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The official website of NFL | Rodgers torn calf muscle but still will play football on Sunday | ESPN - Adam Schefter (Adam Schefter) reported that the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) left calf muscle showed a slight tear with a clear sense of austerity. , a newly discovered injury, will not prevent Rodgers from playing against Dallas cowboys on Sunday, but it may affect his mobility flexibility on the field. , a doctor who was familiar with the injury, told ESPN that there was no doubt that Rodgers would be on the game, but that he did not guarantee his full commitment. The question is whether he can recover his injuries to 95% or only half. Rodgers took part in the team's training on Thursday and looked good. In spite of that, he said he would work hard as he did in the final game of the final victory over the Detroit lions.we didn't care to update the injury news about Julio Jones (Julio Jones) and center Alex Mike (Alex Mack) this week. Atlanta hawk chief Dan Quinn (Dan Q cheap nfl jerseys free shipping uinn) joined the radio show on Wednesday, saying that two people would have a rest this week. , "we will let two players rest this week, that is Alex, Mike and Julio, so that they can be prepared for training when we arrive at Houston," Quin said. "This is our goal for the two of them, and this is our plan. They will be able to play. But in addition to these two people, we are able to participate in health training today. " Jones is at the beginning of December suffered a toe injury treatment. Mike had an ankle injury in the NBA championship but then returned to the game. makes two people rest a wise choice and does not have a negative impact on their participation in the super bowl. The falcons will be trained on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and then they will go to Houston before Sunday. In Houston, we can get the latest news about Jones and Mike.The official website of NFL | yuanjiaojingong | thirty-six meter Rugby Football during the Warring States period, the Qin through the alliance with distant Qi, destroyed the nearby Wei Han, after taking advantage of expanding, with a strong national unification of the central plains. People take this strategy called yuanjiaojingong. The focus is on the temporary shelving of further problems in the future, focusing on solving the problems in front of the eyes. The same strategic idea is also reflected in American football. as everyone knows, American football is the main means of scoring the ball to the opponent made a touchdown zone. Due to the difficulty of getting dozens of yards in a single push, it is stipulated that if the attacker accumulates 10 yards in the 4 attack, he will be able to regain the 4 attack chance. Every new attack opportunity is called the first attack. Although the 100 yards of the stadium seems to be very long, but as long as the number of accumulating the code slowly, the first attack can be achieved, and eventually it can be achieved. In NFL, the short code number propulsion strategy is to the extreme of the Kansas City emirate's quarterback Arrakis - Smith. Domestic fans call him short male, literary point of view that the short little prince. Smith's passing is conservative, although the draft was passing, solid basic skills, the ground offensive system but he long steeped in San Francisco 49 people, no self-confidence honed pass. Even when it came to the chieftain, it was very careful to play the ball, either quickly and quickly. As a quarterback, Smith rarely make mistakes, have basically completed the task, but he can only win in the smooth case, it is difficult to lead the team to split out a wave burst comeback reversal. The game is the most famous case yuanjiaojingong 2014 Super Bowl season, the New England Patriots against the Seattle Seahawks game. The Seahawks team is the most powerful defense of a combination, called detonation legion. Two safety money Eisner and Thomas guarding the rear, any more than 20 yards long has a great risk of being intercepted, left cornerback Sherman height and arm length, is also one of the strongest alliance. When the race to the fourth quarter, the Patriots behind 10 points, the Seahawks lost the entire season without leading 10 points in the case. Although there is not much time, but it is still frequently Patriots quarterback, and the defense force, the fourth section and 2 touchdowns to win the game. Finally, the Seahawks offensive failed to win the patriots. Look back at the game, the Brady evaded the detonation defensive area explosion legion, to avoid direct confrontation with them, and only attack the right road within 15 yards of the region, although time-consuming, but their patience was rewarded. of course, Brady not only short, as long as the team needs, he also has the ability to burst led the counter attack, the light hand than Smith do not know where to go higher.The Shanghai club |2015 Bowling bowling tournament held in this group of friends happy Ding Jie bowling alley ??????????????????????????????????икид??????????????????????????????????????????????????????2015??????????????club??????????

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