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(Cam Newton) - cam Newton as Lebron in NFL - James (LeBron James) or James to NBA Newton this is a few days before the news. thanked Denver wild horse's line guard Miller Miller. Recently, he changed the word. He compared Newton with the Jinzhou warrior star Stephen Stephen (Stephen Curry). , he said, "if you can think of a player who can get a score in his own way, he must be curry, and he can always score on his own." , in fact, is a loyal fan of the Carolina panther, and he is also a good friend of Newton, apparently the two of them are wi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lling to be compared. and Miller and Newton were all the 2011 talent shows, and two people exchanged players after the game, and of course all the friendships were another thing on the court. Miller said, "I'm going to be myself on the scene. Nothing can stop me. I'm a fan out of the field." related news: Miller: Newton is one of my favorite quarterbackYeezy shoes are very well known all over the world, but it seems that NFL doesn't welcome these shoes. Recently, Houston, Dezhou's NFL DeAndre Hopki, has been fined for wearing Yeezy during the competition. on Thursday, Hopki was fined 6000 dollars for wearing Yeezy competition. Afterwards, Hopki said he would not wear Yeezy again, unless Kanye West (Kanye West) paid him a fine. but the last week by the Denver Broncos linebacker von Miller (Von Miller), Buffalo Bill Watkins (wide receiver Sami Sammy Watkins) and the Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) in Yeezy. , however, Hopki won the first catch of the season in the Yeezy match, and a 23 yard catch to help the team defeat the Chicago bear 23 to 14.even-even soccer equipment network of Poland Premier League football club Pozzi Nan Leahy yesterday officially released their 2014-15 season away from home jersey. Nike replaced their former sponsor PUMA, which was their first cooperation. The New Jersey is based on the Nike Teamwear template design. There is a white vertical stripe and color collocation with Jersey home court opposite the main color change into a white shirt, through the positive blue stripes. Nike such a design is really a suspect![Photo] Hubei | Bowling bowling tournament April Kham, Cao steel win 4 the evening of Sept. 24, 2016, Hubei University held the April membership Kangba bowling tournament, UFO players Cao steel to 857 points to win the 836 Wang Han arc female players won the second, 815 Qizhong line players Zhu was at third, Xiong Qingjian won the fourth player 810 UFO, UFO player Xie Chengjie 803 was at fifth, the flying saucer player Liu Yi 802 won the sixth. score first named Cao steel second Han Wang third Qizhong Zhu fourth Xiong Qingjian, fifth Xie Chengjie sixth Liu Yi

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