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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) love the Seahawks this year's draft pick in the draft, the Seahawks including three running backs, but for his coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) have a request. Baldwin said on Twitter: "respected Peter Carol, we are excited about the new teammates." But there is one condition. No one will wear the No. 24 shirt in the future. " 24, of course, is the number worn by the recently retired running horse Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). general manager John Schneider (John Schneider) confirmed on Saturday that Lynch had not officially submitted the decommissioning documents, but Carol said Lynch was determined to retire. His current situation is not a problem for the team. Baldwin No. 24 is not used for rookie request is Lynch in the role of the Seahawks rise to the top teams in the affirmative, but also shows the significance of Lynch for the Seahawks in the locker room. we suspect that this request is not to prevent Lynch cheap nfl jerseys free shipping from changing his mind and announcing a return before the formal submission of an decommissioning document. We guess so.Tuesday is Houston Dezhou team this week only rest day, but their number one star J.J. watts (JJ Watt) and kept away from the training field, suddenly came to John watts (Papa John's) best pizza restaurant, for the fans and making pizza delivery. The of philanthropy w in college pizza doing part-time work, this season he collaborated with rod John, will be a "Dezhou people preferred pizza every Tuesday for 10% of sales donated to the watt foundation, aims to provide more sports in the community the opportunity for children after school. Watt says the most exciting part of his life is to contribute to the growth of the children and to see them succeed. "My foundation has been established for more than four years to witness the growth of many young people. They did their best to achieve their dreams in middle school, and finally received the university admission notice. Now is the time for them to take off. It's amazing. After finished the pizza in the restaurant, Watt went to the home of the lucky fans in the afternoon and sent them a pizza with his own hands. "With the fans face to greet, they looked surprised to say thank you look really very interesting," Watt said, "through the takeout such simple things make people to raise money for charity, and help children change their lives, really great." when asked about the perfect day when sending pizza in college, Watt replied humorously, "as long as I didn't steal pizza on the road,"The official website of NFL | Edelman: second tier football | Seahawks extremely cruel new England patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) is very clear, the team in the super bowl against the Seattle Seahawks defensive alliance group has the most horrible, especially their second tier. From the data, the past 8 games, averaging 9.8 points the Seahawks lost points. By Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) led the Seahawks second season, only allow single opponents offensive advance at least 20 yards 39 times, the number is also the least union. For the defense of such terror, Edelman used a cruel word to describe their opponents. Edelman said: they are different from other teams. Each of them was tall, strong, and even murderous. They have a strong ability to carry out their work and work very seriously. We have some of these big men, but it's quite different. We lack the experience of facing this kind of opponent, so we have to make use of the rest of the time to prepare for it. patriots offensive group the most reliable weapon is of course the tight end rob kousky (Rob Gronkowski), Gelon he has the ability to have the upper hand in counterpoint and any player in the seahawks. From this point of view, the performance will also determine kousky Gelon championship this season in a certain extent of belonging.even-even soccer equipment network MLS Seattle sounders club official announced Thursday the team's 2017 season new Adidas Jersey, the new all white shirt decorated with blue and green details in Seattle over the past forty years the history of the great football occupation. the New Jersey officially called "Heritage Kit (history of shirt)", from the Seattle occupation football history was 1974 to 83 years active in the North American Soccer League (NASL) inspired in the branch of Seattle sounders team jerseys, New Jersey is a classical collar, collar, the cuffs and shoulder Adidas stripes are designed to shallow Pacific Blue, with the support of old Seattle sounders Team Jersey consistent. badge above the gold star in laser engraving Arabia number "16" on behalf of the club in the past 2016 season Major League win, the defending champions also highlight the club. Player name and number Below in 1974 that support the old Seattle sounders double color logo appeared in the new shirt collar back, expression of Seattle football tradition.

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