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Seattle Seahawks recently suffered from frequent injuries, coach Pete Carol (Pete Carroll) announced that the game main center Marx - Angell (Max Unger) and Blaine - Walters return (Bryan Walters) and the main cornerback Byron Maxwell - (Byron Maxwell) will miss Sunday's game. center Angell has been injured for fifth weeks in the Washington Red Skin competition, and has been absent for two weeks. Carol hopes Angell can resume training next week. Walters is troubled by concussion. He has been restricted training this week. If he can't play, he will take part in Doug's Doug (Baldwin Baldwin) and Paul Richardson (Paul Richardson). Cornerback Maxwell leg in the sixth week and the Dallas Cowboys game injury for supplementary - Simon (Tharold Simon sarraude Wei) in this field will replace Maxwell again before a war. another main line guard Bobby Wagner (Bobby Wagner) and the near end Zach Mick (Zach Miller) also had injuries. This week, we suspected that the all defensive Derek Coleman (Derrick Coleman) will miss the next six weeks after completing foot the New Orleans saints beat the Carolina Panthers in the game, the saints quarterback Drew four - Bracey (Dre cheap nfl jerseys free shipping w Brees) shortly after the opening of the pass was steals, and the ball during the flight, the Panthers linebacker Thomas Davies (Thomas Davis) severely hit the saints tight end Jimmy Graham without the ball area (Jimmy Graham) near the position of the helmet. and it was the impact that inspired the big shoulder - injured player. "You know, it was a deliberate act, even before the ball was touched." Graham said, "at the beginning of the competition, they tried to keep up with me. Even though I ran normally, I could be hit straight, so I had to protect myself better, which definitely ignited my heart." the collision really inspired Graham. In the next attack on the team, Graham used a hurdle to escape the capture for the team to win 19 yards. The whole game, Graham ball 7 times for 83 yards and 1 touchdowns, his comeback for the saints mediocre offense provided a lot of help. Graham continued: "I just need to play a lot of passion. Before, I felt I was lacking in emotion, and today, it not only helps me play better, but also increases the offensive spirit of the whole offensive team." In the first half touchdown buzzer, Graham made a hit billboard celebration, which he explained: "I just want to vent, the season we have tried so many things, but the effect is not satisfactory, some people even give up me, I just for this."shut down the winter window and completed the registration. 3 new foreign aid members of the new side have also implemented their respective jersey numbers. Among them, No. 9 belongs to Gaitan, and 10 to Callas, and vant will wear 5. is the same as the guard, Wundt directly replace the contract expires at the left, also took his jersey number. After Polly was discarded, No. 10 was empty, and the team gave the symbolic number to the most expensive Callas section. Mu Xiekui, who suddenly dropped from the first foreign aid to fourth foreign aid, wore the No. 30 shirt, and the 9 was left to Gaitan. In fact, for Dalian fans, No. 9 is the most attractive. No. 9, Wanda Shide period, Hao Haidong has written too many legends. There is no direct relationship between the party and the eldest team, but now, after all, the return of Wanda, No. 9 is also a great concern. Following the departure of former captain Cao Xuan, 3, to Dan Pengfei, he is also the defence of the bright younger generation. Dan Pengfei's No. 27 shirt was given to the newly joined Zheng Jianfeng, and in addition, No. 7 was replaced by Wang Liang by Li Zhendong. As a party in the transfer period last finalized Neiyuan, Yang Shanping will wear the number 31 shirt, guarding the road line. (Editor: Xu Qian) reported 〉 〉 return home channel return to this web page northeast news network northeast news network northeast News Corporation news client Android version news client iPhone versionIn " King Peach (peach king)" theme under the guidance of the United States of Atlanta United Football Club (Atlanta United FC) recently in a field for season ticket holders publicly released the team warm-up match season 2018 big league New Jersey, New Jersey and Georgia will be the team closely together. followed the MLS debut season of the white stadium shirt main color, added a unique peach color elements, the whole shirt more clear and comfortable. peach color inspiration from rich peach Georgia, and the team is located in Atlanta City, is one of the main producing areas of peach, and we can also like "The Peach State easily found in the city of Atlanta on the map (peach Avenue)" with "peach" names, this is undoubtedly the shirt design will shorten the distance between the team and the fans. includes Adidas classic victory Adidas logo badge, chest, shoulders, ad three stripes are used honey peach collar design, exquisite casting Club Jersey reduced quality, Jersey. Players can enjoy sweat on the pitch with the super light material. - shirt collar back, under the name of the club is also engraved with "ATL UTD", the team exclusive white / peach color MLS armband. The Jersey is joined by the light gray and dark veins originating from Adidas's classic Jersey. It also symbolizes the modern roof of Atlanta United home Mercedes Benz stadium. Today, the stadium, full of modern design, has become an integral part of the Atlanta skyline. shirt with a curved hem player this year Adidas version of the cut, printed with "2018" label, while providing long sleeved, short sleeved shirt two to apply different wearing habits, fans version uses Adidas's ClimaCool technology through the holes, breathable, breathable material, fabric and special suture technique, designed to make the player's body to keep dry. welcome to the WeChat public number: Seike sports CIKERS

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