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tiger March 6th news , according to NBA reporter Darren Rovell reported that the express ship has signed a three year advertising contract with the appointment application Bumble, so that the clippers have become the twentieth NBA team to sign the Jersey advertising contract. , according to the description of Bumble official website, the first step of Bumble is to reinvent the rules of dating game. Nowadays, members can get in the most efficient way on Bumble in terms of dating, making friends and expanding social networking. Here women need to take the first step and contribute to the equality of the relationship between the sexes. This respectful and friendly community makes it easier and safer to make online dating. The clippers say that Bumble's logo is a "Medal of empowerment" on the shirt, and they will promise to promote the concept of gender equality. clippers has the only alliance chairman female business Gillian Zucker, chief financial officer of Chris Leotis Danita Johnson, director of business development, strategic partnership director Erin Prober, vice president of community relations and culture Denise Booth players and the team's chief adviser Nicole Duckett. Whitney Wolfe Herd cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , founder and chief executive officer of Bumble, said: "we have great respect for everything Steve did in the fast boat. The number of female employees in the leading seat is very hard for you to see in sports." Ballmer said the two sides will expand their business, including building a strong guidance network for women working. (Editor: sugar)NFL official website, Brady did not think 51 super bowl is his best game in football nest in the 51 Super Bowl played the greatest reversal to history, Tom Brady no mood swings, a few days later, he returned to the ski pants + shoes home state. I think it's all right. Brady told reporters that hiding in Montana home on vacation: I think Brady went on to explain that this should be regarded as I played a greater game, but I also threw a interceptions return touchdown pass, before 37, 38 minutes has repeatedly missed opportunities. One and a half good shots can't be called 'the strongest performance in history'. But of course it was one of the most exciting. It was an incredible game. , a lot of things have affected this game -- scoring team with strong attack, top defensive group, playing overtime Super Bowl for the first time, and last for 4.5 hours. The first half and the second half were completely different, which all made Super Bowl 51 an unparalleled game. on the road leading to reverse the Falcon 28-3, Brady suffered 5 sacks and a lot of impact, but he said, I have no pain, I am very good, I state the 100% perfect. this is probably the United team will try to stop the Patriots feel terror pressure, although the age increasing, the Brady mana does not fade. sunspots hold their breath, the strongest quarterback is not yet to retire! The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Beijing time on Monday November 7th at 9:30 in the morning, NFL ninth weeks of regular season Sunday night race in two American League West between the teams, currently 6 wins and 2 losses Oakland Raiders in the home court, to meet with 6 wins and 2 Denver broncos. This game is the first time for the two Western teams to play this season. The two teams last met in December last year, when the Raiders defeated the Broncos at 15:12, the end of the Broncos defeated the eighth. the Broncos attack first, four waight Trevor Simeon (Trevor Siemian) three consecutive transmission, three out of the mustang. Raiders quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) - Cooper cross found wide receiver Ammari (Amari Cooper) for 21 yards, then kicker Sebastian Jeni kousky (Sebastian Janikowski) hit a 24 yard free kick, Raiders lead 3:0. The Broncos again three out after the Raiders quarterback Carle pass Seth Roberts (Seth Roberts) with 21 yards, kicker Jani Kowski hit a 29 yard free kick, Raiders lead 6:0. The Broncos again failed to win the first attack, three out. Followed by the Raiders using a series of short and a way to punch the ball forward, finally by running back Murray Latta Weiesi (Latavius Murray) 1 yards rushing touchdown, the Raiders extended the lead to 13 points. game in the second quarter, the Broncos fourth consecutive three out. The Raiders also responded to the abandoning of kicks. Then the horse team finally set up an effective attack. Three to 4 yards, four points waight Trevor Simeon came under pressure in the long Chong de ma - Thomas Liusi receivers (Demaryius Thomas), 23 yards, the Broncos scored the first recorded first attack. The Raiders came to the first half, Simeon Jordan run fake pass, Norwood (Jordan Norwood) completed a 36 yard touchdown catch, the game was 13:7. The right to swap ball, the Raiders Jielun Richard Jalen Richard 28 yards, but then Jani Kowski did not attempt 48 yards free kick, which is the sixth time he missed the free kick this season. at the end of the first half, the Broncos out three, Raiders running back Murray rushed the ball 42 yards. Enter the Denver Raiders in the first half, the Broncos in the end zone caused by continuous defensive interference (Defensive Pass Interference) foul ball, Murray 1 yards rushing touchdown, leading the Raiders 20:7. Exchange the ball, Simeon free kick into the range of continuous short passes. Emanuel Saunders (Emmanuel Sanders) took a long distance to catch the ball and was unsuccessful (incomplete). Finally, the wild horse kicker Brandon Macmanus (Brandon McManus) hit the 55 yard free kick, which is 〉Royce Young ESPN Staff Writer Not a good thing for the Thunder: Corey Brewer was fouled on a corner 3, but came down awkwardly as Mario Chalmers fell underneath him. Brewer went down holding his right knee and needed help leaving the floor to the locker room. Brewer was of course signed after the Thunder lost their starting shooting guard Andre Roberson to a knee injury.

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