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will have two city bowls this weekend, in Suzhou and Guangzhou. The following is the competition information: City Bowl Beijing whirlwind @ Suzhou Blue Knight Saturday, 10 22, 14:00, Soochow University East Campus football field, , Suzhou Suzhou District, East Ring Road No. 50 Nanchang rifle @ Guangzhou goat 10 23 on Sunday, 12:30, pickup Sports Park, Haizhuqu District, Pazhou East Village 18 new road, Metro Line 4 line 8 Wan Sheng Wai Station D exportNBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?first stage NFL FLAG football coach, referee certifi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cation training class successfully fell to the curtain. The training of three days and two nights has not only promoted the level of education of the flag football coaches throughout the country, standardized the referee's penalty standard, but also provided the opportunity for the football players to have deep communication, and promoted the popularization and development of the flag football in 2017. In order to meet the domestic flag football enthusiasts demand, training more schools and flag football professional teachers, coaches and referees for extended NFL2017 flag football game ball, love bao (Beijing) football culture development limited company to carry out the second phase of the coaches and referees certification training. AI ball (Beijing) Rugby Culture Development Co., Ltd. is the only professional sponsor of the Chinese Professional Football League NFL waist flag football match, and is also a partner of NFL play60 project. training advantage authority - training qualified students will get the most influential, most authoritative NFL waist flag football coach and referee certification certificate; professionalism -- the training coaching team has rich experience in training and rugby, and combines theory with practice to get professional and authoritative football teaching experience. practicality - the outstanding person has the opportunity to participate in the law enforcement of the NFL Chinese waist flag football match and the popularization and promotion of the waist flag football project. course arrangement and required equipment in the morning for the indoor courses, in the afternoon for practical exercises, indoor training at night. students have to prepare sportswear, sneakers and whistles. training time: 5, 6, 7, May 2017, training class site: Shunyi District, Beijing, Shunyi District, Wang Chao Garden Resort, course cost training class: 3980 yuan /3 days, the cost includes three days and two nights hotel accommodation costs and meals. all applicants who are enrolled in the training class will provide insurance. registration deadline for April 21st, hurry up the time to sign up! consulting phone: registration method: pay attention to the official public number "IQBFootball" or scan the lower two-dimensional code below to obtain registration information., unlike last year, the Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) in the opening this year, but...... From the beginning to the end he was repeating the same content - "I won't be fined because I came." at the American Airlines Center in the stadium five minutes of interview time, a total of 29 journalists ask different questions to Lynch, but no matter what the problem is not to let Lynch heart, Lynch supported his audience with a universal answer, until he shouted: "it's time." Lynch believed that he could only avoid five minutes to avoid the Union's fines, which was also the time of his presence in five minutes. It also made journalists who waited for a long time laugh and cry. , but it can't be said that Lynch didn't communicate with reporters at all. When he was ready to leave the corridor, he met a female journalist and offered to greet him, "Hey, what are the beauties doing?" But the female reporter obviously doesn't buy it, "it's working."

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