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The official website of NFL | Steven Ridley Wen jet logo to not regret | football Steven Ridley (Stevan Ridley) of the former England patriot, a new England patriot, recently signed with the New York jet and is about to start his new life. seemed to have decided to use his own mark to prove that he was going to play the ball for the jet, so he had the LOGO of the jet on his arm. Ridley released a photo on his social networking software on the US time Friday. He had jet prints on his right arm. Then the question was transferred to jet management. How did they deal with Ridley's contract in the next few years? no one can doubt Ridley's behavior for the new team, but it seems that the jet's pattern is changed on the basis of the original patriot pattern.had a lot of media and experts said that the Philadelphia hawks should be shot in the trading market, try to strengthen the team safety. Hawks coach Kelly (Chip Kelly). The topic of voice in the local time on Monday: "a lot of times, people always hope that the team can have the best security guard to protect the last line of defense. I hope so, but it won't be a deal. " Kelly praised the team's current safety combination Nate Allen (Nate Allen) and Malcolm Jenkins cheap nfl jerseys free shipping (Malcolm Jenkins), then puts forward his own view on the trading season: "I think people for some transactions excessive speculation, so expect heavy trading is not necessary. It's not like a major league baseball. In the season, people will continue to be buyers and sellers, make up the lineup, and join the small league players in the deal. In this NFL some not practical, we can put the transaction as a conversation, but not actively traded. But if anyone calls us, we would like to hear what the other person is saying. " As the deadline has passed, the Hawks, as the coach has said, have not strengthened their lineup by trading.Handball | visited Shanxi city of Jinzhong province in | Shouan primary school class | hand co own watch handball Luca in late May 2009, the national youth men's Handball Championship is like a raging fire in Shanxi province Jinzhong City stadium, bangleiqiu hand song leading center director Meng Wei and handball officials together to visit Jinzhong city life in primary school, carefully listened to the school to carry out small ball work report, observe the school teachers self handball class-break setting-up exercise. And on behalf of China Handball Association gold ball to hand for support and encouragement. twenty years in Shanxi province and Jinzhong city leaders at all levels of care, in the national handball colleagues support, after years of efforts, Jinzhong City, the majority of workers do carry out handball handball, the combination of sport and education to promote education reform and cultivate new four undertook beneficial exploration, and culture and sending dozens of athletes for the country and the local professional handball team, have contributed to the development of Chinese handball. Shanxi city of Jinzhong province Shouan school was founded in 1940, after more than 60 years of continuous development, was established in 1989 as the first demonstration school in Shanxi province. For many years, it has been leading the forefront of the reform of primary education and teaching in the whole region and in the whole city, which is unique in the quality education. In March 2001, a curriculum reform of the spring, handball forward primary school gate shouan. Handball first went into the school gate, although most teachers don't understand school handball, but he (she) who can with great enthusiasm and sense of responsibility to learn while teaching work, starting from the only man more than 10 players, after six months of training to participate in October 2001 held in Shandong, Weihai the first small ball game, the number of school team players and hand participants in the vigorous development of the growing. More gratifying is that the 2003 Jinzhong city school handball club was established in the school life in the drive, the city has more than a dozen schools have opened a handball class, makes hand ball movement in the Jinzhong earth shine bright light. In 2008, the school officially took handball as a school-based course, and entered the classroom. There are handball classes in class three or above, showing the school's general mobilization and the nationwide handball training. 's handball sports culture and spirit of sport cultivate children's sentiment and temper their children's willpower, so that the comprehensive quality of teenagers can be promoted in an all-round way, which is full of struggle, solidarity and vitality. Have a dream in life to light sports people along the direction of the progress and development of the whole school teaching work, has for 5 consecutive years in Jinzhong city was rated as advanced units of education, life in primary school principals in the central leadership to inspect the end of the departing, clenched hands affectionately thanks to the leadership of handball life is wonderful because of life, from handball and brilliant. (Paul)NFL players have their own ideas for the new season, and they also have their most expected games. A few days ago, the Arizona Cardinals new signing Chandler Jones (Chandler Jones) said he was looking forward to playing with the new England patriots. This week, Callas - Campbell (Calais Campbell) also revealed his most anticipated game. Campbell said, "I made a mark on my schedule, eighth weeks was a very important week, because we were going to play with the Carolina panther. We owe them a game. You will never want the worst game in the team to appear in the championship, which is very hurt. " last season in the National League Championship, the Cardinals to 15-49 defeat in the black panther. The game has been dominated by the rival cardinals. At the end of the first half, the game had lost its suspense. Campbell confessed that he still could still think about the 34 point loss: "this is an incentive for us." This offseason we are working very hard, we see the possibility of winning. Everyone knows, if we pay more, what will happen. This is our grand goal. "

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