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's match against lightning caused the giant to lose almost half of the offensive weapon. The giant official announced Monday that Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) will receive an operation to repair his fractured ankle and will be absent for the rest of the season. Dwayne Harris (Dwayne Harris) also needs a foot operation. Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) in the personal social media on the confirmation will undergo ankle surgery on Tuesday, and enjoy saying "will be accepted after twelfth years of operation tomorrow. I'm in a complex mood and I can't make the contribution I want for the team, but it's the best year I have ever been. The game also showed me the advantages and disadvantages. These three people will enter the injured reserve list, and another foreign take over Stirling Shepard (Sterling Shepard) also injured in the game against lightning, but is expected to return after. is a giant Marshall completed 18 passes, 154 ya cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rds. In order to fill vacancies from the list, the giant training squad promoted wide receiver Travis Rudolf (Travis Rudolph) and signed tabares - Gold (Tavarres King).NFL's official website, Cutler said on the sidelines, dolphins coach not only football nest on the sidelines tiger dolphins quarterback Matt Moore in August 7th (Matt Moore) said on Monday that the coach Adam Hess (Adam Gase) not to conceal the pursuit of Cutler team he will, he believes that this short retired former Mustang, bears quarterback to compete for a starting position to. But Moore and GUS views are a little different. Gass said at a news conference that Cutler would not be involved in this week's pre-season match. They had no official lineup yet, but he didn't leave any doubt about whether Cutler would integrate. he's not just going back from retirement to stand on the sidelines. Gass said. Gass, who served as an offensive coordinator in Chicago in the 2015 season, worked with Cutler. He thought Cutler knew the offensive system of the team very well and could finish the pass arranged by the team. This is the two main reason Gass believes Cutler can integrate into the team. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.last week suffered due to allergic reactions and once absent will meet the media and then abruptly answered reporters questions compared to the first round of the Miami dolphins - Tang Searle (Laremy's Remy Tunsil) this Saturday, a lot of good mood. was in a happy mood. Tansil, who was laughing with reporters, met the media second days after the new rookie Mini training camp and kept smiling all the time. Tang Searle stressed that his personality is not the question and was left to him to prove this dolphin. "I don't worry about it, everyone has their own opinion," Tang Searle said Saturday. "I am the only one who knows his true character." for the past nine days is not calm down searle. First, on the day of the draft, a video of a video of marijuana sucked down the market. Tansil and his agent said that his social media account was hacked by hackers. At the press conference after the draft, Tansil also acknowledged the money he had received a coach in college. Tang was unwilling to dilate the details of his Saturday. But most of him said he was looking forward to the future. Dolphins coach Adam - Gass (Adam Gase) also said Tang Searle looks very pleased to be able to focus on playing again.The official website of NFL | Griffin III has the opportunity to debut in the weekend football | Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin) continued to move on the back road. The Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) told reporters that the third grade another rookie quarterback colt Mccoy on Wednesday and the team (Colt McCoy) together with the training of the real thing. Griffin III said Gruden had the opportunity to debut on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings in the game, the latter for second weeks of dislocated ankle hanging mianzhanpai. , in addition, Griffin Sans's decision to return is decided by his psychological factors. Only when the team thinks he is fully prepared, will he be sent to play. We will continue to watch him tomorrow and Friday, Gruden repeatedly stressed, I think his injury is not a problem, it is important to his mental can support him to back into the game, you can immediately return to him if he looks good in this respect that, if not it will have to wait a week. Mccoy last week in the good performance of the Dallas Cowboys beat the game, it may also make the team slowed Griffin Sans's comeback process, this week with the Vikings after the end of the game, the Redskins next week bye.

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