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Detroit lions running back Amir Abdullah (Ameer Abdullah) last year in the second round of the team was selected, the excellent state immediately on the season, 3 games 12 games to punch the ball can get total 82 code number, the average number of more than 6 yards rushing yards, showing the amazing explosive. And his first touchdown in the regular season has successfully completed more than 20 yards. Such a performance has also led people to believe that the lion has finally found a reliable running guard. Unfortunately, the rookie wall and good times don't last long, hit the lion dilapidated offensive front line for the second half of the season Abdullah very dispirited, he also love problems and also show off the ball. But even so, the male lion manager Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) still thinks Abdullah will be able to break out in the next season. Caldwell in the NFL annual meeting said: "to say that the team can achieve the greatest progress in the next season, Abdullah is undoubtedly the first choice." I think he can get better this year. He was in a steady state last ye cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ar, but I think he's going to be a lot more stable this year. " although Deweier has high expectations for Abdullah, it does not mean that Abdullah's prospects are really good. He had as many as 5 shots in a limited number of games last season, and it was hard to get a steady start when the shortcoming was not corrected in time. In addition, he was also poor in passing protection, which was the place he needed to improve.NFL official website, the Chicago bears signed veteran linebacker Dan Adams, Coulthard football nest is reconstructing a Chicago bear who has signed a veteran. The bear has signed a year with Dan Skuta. Previously, skuta played two seasons for the Jacksonville Jaguar. is an outside guard at Jaguar Kutta, but he may be a midline in the bear team. He will bear in the team and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio (Vic Fangio). Previously, David Coulthard in 2013-2014 season with 49 people working together in San Francisco fangio. At the time of the 49 people, skuta fought 30 games, of which 18 were the first. is even more important, sign, which means the main line may be Coulthard David Danny (Danny Trevathan) - Trevor visen in November last year after a torn patellar tendon may not be ready for the start of the season back. In Terre wiesen after the injury, the bears let Nick Covey (Nick Kwiatkoski) at Sikorsky to fill the position, but this is more in order to let him experience in failure near the end of season. Found a new face and Fangio old acquaintances in the free agent market, bears choice to fill this position with veteran. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.although Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) in the performance of the 2015 season touchdown catch break number tied for first in the league, he is no longer in the highest salary Seattle Seahawks receiver. , his teammate Jermaine Kors (Jermaine Kearse) signed a contract worth 13 million 500 thousand dollars over the past three years, which is more than Baldwin's 3 year 13 million dollar contract in the spring of 2014. has already become the first pass goal of quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) in Baldwin. When he enters the contract year, we naturally doubt that his renewal is near. "I haven't had any negotiations yet," Baldwin said on Wednesday. "To be honest, I'm not too worried about it." "I'm enjoying the fun of playing. I enjoyed the time and I enjoyed the time, "Baldwin said. "So whatever happens, I'll let God decide that he will lead me to any direction I need to go." NFL teams usually wait until the free player market opens and the draft will end with the renewal of the contract. "Really, players who have contracts now can't be the top negotiant. In any order," Pete Carroll, the head coach, explained to the media in February. "We really do our best to keep the team intact. This will always be the way we deal with the renewal of the contract. " last season quarterback to Baldwin pass score is the highest League (142.8) and Baldwin in the last six games of the regular season scoring 11 touchdowns in 43 games before he can add up to only get so touchdowns. , as an offensive star in the rise, his next contract should be a priority for the team in the draft and training camp.NFL official website | Dezhou re loss quarterback Fitzpatrick reimbursement season | Rugby Houston of the Dezhou 49ers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) in Sunday's loss to the Indiana Colts in the second quarter was helped off the leg injury. NFL media insider Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) according to the news report of the team, Fitzpatrick's leg is broken, so the season. rookie Tom (Tom Savage) Savage replaced him and finished the occupation career first pass, he was avoiding the opponent's pressure to complete deandre Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins) pass. But then he handed the running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) of the ball because of communication problems caused two people killed and captured the ball. At the end of the 19 pass, Savage finished 10 times to get 127 yards and had not been copied. at the end of the game before the left leg was also hit savage injuries, injuries will be performed MRI scans on Monday to get. and the Dezhou people had lost the quarterback Ryan Mallett.

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