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TBFan 3 years ago all the qualities that a great veteran should have are all embodied in him. TonyZhong 1 Building 3 years ago congratulations, Tom Brady! wufengsky 2 Building 3 years agoCongratulations to TB~ Aigo ~ congratulations; 3, the Seahawks 3 years agoCongratulations to TB , the history of the first quarterback deserved the throne; the 4 floor Seahawks 3 years ago TB the first two of the giant, the first time too careless, second times back luck too, to tell the truth that the two are optimistic about the patriot patriot, but really back luck too, thanks to TB, see the history of the game the first quarterback, wishes to open their own brilliant RW3 5 floor of the Seattle Seahawks 3 years ago 4, great, but in twenty-first Century the first QB name TB should temporarily in the bag of 6 langdao987 building 3 years ago congratulations, it's really not easy!!! Texans 7 Building 3 years ago milestone records, TB is worthy of the best QB, but the performance of RW3 today is also good. He is still long in the future. Thanks for both teams! Let's have such a wonderful gam cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e! KAPEINIKE 8 Building 3 years ago I still think Payton is the most perfect in the history of the quarterback, I still think Rodgers is the best quarterback, but Brady is indeed the biggest winner hundred-percent, at this point, he looks like another witch Duncan, is the cornerstone of the construction team, is a perennial stable one, are not in the data the roost, but some years later look back at this time, he was standing at the peak; 9 floorNFL's official website announced | bears sacked veteran cornerback Jennings | Rugby Chicago bear announced the retreating veteran Tim Jennings (Tim Jennings). With the growth of age and the decline of the state, the once professional bowl is no longer the indispensable backbone of the team. Jennings himself said in an interview that when the staff came to me, I knew what was going to happen. But they still encouraged me to tell me to go on fighting. I spent the best years here, 2 times in the career bowl. I have done some good games, and I have experienced ups and downs. The injury hindered me, but I've been playing the best football here. Jennings played for the bear team for 5 seasons and completed 16 copies, including 9 copies of the single season in 2012. The veteran who has been in the League for 9 years is no longer in line with the team's reconstruction philosophy. The bear team hopes to be more young, and it is inevitable to say goodbye to some of the veterans. In September 1st, the League asked the teams to reduce the number of singles to 75.new England patriots have become the least favorite team in NFL for second consecutive years. This is shown by the poll by the US public policy survey company. Of the 378 interviewees, 21% of the 378 interviewees disliked patriots, with a narrow gap over the Dallas Cowboy (19%). Among the respondents, 42% said they had a negative feeling for patriots, and only 19% had a view of the Atlanta falcons. And 53% of the respondents supported the falcons in the super bowl and 27% of the Patriots. patriot quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) is one of the most popular fans (22%), quarterback is also the most hate (24%). The hawk quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) ranked seventh in popularity. and another 34% of respondents to the Biliqieke patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) had negative views, but only 8% of respondents think so coach Dan Quin Falcon (Dan Quinn). , but NFL President Roger Roger Goodell is more disliked. 37% of respondents have negative opinions on Goodall, and 42% of respondents do not approve of his current job.is coming to an end with the 2016 NFL draft. It's time for us to look forward to who will break the Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) 40 code record in Indianapolis (4.24 seconds). 1 Kell Kell Kolby Listenbee from of the Christian University in Texas ray sunbeen foreign secretary took over, after the school 2015 test records show that his 100 meter data is 10.04 seconds. So we think his 40 yard score will be 4.30 seconds or even lower. 2 Le Sean Sims (LeShaun Sims) from Southern Utah University's 's secretary shawntae, NFL data records show that 40 code data Sims last spring is 4.30 seconds, and now he has 40 yards made adequate training, I believe that the performance will be better. 3 will Fuller (Will Fuller) from University of Notre Dame's The Secretary Fuller took over in October last year in the outside, he and Nanjiafuniya University cornerback Eadry - Jackson (Adoree Jackson) against easily win. So for him, the key to deciding 40 yards is the starting stage. His data is expected to be about 4.30 seconds. Fuller has completed 29 catchup arrays in the past 2 years, and is considered to be the candidate who will be selected in the top 50 this year. 4 Braxton Miller (Braxton Miller) from of Ohio State University Miller took over from outside the office. He always felt that he was the fastest player in the field every time he saw his game. His school test record was about 4.30 seconds. This time he is probably one of the fastest guys in the training camp. 5 Jielun Ramsay (Jalen Ramsey) from of University of Florida Ramsay, the Secretary defensive guard, after he won the ACC Championship long jump, or 100 meters run seventh, the data is 10.61 seconds, his 40 yards this draft data may not be the best, but his performance will be some of the most outstanding, because he is very talented, we expected him at third San Diego lightning was selected.

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