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me football equipment network news in "national security for the first ever" slogan under the guidance of Nike today officially released the Beijing Guoan 2017 season home court New Jersey, New Jersey collocation of Nike Dri-FIT technology continues to symbolize the unique temperament of football in Beijing and the traditional green inexhaustible vitality, the expression of the team to defend the capital football glory and determination wing for the first. shirt proudly display the club badge at the top of the gold star team in 2009 won the Super League champions. On both sides ofThe official website of NFL | Payton Manning to return to the training ground, good physical condition | football The Denver Broncos quarterback Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) a thigh injury last week against San Diego lightning game, he is cheap nfl jerseys free shipping also in this Thursday's training in early treatment. But the Mustang fans can now breathe a sigh of relief. Manning took part in the training of the team on Friday. According to the Denver Post reporter Mike Chris (Mike Klise), Manning did not have any mobile problems in personal training, he was in good physical condition. More than media have expressed optimism for Manning's injury. Manning is basically no problem in this week's battle against Cincinnati tigers. The team doesn't need to consider the battle force of the backup quarterback Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) for the time being. , at the moment, the biggest doubt for wild horses is whether they will continue to insist on the way of attacking the ground in the past few weeks. After all, Manning has been injured. In addition, the tigers can only run in the twenty-fourth place in the league.The official website of NFL |490 million wage differences hinder the transaction | football Nick Capet The wage gap of less than $5 million is now the full barrier to blocking Colin Kaepernick from the quarterback to join the Denver wild horse. ESPN reported on Sunday that wild horses and 49 people agreed roughly on the trading principles. So what is the obstacle? Insiders say the two sides still have to reach a consensus on who pays the $11 million 900 thousand salary that is fully guaranteed on Friday. The Mustang agreed to pay $7 million and is actively persuading 49 people to pay all their salaries in 2016. The 49 people are not willing to do it now, and Capet Nick is not willing to accept a pay cut. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) previously reported the Mustang has asked Capet Nicole will pay to the position between the first and the bench quarterback price - $7 million. This is the salary of Chess Daniel (Chase Daniel) from Philadelphia hawk, which is close to Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III)'s salary from Cleveland Brown (2 years and 15 million dollars). According to reports he may increase the salary cap, the Mustang possible these contracts. Rapoport says the bargaining chip is far less complex. ESPN was told by a senior insider that the team could complete the deal in two seconds and send a midline draft to 49.The official website of NFL | starting left Jiefeng surgery crow line will be tested | football Baltimore crow offensive lines in the new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) under the guidance of performance looks by leaps and bounds. They are facing a big challenge over the next few weeks to continue the momentum. on Wednesday local time, announced the first Crow Left Jiefeng Eugene Monroe (Eugene Monroe) will undergo minor surgery, which will keep him out of action. NFL website reporter Aditi Jiabuwala (Aditi Kinkhabwala) - Kim told the crow thinks Monroe will be out for 3-4 weeks. Monroe has been stable since he was traded from the Jacksonville Jaguar to the crow last year and has solved the problem of the ravens. , which means that James Hurst, a newly elected James from North Carolina University, will face the impact of the fierce Carolina Black Panther pass in the first NFL start of the James. This is bad news. The good news was that 3 weeks after the crow faced the Indianapolis pony, the Tampa Bay pirates and the Atlanta falcons did not have a strong pass.

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