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The official website of NFL | bears tight end Bennet said the lack of passion | football team Chicago bears tight end martellus Bennet (Martellus Bennett) that the team at issue is not the talent or strength is not enough, but the mentality of the problem. , in an interview with the Chicago sun times, said that some of the teams need to have core leadership, and the whole team is the same. But on the whole, I feel that many of us need passion, and I don't think everyone can be full of passion, but it's obviously not at all. When was asked which one of the team was lacking in passion, Bennet didn't say it. But he said it was not a question of one or two people: some people, I wouldn't say the name, but they knew it. but no matter who, the bear team has to get rid of them. The bear team has been unsatisfactory this season, which clearly means the beginning of the sweeping day.The official w cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ebsite of NFL | rams defensive tackle Donald was named the best defensive rookie | football , as predicted by Geoff Fisher, Jeff Fisher, announced on Saturday the local union announced that the defensive defensive front Aaron Donald (Aaron Donald) was chosen as the best defensive player this season. This is also the defensive front player for the second consecutive season to harvest the award. Sheldon Richardson (Sheldon Richardson), who came from New York jets last season, won the award. , according to the PFF (ProFootballFocus) scoring system, showed that Donald had led all the defensive fronts of the league in terms of the total score this season. His performance was very versatile, significant in both flushing and running, and the runaway score was also led by the cutting edge. At the same time, Donald finished 9 escapement and ranked second in the defensive front. Khalil Mack from Oakland Raiders and C.J. Mosley of Baltimore crows (C.J. Mosley) is also a popular candidate for the award, but there is still a distance between the two people's performance and Donald Khalil. Earlier this season, Donald limited playing time, but from the fifth week he secured the first position, become the backbone of the ram defense group. Although his body is a little smaller than the other defensive front players, his speed and strength are beyond the imagination of all. Donald, with his efforts and excellent performance, made up a place for himself in the most talented defensive front of the league. He and Robert Quin (Robert Quinn), Chris Lang (Chris Long) and Michael Brooks (Michael Brockers) frontline will also continue to bring surprises to fans next season. There is no doubt that Donald deserves the award, and he is the best defensive rookie of the season.The official website of NFL | Russell Werwilson pass pressure | football Seattle Seahawks offensive ranked 31 in NFL, one of the reasons is the quarterback Russell - Werwilson (Russell Wilson) by the pressure ratio is highest in the league. Wilson was under pressure in the 38.5% back pass, leading to a capture or Wilson's direct exposure under pressure. On Sunday, you may see that the quarterback of both teams has a lot of pressure attacks, because Saint Louis quarterback Austen Davies (Austin Davis) is ranked second by the pressure of 36.3% passing back. Wilson got the pressure of 48.4% of the season's high season after passing the ball last Sunday, and the team lost 23-30 to the Dallas cowboy. That's one reason why Wilson couldn't throw the ball to the ground to end the attack. Wilson's pass rate over 15 yards is only 39.3%, ranking 21 in NFL and far behind last year's 51.5% (League second). but under pressure for Wilson is not what news, he is captured in the third high pressure or killed in the League last season, the Seahawks in 13-3 into the playoffs and win the super bowl.has recently reported that the career of New York jet Darrelle Darrelle has ended. He doesn't want to compete again, because he is 31 years old, and the jet is 3, 8 and 8. "I have a lot of games to play, and I'm looking forward to it," said on Thursday, . Obviously ray Weiss himself was not ready to retire. Lives also said, "I still love rugby football. That's why I'm still playing. It's because of love and my innate competitive power that I make the best of myself every Sunday." ray Weiss's contract until 2019, and $70 million 100 thousand for 5 years, but his ideas may not get the recognition of the team, team boss Woody - Johnson (Woody Johnson) prior to the ray Weiss performance "betrayal" is a word to express their dissatisfaction. ?

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