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According to the NFL media reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the rams linebacker Connor balbin (Connor Barwin) was diagnosed with mild forearm fracture. But the absence of time will not be too long, only 1-2 games are expected to be unable to fight. balbin are the people of Dezhou in 2009 two round show, respectively in Dezhou and the career for 4 years. on Sunday is better than saints in the game, the team participated in the 70 grade balbin defense group in 48. This season he has fought 11 games, completed 25 grappling, and got 4.| Bowling Championships O'neal cheetah wins, won the crown in the first season of PBA pBA World Series final concentration, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the first cheetah final, Bill O'neal as the No. 4 seed, unambiguous, land titles and 20 thousand The wind puffs the clouds away., $ beat in turn Loschetter, 248-223 Roche, 246-177 Wolfe, 243-192 , Roche,The official website of NFL | eagle and tight end Zach - distress 5 years to complete the contract | football now Philadelphia Eagle offseason did not want to lose the player is the most proximal front Zach (Zach Ertz) their distress. on Monday U.S. time, Eagle heuse finished formally with a 5 year contract. , the 25 year old near end is the second round of the 2013 draft. His career has been completed 169 times to catch the ball, advance 2024 yards and 9 touches. This season is his high light season, completed 75 times to catch the ball, promoted 853 yards and 2 touches. It is reported that the contract will become the League tight end fourth paid contract, if the contract is carried out smoothly if heuse will get $42 million 500 thousand, and the team can keep him until 2021. after the distress on his personal website wrote: no matter what makes me happier than to stay in Philadelphia. I love Philadelphia, I like the fans here, we will be successful in the pressure.NFL official website | people abandoned the former Dezhou quarterback for the old club will is expected to re starting | football Houston Dezhou manager Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) didn't plan to show his cards early. he may until the moment until the end against Baltimore crow before the start of the game is the starting quarterback who designated either Thad Lewis (Thad Lewis), either Keith group (Case Keenum), so was not just staring at the crow of a quarterback of match preparation. This is a smart step for Obrien, which can bring more harm than two quarterback in training. Why should it be announced before it has to be decided publicly? but NFL official Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the team wanted to start Nancy, according to two people. As a news source to understand the situation of the talk, look in the earlier this year by the Dezhou people laid off after the stay until a few days ago in the ram training group Keith base Nan middle of the season the arrival of Sade - Lewis is more favored to be the first, Rapoport said on the NFL website. 's reason to choose Kim was simple: he took the attack system in the pre - season and he knew the coaching team. At this point, his upper limit is also better than Lewis Gogh and may be a better choice to challenge the frail second line of the crow. but it's always difficult to start a quarterback that is less than a week back. Although the people of Dezhou tended to Yu Jinan at this time, Obrien had to take the decision as a secret.

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