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There are not many professional bowls in , and they have recently been reduced. is the 10 player boot includes 2013 into the occupation bowl Matt Fulton hand long tee Europe (Matt Overton) five years, played in 65 games (including regular season and playoffs). Leave together with him as well as safety Duke Williams (Duke Williams), linebacker Alex (Alex Bazzie), badhi punter (Devon Bell) - der von Baer, long hand kick-off Joe - Fortunato (Joe Fortunato), cornerback Charles James (Charles James), inside linebacker Duhem King (Deon King), security Weisidifeng (Stefan McClure) - Micah Llull, cornerback Larry Scott (Larry Scott) and took over the German - Street (Devin Street). The departure of these people has nothing to do with the replacement of the general manager.NFL official website, Thursday night after the game into the champion quarterback gove concussion, football nest inspection process The champion Losangeles rams quarterback Jared gove (Jared Goff) suffered concussion in 3-24 against the Seattle Seahawks Thursday night game fourth day after the early departure. Goff when the ball ran to the sidelines by the Seahawks corn cheap nfl jerseys free shipping erback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) crashing. After the game, coach John - Purcell temporary ram method (John Fassel) said in a concussion inspection process gove. he will be good, but such things may not happen again, by Purcell said he later said, need to learn to run out of bounds gove. He looks good, but he may pretend to be strong and hide his situation. ???????-???????Case Keenum??????????|???????????????????????? Goff made 135 yards 13 times before he left the field. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.when coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) said earlier this week the Arizona Cardinals will let rookie Logan - Thomas (Logan Thomas) served as the starting quarterback, he will keep a posterior, promised that if the rookie looks not ready, he will immediately change the selection. a few days later, Arians will change her mind. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to two people familiar with the news reported on Thursday that the Cardinals plan to let veteran quarterback Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley) served as the starting quarterback against San Francisco on Sunday 49 people in the game. The original plan Arians start Thomas, that he showed in the training they can control the attack and served as the first group. But Rapoport said Thomas did not do it in the training. When this week appointed Thomas as a starter. Arians say this step is to understand more of the rookie can do what is not the end of the evaluation of lindley. Thomas took only two bad training let Arians realize that they can not let the arm has a strong rookie in the regular season finale episode. Lindley in play against the Seattle Seahawks game only completed 41% passes, led the team to get 6 points, and in his 225 career touchdown pass not made. But he is still more able to cope with aggressive 49 - man defense than Thomas, a four - round show that is considered part of the team's long term plan. has made the playoffs the Cardinals hope Stanton original four starting quarterback Drew (Drew Stanton) to return next week. Before Stanton return the Arians to estimate the probability in 85%. If the Cardinals held in their home court hoping to play the super bowl, they will need to return the veteran quarterback in the playoffs.The official website of NFL or | team? Who is the strongest shield in the league? | football in Oakland Raiders re signed Donald Penn (Donald Penn). We will very well hope to see this fame in the next season and do not have such a big offensive front line to become the first league. In last season, the Oakland offensive line ranked sixth in the league, better than twenty-third in the sixteenth and 2013rd year of 2014. By comparing the score of every player on the line last season, we were surprised to find that the 5 attacker on the attack line got at least 79 points (or even a team could exceed 3 people score 79 points). On the average, the average score of 82.7 on the line was 81.9 points higher than that of the star - studded attack line in the United States, ranking first in the league. so, who is the best attack front in the league? We will analyze every player on the line to analyze it in detail: Oakland Raider: Zuo Jiefeng: Donald - Penn (Donald Penn), last season, 84.5 , when we are talking about the top cutting edge of the alliance, Penn's name is not one of those that we know very well, but his professional performance is not ambiguous at all. He got a good score and a total score on the road every season. Although he did not do very well on the pass, he was in Oakland for 2 of the best 3 years of his pass. Last year, eleventh of his passing scores in the League all cover tackles, but he has just released the 8 quarterback Joe Thomas only pressure (Joe Thomas) -. Zuo Hufeng: Kelaiqi Aosemei (Kelechi Osemele) - tired last season, scoring 79.6 sign Payne, means that Aosemei tired still want to stay in the guard that he has been successful position. The latest blood tonic of the Raider is also the lowest among the 5 people in the online age, but this is largely on the low side of the season when Baltimore crows changed the front edge. But he is really a very strong pavement cover player by the strength of his position in the front. His 94.3 points behind Evan Mathis road cover fraction (Evan Mathis), even ahead of his former teammate star guard Marshall - Yanda (Marshal Yanda). He can completely replace Marcus - Webb (J 'Marcus Webb) last season.

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