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, on Sunday morning, Payton Manning, a Denver quarterback, strongly denied that she had used human growth hormone and any banned drugs in 2011 to help her recovery after cervical surgery in the interview with ESPN, Peyton. reported in a al Jazeera television. Manning was revealed to his wife to receive human growth hormone for his own use. A pharmacist who worked as an internship in Gail clinic confirmed this. Manning's agent, Manning did not deny the wife received the drug, and Manning confirmed he was the clinic patient but he said he was just going to use hyperbaric oxygen and blood circulation treatment. Manning said in an interview that he was angry and nauseous, and that he was obviously unhappy and occasionally stammered. This is quite different from that of one of the best players in the league. At the very least, he was angry at the charge of taking a shortcut in his post - operation recovery. Manning has repeatedly shown how difficult the process has been during the recovery process. according to Al Jazeera reported that former British hurdler Liam - Collins (Liam Collins) survey at the Gail clinic undercover, his findings also involves the packers linebacker clay Mathews (Clay Matthews) the use of analgesics. Another appeared in the report the pharmacist said he peipers for packers defensive end Julius (Julius Peppers), linebacker Mike Neal (Mike Neal) and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison cheap nfl jerseys free shipping (James Harrison) for illicit drugs. Mathews denied it in a statement to Fawkes's sports. Manning, who is currently playing for the wild horse and the former Indianapolis pony, has made a statement with Manning. Manning himself said he might consider taking legal means to Al Aldon Smith was arrested on Friday last Friday due to drunk driving and hit and run. Then 49 people in San Francisco quickly reduced their jobs. Smith will face a serious charge of crime and may be in jail, which has cast a shadow over his NFL prospects. But according to reports, there are still a lot of the team is at the pinnacle of Smith to Smith if the final punishment result is not too serious, and probably will encounter many team looting. Aldin Smith is no doubt the top player in the league. According to the latest evaluation system of rugby focused website, Smith and JJ- Watt (J.J.Watt) and Feng Miller (Von Miller) are the three most effective league leaders. Let's just predict which teams will be interested in Smith just from the rugby point of view. Detroit: lion lion this offseason defense frontline staff loss serious, Damm (Ndamukong Suh) - hole Su, Nick Fairlie (Nick Fairley) and George Johnson (George Johnson) have to leave, although after the transaction to the Harlow Natta (Haloti Ngata) pedicle, or can not make up for the team in rushing outside pass the strength greatly weakened, the three people in the last season, a total of 118 times of successful quarterback pressure. And Smith still had 32 successful pressures on 7 games last season, and he was the lion's need for the impact. Jacksonville is in dire need of a Jaguar Jaguar: excellent Wing Chong Chuan hand, they selected Fleur in 2015 show Bangyan Dante (Donta Fowler Jr.) for the first time in the training he tore the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee, immediately announced the season, in addition to another team rushed from general Chris - Clemence (Chris Clemons) because of the injury has been absent from the training camp, which makes the Jaguar punching strength greatly reduced transmission. Jaguar didn't have a player's success rate of over 6.5% last season, but Smith's success rate has never been lower than 11.2% since he entered the league. His arrival will instantly enhance Jaguar's rush level. New York giant: the giant is another contingent of injuries, except Jaguar. The team star Jason Jason Pierre, because of the fireworks on the national day, accidentally hurt her palm and cut her finger. So far, no Pierre-Paul report has been reported to the team. It is not known that the future will be able to recover several successes. The giants chose Iowa rookie Ma Bei - Audi EZ Zoua (Owamagbe Odighizuwa) based this year, but he rushed for more suitable compared from anti run. Pierre Paul's success rate last year is ranked at the top of all 4-3 defensive ends sixteenth, so Smith with similar strength or even stronger will be an excellent substitute for Pierre Paul. San Diego: lightning flash.behind the scenes, Houston Dezhou and the manager of Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) have the same public opinion: he won't go anywhere. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Saturday that "Dezhou people management has been looking to coach the team made it clear that they will not let Bill leave Obrien, and they have publicly expressed not to dismiss him as." This coincided with local media reports, and Obrien himself said, "nowhere to go and will continue to teach Dezhou people." a week ago, he reported that if the people of Dezhou in the playoffs that need to go home early to find new coach team will be interested in Obrien. 's long NFL season could make the relationship between the team and the coach worse. But no matter what may cause Obrien to leave the Dezhou people, these factors are now dissipated. The people of Dezhou may have realized that they have one in three seasons led the team to win the division title twice and never made much more negative season coach. also, the only team that has not yet found a new manager is San Francisco's 49, whose team is far less attractive than the Dezhou people. the Southern District of the United States will inevitably be more competitive in the coming season. It's not wise for the Dezhou people to let the team win the team.The official website of NFL | Katie Perry confirmed to attend the 49 session of the Super Bowl halftime show | football The super bowl is the Pearl of the NFL's crown. Now it seems that the alliance found their queen to bring the crown. The NFL Alliance announced that the famous pop star Katie Perry (Katy Perry) will take part in the forty-ninth session of the Super Bowl midfield performance in February 1st next year. The site is held at Feinikesi University, Arizona, at that time. The news was announced by the league during the Dallas cowboy game against the New York giants on Sunday, when Perry himself confirmed the news on twitter. she wrote: Yes! I started trying to create some good innovative performances! has appeared in the Super Bowl in recent years. The most famous actors are chili peppers, Bruno Mars Mars, Bruno, Madonna and so on, while super stars Prince and Beyonce choose to watch this feast as an audience. Perry has 3 large stage performance experiences. In the past year, she had 10 songs on the top of TOP40. In 2008, Perry launched the album "One of the Boys", which topped the list of music in over thirty countries, and won the US billboard in 2012. The annual female and American music awards are the most popular female singer awards. In January 26, 2014, Perry attended the fifty-sixth session of the Grammy Awards. what do you want to say? Come and watch the show!

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