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"The opening of our historic victory is a special day for the club. We were flooded by a lot of enthusiastic fans. The hot demand for the goods of the team proves the value of the club. The fans have not only witnessed an extraordinary day in the history of New York's movement with their eyes, but they are more likely to support their team with the actual action of buying goods. " The original address:'s every thing about the New York giants preseason game shows that their attack team will not be able to see directly on Monday night against Detroit lions. Despite the data and game videos showing their bad performance, the new attack coordinator, Ben McAdoo, insisted that his first attack team was progressing. "I think we have made progress," he told New York dail cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y news. "We are making progress. We start to play a role in training. We have cultivated a tacit agreement between us. We just have to keep this in the game. " in the 5 preseason game giants starting quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) looks very bad, 41 pass 20 times successfully gained 188 yards and 1 touchdowns. In one of the games, Manning did not succeed 1 times, in the other, he had only 1 passes but did not get the number. (look in the good direction: no pass is copied!) seems to be not hard enough to learn a new attack system. As a result of injuries, the giants' attacking frontlines are still reconstructing. The starting two guard were injured on Monday night, the giant will use a rookie to stop the lions ace defensive tackle Damaken en Su (Ndamukong Suh). It would be difficult for eli. , we've seen that some teams hide most of their tactics after adopting the new offensive system, so that the preseason performance is bad, but then wait for the regular season to start quickly. The giant was obviously not a team like that, but there had been a more crazy thing in the first battle of the season.The official website of NFL | Hoyer will in the next game lineup | football Houston Dezhou quarterback T.J. Yetesi (T.J. Yates) for two consecutive weeks has led the team to beat Cincinnati tigers and the New York jets, but coach Bill - Obrien (Bill O Brien) local time on Monday confirmed that if Blaine - Heuer (Brian Hoyer) through the last concussion, he will become the next a week starts. After the victory of the two, the Dezhou people were still a powerful contender for the southern champions of the United States. Heuer in the season 5 starts, the quarterback passing score was 92.9, higher than the Camden - Newton (Cam Newton) 90.1 and Matt - Ryan (Matt Ryan) 89.6. Jentsch played the game in the 5 quarter, passing success rate of only 46.7%, he more time just to pass the ball to Andrea de Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins), so that the latter and defensive player for 50 to 50 of the ball. next week, Dezhou's opponents will be New Orleans saints. To win this offensive team, Dezhou people also need to show their firepower. They need to lead the team to go further together.Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) a knee injury in training on Wednesday local time, this week could play was once cast a shadow. On Thursday, local time, Bryant returned to training, although only a limited part, but it was still a positive signal. coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) are very confident in the case of Bryant, he said the team will continue to pay attention to the number one wide receiver. Bryant himself also said the injury was unhindered. At present, 2 - 6 - negative cowboys have suffered 6 consecutive defeats, and the team's expectations for the playoffs seem very slim. The struggling quarterback Matt Cassell (Matt Cassell) needs Bryant's help. Toni Romer (Tony Romo) will return in eleventh weeks. Line defense Roland multi Mcclain (Rolando McClain) and run Wei Kristen Michael (Christine Michael) have all been restored to training.

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