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Lebron James just threw a "olive branch" on tweet to NFL yesterday, and today a team of executives sent him a special shirt. It's hard for the emperor to go to the rugby league. At 's NBA deadlock, the new season had been canceled two weeks before the regular season, and James had the idea of playing rugby. "Excuse me, when is the deadline for NFL to sign a free player?" James wrote on twitter. who did not think, just a day after a NFL coach did respond, not only that, he also made James a No. 1 jersey. The manager is not others, it is the NFL Seattle Seahawks coach and team vice president Peter Carol?. "Hello, James," Carol wrote on twitter, though not much, but his figure is very sincere, a printed "Lebron" on the Seahawks Jersey No. 1. is well known that James likes rugby, a long time in the streets of New York, and he has been playing with a bunch of strangers for a long time. many football experts have said that by virtue of their strong physical qualities, James would not play basketball and become a star in the rugby league NFL. Just don't know, can the emperor really abandon basketball and play rugby? The focus of the night sixth weeks of the regular season game between Indiana Colts and Houston Dezhou, the dialogue between the two teams is likely to affect the AFC South playoff push, the first round of the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Southern Division title race is coming. Houston Dezhou season can be called "home dragon, away from the field". The winning games are all at home, and their home stadium NRG can also be called the devil's home. In the past 8 home games, Dezhou people won 7 victories. In the team's top players J.J w season, outside linebacker Judd viand - defense leaders carry clowney banner, the former champion show in the season and finally find the feeling of the game, 8 sacks loss caused by other code number. 4 of which were in the last week in the face of the Minnesota Vikings is caused by the weak offensive line, the pony, you look forward to his good play? Indiana pony, if not reorganizing the offensive front, is a waste of the main quarterback Andrew - LAK's youth. The battered four points this season with a very humiliating record to lead the league, was sacked 20 times. Last season because of excessive violations of Iraq, due to rupture of kidney is still in early warning, farewell, uniform groups pony to long snack bar. It is worth noticing that Frank Gore, the runner of the pony, took 75 yards last week. The veteran player surpassed the hall of fame Jim Jim (12312 yards) in his career 12368 yards, ranking ninth in the historical pavement propulsion code. live address Author: Zhang YunThe official website of NFL | tiger will soon return to the stadium over the strongest rugby | Cincinnati tiger A.J. A.J. (A.J. Green) has already left the field for 3 weeks, during which the team's state is not stable, and the attack team is always short of trusted leaders. The tiger will meet the Jacksonville Jaguar this week at home, Green revealed in the interview week that he is going to return to the game. Green said: I'm going to try all the training this week to see what I'm doing. I personally think I've recovered. I only recovered to 40% last week, and at least 80% this week. I don't feel pain after every training. It's important . also has suggested that the tiger should let Green rest one more week. After the end of the week, they have only less than 5 days of rest, and they will have the same district opponent Cleveland Brown on Thursday night. Compared to the weaker opponents of this week, perhaps the divisional civil war is the more concerned game of the tiger. But Green may not think so much, he has always been a competitive and positive player. During his injury he has repeatedly said to playing hurt, now injured almost recovered, he naturally do not want to wait another week.on Sunday of the sixteenth week by the Arizona Cardinals home court against the same district rival Seattle Seahawks, the cardinals in the twelfth week trip to 3 than 19 lost. Before the game in the National League West Cardinals top Seahawks half wins, the game will directly determine the NL West championship teams in the playoffs and the prospect. The cardinals in the second quarter and the first to break the deadlock, the Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) led run combined with 5 cities, the final 35 to 6 victory over the cardinals. before the Seahawks running back Sean Lynch ace MA (Marshawn Lynch) can not be the first sudden stomach ache. The first section of the two teams of defensive strength is very high, the attack group, both the road and the passing attack are difficult to achieve effective promotion. Both the two wave attack failed, punt return has become the main means of propulsion. - Werwilson Seahawks with Russell before the end of the first section long range 55 yards to put the ball in the Cardinals shooting area, but in the second quarter at the beginning of kicker Stephen hauska (Steven Hauschka) 52 yard shot missed, the Seahawks team missed the chances of breaking the deadlock. The Cardinals immediately launched a counterattack, running back Stephen Taylor (by Stepfan Taylor) for the 9 gear to punch the ball abruptly will push the ball range, and eventually completed a 27 yard shot to 3 than 0 lead. But less than 1 minutes, Russell - Wilson immediately used a 80 - yard pass to beat the score, and the catch was the near - end Luke - Wilson (Luke Willson). Rose Seahawks team morale, the defense immediately only half a minute, got the ball back. Is Russell Wilson, with a flexible body 22 yards rushing the ball forward to the Cardinals red zone, and Lynch was completed by 6 yards rushing touchdowns, Seahawks 14 to 3 at halftime. to start the second half, the Cardinals offense is still unable to effectively promote. Seahawks punt on the Cardinals' poor quality from the first half began to attack the Werwilson 20 yards passing the ball into the shooting area, Seahawks kicker hauska 50 yards shot off again. 3 minutes later Russell - good times don't last long, Wilson found Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin), the latter completed 49 yard ball, and the ball into the shooting area, but kicker hauska will still play partial 47 yard shot. ??????????????????????????-???????Ryan Lindley??????????????-?????????Michael Floyd???????????????32???????????????????????6??14??3?????? In section fourth of Seahawks firepower, fast attack by Russell Wilson led a wave, near end Luke - Wilson finish 39 yard ball within 2 minutes, and in the end to complete the 20 yard touchdown catch, Seahawks 21 than 6 to expand the score. 2 minutes later, the Seahawks team made a comeback. Lynch opened the animal model.

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