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Denver wild horse's quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) is scheduled to participate in the team training next week to ensure a good leg injury. Manning in December 14th against the San Diego lightning game hurt her leg, said yesterday in an interview: "I tried to adjust the time, let my body recover better, I know this time a lot of people are doing the same thing, everything will come next week's training." Wednesday team training list also missed 4 starters, they are: Orlando Franklin - left guard (Orlandon Franklin), linebacker Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall), Emmanuel - Saunders (Emmanuel receiver Sanders) and Germany (Demaryius Thomas) - Thomas mathis. Saunders and Thomas were all on the ground, but they didn't wear helmets. And safety David Bruton (David Bruton Jr.) and Juwan Thompson - running back (Juwan Thompson) also did not join in the training, two of them are due to the detection of cerebral concussion and reasons shall not participate in training. After training for , a large number of reporters interviewed John, Fawkes (John Fox) about whether Manning would participate in training next week. Fawkes's answer was: "I can be very responsible and say he will come back to training next week."this is a wonderful day. The match between the New cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Orleans saints and the New York giants will be remembered by everyone. on this day, Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) and Eli Manning (Eli Manning) jointly completed 13 touchdowns, 91 70, 861 yards passing, second high scoring game history. 's final saints beat the giants by 52 - 49, and the two teams created a total of 1030 yards. Bracey finished 6 matches in the three quarter, and finished 1 in the final section. His 7 - array record became the new record of the saints' history. Although Manning lost the ball, he finished 6 of the tenth players in the historic pass. related news: Jason - Pierre Paul signed with the giant for a yearCongratulations: Zigong Nanhu bowling alley named China training base | youth Bowling bowling Association in the State General Administration of sports management center, Chinese bowling ball Association, the Zigong municipal government and the Zigong Municipal Sports Bureau under the support of Zigong Bowling Association and the Zigong city blue sports culture investment limited, Nanhu bowling alley has hosted the "groom wine" in 2012 in Sichuan Province, Zigong bowling Bowling Championships, National Fitness Day activities Zigong City, the first "Insurance Association Cup" Bowling Championships, honors organization represented Zigong in 2014 in Sichuan Province, Sichuan province elite Bowling bowling tournament match, and in 2014 the national Bowling Championships, the national bowling classic, "Nanjing Mount Wutai" the first Chinese bowling championship, breakthrough performance. for the training of bowling reserve personnel, the Zigong Municipal Sports Bureau on 2013 will be included in Zigong City, the twelfth bowling sports games at the same time, the Zigong Municipal Bureau of Education jointly Zigong Bowling Association in the middle and primary school to carry out a number of projects to promote the bowling, bowling ball summer camp activities, and actively strive for the national bowling tournament held. Zigong Bowling Association in order to promote Zigong City bowling atmosphere, improve the skill level of bowling enthusiasts in Zigong City, the Zigong Nanhu bowling alley in Zigong city as the only designated youth training base. And carry out the Bowling Club League in 2014 so far, 4 enterprises from the local Zigong city (Zigong Automotive Group Company, make company, Pengfei decoration company, and far real estate development Co. Ltd) support and sponsorship and set up a bowling club, and attract young people to join the club training and competition. It can provide technical support for young people, as well as the promotion of actual combat for young people in training. Zigong Nanhu bowling alley in Zigong city as the only designated Bowling Association youth training base, Sichuan province is located in Zigong City East District South Lake stadium, geographical environment and supporting sports facilities excellent, fresh air, the traffic is very convenient. The stadium has 10 brand new import AMF synthetic fairways and Brunswick-GS98 bottle equipment and scoring equipment. Each track is laid in strict accordance with the competition standard. The Kegel automatic oil drop machine imported from the United States has been in the procurement, which provides the basic conditions for the youth bowling movement, providing education and training. in March 30, 2015, the State General Administration of sports management center ball decided to agree to named Zigong Nanhu bowling alley for China Bowling Association youth training base, opened the prelude of Zigong City Youth bowling technical training, reserve personnel training, for the city of Zigong to implement the State Council formulated the "national fitness regulations", improving citizens' physical quality, covering urban and rural areas and improve the national fitness public system, to help to promote the development of sport play. 〉The official website of NFL | red manager explained why | football interrupted the interview Monday night race Washington Redskins win over the Dallas Cowboys news beyond all expectations and has not been widely spread, but after the Redskins manager Toni (Tony Wyllie) - power hastily pushed quarterback colt McCoy (Colt McCoy) and interrupt ESPN in an interview with reporters this picture was viral spread. Tuesday morning, the power he had told TMZ sports reporters pushed the m'coy go and interrupted the interview because we need to go back to the locker room to the quarterback coach Joey Gruden (Jay Gruden) after mobilization. said: we need to participate in the mobilization speech after the quarterback, I did not decide any interview, I just want to hear McCoy coach's words, we think he must be inside. said the power when Gruden speech after McCoy went out and interviewed. He came out at the end of the dressing room and continued to be interviewed, and we ended up with a good end. is it impossible to speak without a starting quarterback without a starting quarterback? Who is the winner of the team's winning game this season? We will find that it is hard to say, now m'coy for Gruden is very important.

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