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Abandon my old clothes to wear my new dress shirt NBA change _ basketball _ oriental sports channel to watch the live broadcast of original information pays attention to us NBA Oriental Sports 〉 basketball 〉 〉 〉; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ";"; ""; ";"; ";" ";"; ";"; ""; ";"; ";" ";"; ";"; ""; ";" ";"; ";"; ""; ";" ";"; ""; ";" ";"; ""; ";" ";"; ""; ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";" I ";"; " 2017-09-17 08:15:57 Oriental Sports Beijing time in September 16th, NBA's new partner, Nike, held a new season shirt Conference for the NBA season, and the new season shirt of the 30 teams made a collective appearance. In the new season, the Jersey has cancelled the "home court" and "away game" points, but has been divided into several types, such as the League version, the classic color matching, the theme version, the city version and the retro version. for the previous Adidas series of shirts, Nike's shirt is more important to change. The jersey from the initial development of cotton materials, to design the later shorts belt, from shorts to loose design team clothes, and in 2013, NBA launched a short sleeved shirt. Short sleeved shirt wind assessment is that some players get both praise and blame, short sleeved shirt had limited player shooting touch, and some players think cheap nfl jerseys free shipping that fit more comfortable, suitable for game needs. , with Nike becoming the sponsor of NBA, Adidas quit the stage of history. The former Home Jersey became the League jerseys, and the Away Jersey became the "sign Jersey". The latest "Declaration shirt", which bears the function of the previous "optional shirt". There are more and more kinds of jerseys, and more and more gimmicks about the shirt. The addition of science and technology fabrics makes the Jersey more comfortable. Nike not only wants to have a technology fabric, but also adds a better new NikeConnect design. By downloading the software and scanning the trademark area of the clothes, the data of the team and the player's personal data can be obtained. This approach is similar to the current scanning two-dimensional code, but these chips look much more beautiful than a two-dimensional code. This system will enable Nike to get more information that has never been on the product before, for example, they can now know who bought a player's Jersey, where they lived, and where they scanned. In this way, the exchange of Nike with consumers will also be strengthened. After obtaining information through these scans, Nike will make the corresponding change in time. Strengthen contact with consumers, talk about interactivity, or win Nike. those players have a more consistent evaluation of the New Jersey, and the team's officials have sunk their own u on tweet.The official website of NFL | Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested on suspicion of intentional assault | Rugby this Wednesday, Feinikesi police said the Arizona Cardinals reserve running back Jonathan Dwyer on suspicion of intentional assault in two cases, has been arrested and detained in a prison in Maricopa county. According to media from the Feinikesi police to the news, the two cases were at the time of the year of July 21st and 22nd, the site is located in the southeast of Feinikesi Dwyer's home. Shortly after the crime, Dwyer's wife left Arizona with their 18 - month - old child. Jonathan Dwyer admits the truth of the two incident. But for all the charges of the police, Dwyer is denied. At the same time, Feinikesi police are applying for a search warrant to carry out a comprehensive investigation. Dwyer was arrested after the Cardinals quickly sound, said the team has stopped all team activities Dwyer, further developments will continue to focus on the case. NFL official spokesman said today that the alliance attaches great importance to the matter and will be punished two times in the future according to the alliance's personal behavior regulations.The official website of NFL | Rudi White set a career milepost | million yards of rugby ball in Atlanta this week to 19-17 goatsucker win over the Carolina Panthers, the team quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) was first mentioned in his partner in the post match interview: Rudi White took over (Rudy White). Ryan said: before we started talking about the game, I had to say I was proud of Rudi. Of course, I am proud of myself, and it makes sense to me to help him to reach a milestone. He had a long career, a lot of help and a lot of influence on me, and I was happy for him. His next goal will be 11000 yards. Before , White needed 73 yards to finish a milestone in his career. In this game, he finished 8 times and took 75 yards. The 12 pass has also set a new high of the season. With 4 points and 53 seconds left in the whole game, White finished a 11 - yard catcher. In the end, the falcons pushed 54 yards through the 12 gear in the attack, and eventually won the game by a free kick of 44 yards. White became the forty-second player to catch more than 10000 yards in the history of NFL. He said, "this is a great achievement. The team-mates are giving me a hug. This is great. What's more, we won the game. Compared to personal results, I hope we can win the division and go to the playoffs. But in any case, this is an important moment in my career. I've been sticking to it for the last 10 years, and I won't stop in the future.The official website of NFL | lion injury report: defensive tackle difficult comeback, right guard absent | football The distance and the Dallas Cowboys wild card game is getting closer, the Detroit lions team but there are still many problems. Defensive tackle Nick Fairley concern (Nick Fairley) for two consecutive days to participate in the training, but the situation is still not optimistic. The team said after training on Friday local time that the chance of playing is only 25%. coach Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) said: "we all see his progress, and he's getting better every day." But it's not easy to meet the demands of the game. Now I can't give the final conclusion, but if I want Nick to play, we need a miracle. The insider said, if this week lion can beat the cowboys, where will be played in the next game. at the same time, the team's right - cut forward, Larry - Larry Warford, has determined that it will be lost this week. He was absent from all training this week because of a right knee injury. The team also confirmed the news later. New rookie Travis - Swanson (Travis Swanson) will replace Walford in the first place. He had 3 first - time experiences earlier in the season. defensive end Ziggy Ansar (Ziggy Ansah) - local time Friday was exposed to toe injury, but the team said it would not affect his appearance in this week's game. Kelvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) was still injured in his ankle, but he could also be on the field as planned.

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