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Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) has not remembered the last time it was time to prepare for the new season in the summer. When asked about the plan, Manning said he was excited about not being able to play. Manning said, "I'm excited about the ability to plan my own fall freely. I haven't been able to do this for 22 years. " Although has retired, Manning's plan is still related to rugby. He will go to watch the University of Tennessee, and also go to the Denver wild horse. He will attend the Indianapolis Colts won 10th anniversary events, want to find some time to see his brother Eli Manning (Eli Manning) game. Manning said, "I want to see some of my brother's regular season games. Before I saw his super bowl, it was too intense, until the last moment, you couldn't breathe." Derek Jeter, a former Yankee player in New York, said after retirement: "I haven't gone to barbecue for 20 summers, and I want to have a good summer next summer", Derek. Maybe Manning will return to the world of professional football some day in the future, but now he can enjoy his life.The Jacksonville Jaguar has just announced that it will hire Greg - Olsen (Greg Olsen) as the team's new offensive coordinator. Last season, Olsen worked as an offensive coordinator for Oa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping kland Raiders and tacit agreement with Derek Carr, a new rookie quarterback, Derek Carle. He helped the rookie to make great progress in the field. Now, Jaguar hopes that he can use the same method to help another rookie quarterback Blake bottos (Blake Bortles). The official website of NFL expert Greg - Cossell (Greg Cosell) said this week that he thinks bottos needs to improve its performance under pressure. Last season, he was sacked 55 times in total, all the data to lead the League quarterback. Cossell believes that both Botos and Jaguar's attack team need to start again under Olsen's leadership. Cossell pointed out that, as a new show, Botos still has a lot of bad habits, he needs to start from the foundation, as soon as possible to correct these problems. before the start of the season, the Jaguar had planned to allow him to study as a substitute, but the decision lasted only 3 weeks. In a first, bottos performance are some bright spots, but also exposed many shortcomings. His arm strength is outstanding, and he has some athletic ability, but his precision of passing and the ability to decide the goal of passing the ball limited his performance. The next season, the primary task of bottos will reduce errors, Olsen needs to try his best to make him trust first.The second AFLC League regular season ended, 12 teams, 8 city, 30 games, finally decided the 4 playoff team. First, let's go back to the regular season. north area - Chongqing wharf production line Chongqing 38:8 Chengdu ritmeester dochers dock worker last week has been locked in the playoff against Chengdu, ritmeester had no pressure on the partition, matches, into the playoffs with 4 wins 1 of the negative record. Chengdu horse continues to decline, in the face of the defending champion defenseless, this season, 5 games are negative, no strong Colts players will feel satisfied with the results, then how to adjust the change, is an important work of the strong cavalry. Wuxi Trident (discard) 0:2 Beijing whirlwind Trident is a team dragged down by all kinds of internal friction and injuries. After a glorious pre-season match and the first half of the race, it was back to Shanghai before the liberation. The next offseason, Trident will enter a long period of reconstruction, not only in the player recruitment, but also to reconstruct the image of the team in foreign relations. Beijing cyclone win, of course, this is not what they want, the team members of cyclone is relatively pure, they want to play the game, especially the game at home. In the end, the 2 teams were all 2 - 3, ending the AFLC trip. South - unbeaten King: Hongkong Cobra The Hongkong Hongkong Cobra 7:28The round, the great score out of the Guangzhou goat, seems to declare their newfound strength. Hongkong cobra in the face of the new fighter, firmly with 3 touchdown advantage to end the fighting, the strength of deep feeling. In the end, the Hongkong Cobra entered the playoffs in 5, and was the only team to win the game so far by AFLC. The Hongkong is a pity, but they lost to the cobra 2 field outside the other game, but still unable to enter the playoffs. Guangzhou Apache at 10:20 Guangzhou goat Apache will ultimately fail one, in addition to 2 wins on the goat Apache, losing all the other. Of course both teams are still young, and there is a lot of room for growth. Eastern Shanghai Titan summit, Shanghai wild card to NighthawkHangzhou Shanghai Nighthawk Osprey 6:47 this was nothing suspense no surprise, but the actual game, only 20 less than the Osprey team players, fight to the last less than 14 players, the spirit of encouraging. The Osprey team is still young, I hope next year to have great progress. Shanghai and Shanghai three teams into chaos due to the Nighthawk circles, unable to grasp their own destiny, only according to the warriors and the Titans match results to determine the partition sequence, finally to 4 wins and 1 losses record won the wild card playoffs. Shanghai warrior 13:20 Shanghai Titan Shanghai at the start of the Titans lost.if you win a super bowl, what will you do next? Most people will instinctively answer "play in Disney World." At least we all envy. But DeMarcus (DeMarcus Ware) and Ville de Ma Liusi - Thomas (Demaryius Thomas) selected Orlando but not the tour of South africa. , they fully understood the history of apartheid, and then they yearned for this land, but for them, the best experience of this journey was spent on fishing boats. Will: "I told Thomas that I was ready to give up, I want to jump ship, because I started vomiting on the deck of the ship, after I returned to the ship central, I saw Thomas, he was vomiting, he also saw me, what didn't he go directly to the boat to vomit." Thomas: "he caught a fish, then the me, but when I was ready to catch second fish I can not, I have to sit down and protect my stomach, I feel we sat there for hours, vomiting every 20 minutes I will come again, I don't play." they also put the wonderful moment on instagram to share with the fans.

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