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's discussion around the Denver wild horse quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) over the past few weeks may now be different. NFL official website reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer) pointed out that Manning had been diagnosed with four muscle injuries in December, but he did not tell most of the details of the others, according to team members' information on Monday. For Manning's injury, the ESPN message was torn for four muscles, while Fawkes sports's Jay Glazer (Jay Glazer) was injured by four sides of both sides of the Manning, including one side pull (or partial tear) and the other side was serious contusion. The 38 year old quarterback for a 990 yard on 121 December 77 passes successfully, 3 touchdowns 6 passes was steals, the performance in the playoffs playing worse, he lost to the Indianapolis team in 13-24 games in the pony had only completed 56% passes and 1 touchdowns. , of course, Manning himself wouldn't use the injury as an excuse. Even though it makes people understand why wild horse will try new tactics in offensive team recently, wild horse still missed the chance to compete in the United States Championship and enter the super bowl for second consecutive years. In an interview after the game, Manning did not comment on the return of the 2015 season, which may be related to his state of mind at the moment. He is not only unable to perform the performance of his own standards, but may also t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ake a long time and endure the pain of the injury. will he be back in the next season knowing that he may still have a similar encounter?Indianapolis pony has always insisted on Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) as the team's starting running back, but at least from the previous season until three weeks before the season the situation, this decision is really worth discussing. team's substitute runner Ahmad Bradshaw has returned from injury. He proved to everyone that he is the best runner in the team with excellent performance, which has been shaken by Yu Xiaoma coach team. Brad Shaw's debut in the season is 118 this season, higher than Richardson's 101. Richard this season 41 red ball, scored only mediocre 156 yards, opposite Brad Shaw with 25 rushing to take 150 yards, rushed the ball size up to 6 yards and 3.5 yards, Brad Shaw's body after the ball against the code number is significantly higher than Richardson's 2.6 yard. And the role of Brad Shaw in passing attack in far more than Richardson, in his 12 catches in scored 3 touchdowns, and Brad Shaw in passing cover score is the highest League all running back. , maybe with the deepening of the season, there may be some changes. But at least for now, Brad Shaw is no doubt the best runner of the pony. The total score of +3.3 is the top four of the runner up. On the contrary, Richardson's -3.7 is the top ten. When a pony can really dare to press Richardson on the bench is a matter of concern to all the pony fans.The official website of NFL | Gelon '3 touchdowns | football game rule 28-21 new England patriots won the opener, although Tom Brady (Tom Brady) around the lack of help several starters, but as long as rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) - Gelon was the defending champion will have the ability to defeat any opponent. The whole game, Gelon kousky receptions for 94 yards, 3 touchdowns, and get back is off the ball at the one yard line. Brady took only 28 passes, he took 288 yards and 4 touchdowns, running back Duhem Lewis (Dion Lewis) became the Raiders scored 120 yards. Although the Patriot defense team was flat and lost 464 yards, it did not affect the patriot's victory at home. Steelers quarterback Ben Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) from 351 yards in the same lack of help of the case, Brown joined Antonio (Antonio Brown) in the second half to fight back. But the Steelers could not find the way to prevent Gelon kousky laid a huge lead, his 3 touchdowns, finally into a sure thing. G Ron Kowski's performance is no doubt crazy, and he has again proved himself to be a well deserved number one near end. The Steelers defense group has not been able to find a suitable way of defense, who cannot follow him, and he cannot tackle defensive backs. The 52 - yard relay was an epitome of the game, and the ability to catch the ball in the red area showed his power more vividly. It seems that G Ron Kowski is always making the wrong position on the defensive end of his opponent, which makes him different.The Wuhan evening news | water polo team released a list of 85 people | readers are encouraged to register last year the festival, the Wuhan evening news team. more than 200 readers to sign up for 10 minutes, 400 meters breaststroke test scare many people after registration, testing and screening process, the forty-first session of the Wuhan international China activities across the Yangtze River Wuhan evening news team list officially released yesterday, including the famous comic performance artist, Chabagou child Tian Kejing and famous opera actor Yang Mingqiu, from the city of Wuhan 85 swimmers, gathered in the newspaper, ready to work together to tide the Yangtze river. this is the Wuhan evening news team in second consecutive years the festival, although the registration time is not long, but there are still more than 200 enthusiastic readers are encouraged to register, which faces last year, there are many new friends. Our hotline also received a lot of calls, but they were in the 400 meter breaststroke 10 minute test scare, have said, through a year of training, to enroll in the next year. since last Friday, the players have been testing in the snow lotus gymnasium. Despite years of not swimming, but Tian Kejing and Yang Mingqiu after a period of recovery, showed a considerable level test. The master is gexianshenshou, last year the team member Qiu Yong in the swimming pants rope breaks, a portable hand pull pants to finish the race, Wang Shengsong Li Shuangqing, the couple is to give up free tour of Sanya the opportunity to participate in the test. after a screening, 85 evening party official. This Sunday at 3:30 in the afternoon, the team in the marshland of Hankou two (just below the Yangtze River Bridge) assembly, and the first training. forty-first Chinese Wuhan crossing the Wuhan evening news team list Festival Ambassador Tian Kejing leader: Li Yong captain: Zhou Hanming vice captain: Liu Ming Tian Kejing, Yang Mingqiu, Liu Wanglin, Zhou Hanming, Liu Ming, Wang Yangqiu, Chen Chen, Gao Yong, GUI Wen Jun, Tu Yan Hua, Ye Xianping, Liu Chu, Ning Dexiong, Zhang Kun, Mao Jun, Nie Junfang, Li Jinsong, Zhang Wenjian, Liu Zhouhui, Ming Qiang, Wang Jike, Zhao Yao, Dong Qingqiao, Zhou Jianguo, Liu Yang, Liu Shuangxi, Dong Zhenzhong, Wang Shengsong, Wang Xiang, Li Ang Li Shuangqing, Lin Yujia, Zhang Xiongtao, Liu Yaoming, Li, Miao, Zheng Jun, Chen Mingfeng, Tong Jun, Han Quanzhou, Zhang Hao, Qiu Yong, Zhang Xiaodong, Yin Zexiong, Feng Jie, Liu Mou, Wan Benxiang, Zhang Hui, Zhou Yifan, Chen Xuebin, in Wang Zhigang, Hu Sheng, Chen Wujun, Wang Hansheng, Li Hongbing, Chen Daonian, Fei Junyi, Zhou Yimin, Zhang Wei, Xiong Yiming, Wang Xuan, Yan Rongjiang Meng Guangyao, Li Shijin, "

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