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according to the "USA Today newspaper" reporter Lindsay Jones (Lindsay Jones) revealed that the Denver Broncos quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) on Thursday in the training due to a leg injury early exit, turn to the treatment of injury. Manning is in the last week against San Diego Broncos lightning game in the first half he was injured, after a period of rest in the second half returned to the game. ESPN reporter Geoff Reg Ward (Jeff Legwold) said Manning is expected to take part in training again on Friday. The more favorable news is that Mustang will have a game next Monday, which gives Manning more rest time. A number of team reporters said Manning was very unlikely this week, and the early retreat was only a regular adjustment.Eli Manning (Eli Manning) for the first time in 2 years in the team's injury report, and he himself participated in regular training on Wednesday. New York giant reported Manning's back injury. The 33 year old quarterback was first put on cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the list of injuries. The last time his injuries were due to stomach disease, which was before the 2012 National League finals. But seems to feel that Eli should be injured, he has said: "I'm not sure, but if you really need to hurt them, please inform me." "The reason they notify the back is because the injury is more popular." Eli has played in 164 consecutive games, NFL is the first record of consecutive appearance, this case is said to conform to the rules of NFL injury report. on Sunday more than 36 to 7 victory over the Tennessee Titans after the game, Eli did not spend too much time in the gym, he said he was not injured, you need to do more to face the next game and the Washington redskins.The official website of NFL | pony safetys hope Koski rude | with Gelon football not only did the new England patriots and the Indianapolis pony meet a one-sided game when they met in eleventh weeks. The Patriots tight end rob Gelon (Rob Gronkowski) 'in a touchdown in the Patriots offensive pony safety Sergio Brown (Sergio Brown) launched from the floor of a road outside, his behavior was the referee whistled to throw yellow. after that game, he said, "only he can say this." he threw Brown out after Brown's garbage in all competitions. The patriot's near end was fined for the foul. This review leads to Brown later regret on twitter said he is how to swing Kowski before the Gelon attack. Before , the most important United States League champion on Sunday, Brown talked about his idea of being out of the field in the November game. I mean, it's a bad defense. It's a tough defense. I mean, I'm not annoyed about it. I was even more annoyed that he said to throw me out after the game. We just lost the ball. Ah, you're angry, Brown told the new England media. This is the game. I know him. He knows me, too. I mean, I'm very tough, too. this time Brown wants to back Gelon Koski he threw out action. Of course, I hope, he said. But you know it's just a game. I am a very aggressive player and I hope to be able to perform well. G Ron Kowski is the key to the success of the Patriots this season. The patriot's record is 11 wins and 1 defeats when the near end front takes more than 40 yards, including playoffs. When he takes the number of yards or less than 40 yards, the Patriots only get 2 wins and 2 defeats (he loses the match's score is 0 to 1 negativity). if Brown and his defense team friends can limit Gelon Koski - even if they have data completely sealed him away upset the pony again -- the possibility will increase.The official website of NFL | Ming Xi and cowboy reached salary agreement, a strike ended in farce | football NFL, the famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) said the Dallas cowboys have the main squad and defensive end Jeremy - Ming Xi on Sunday local time (Jeremy Mincey) reported a salary agreement, Ming Xi in the 2015 season of the salary will increase by $500 thousand. After winning the salary increase, Ming Xi finally started to join the cowboy training camp. After that, the training in West Ming should be fined, and then the penalty was also canceled. , Ming Ming, interviewed reporters after his training session on Sunday. He said, "now we have cleared up the misunderstanding, and I have returned to the training field. Now I just want to go all in to play for the cowboy. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) said: we are very pleased to have him back, negotiations between the two sides are very friendly. We have to look at his state right now. He has to pass the body test first, and then we'll let him get involved in the training. entered the contract year in the west of Ming Dynasty. It had been training for a renewal contract. Then the cowboy executive vice president Stephen Jones (Stephen Jones) said he would be fined 30 thousand dollars every day. The two sides finally reached a pay rise agreement after several days of negotiation, thus ending the strike.

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