leave the training ground. He went back to the stadium for training after being checked by MRI. He was allowed to do all training until Wednesday, but we could still see him running on one foot and running shoes at the side of the court.Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) ushered in a controversial offseason, nobody can contact him, even Cleveland not Brown. team owner Jimmy Haslem (Jimmy Haslam) told reporters Friday that he had not yet been able to contact Manzel. , "Jonny hasn't replied to us yet, but we will do anything to help him in his personal life. We pray for Jonny and his family," Haslem said. "We don't worry about Jonny Manzel as a player. We are worried about Jonny Manzel. I think that's all we can say about this. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, said Haslem was "looking depressed and sad" when talking about Manzel. Manzel's ex girlfriend claimed that Manzel had "repeatedly" beaten him on Saturday night's quarrel. After the report of the incident, local police confirmed that Manzel would not be charged. although Haslem thinks it is only a personal problem, not a football. But Manzel's career is also facing a crisis. Rapoport reported this week that Brown would cut him in March 9th. The team issued a strongly worded statement in Manzel recently after the culprits. Manzel's agent, Eric Burke Hart (Erik Burkhhardt), has also announced that he will separate from Manzel. Manzel's father, Paul, told the Dallas media on Friday: "I really believe that if they can't help him, he can't live on 24." NFL is also investigating Manzel's recent trouble. According to the alliance spokesman, the alliance plans to make NFL security personnel contact Manzel's ex girlfriends and family members as part of the investigation.

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