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Seattle Seahawks in local time on Saturday will choose rookie defensive end Cassius Malsch (Cassius Marsh) in the injured reserve list, and cornerback Steven Tyrrell (Steven Terrell) and rookie tight end Allen rascio (RaShaun Allen) was promoted from the training squad. Malsch fractured his foot during training on Wednesday local time and decided to undergo an operation. The operation will cause him to be absent for at least 6 to 8 weeks, but it will be included in the list of injuries, which means he will say goodbye to the season in advance. In the last week's game of 23-30 to the Dallas cowboy, Thailand finished the first game of his career. The five point guard Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell) was injured and left the game during the match, and he was given the opportunity as a substitute. This week, Maxwell will not play in the game with Saint Louis rams. Alan will join the list of the Seahawks team in the proximal wing position suffered injury crisis. Zach - Miller (Zach Miller) was still absent because of ankle surgery, and the substitute Luke Wilson (Luke Wilson) was also "doubtful" this week. The 6 - foot, 4 - inch, 250 - pound, large, near end, will be the first show this week.The official website of NFL | fifteenth week review: Newton continues to lead the Pant cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hers | unbeaten football Newton followed for five touchdown performance win unbeaten to the giant Panther , the Carolina Panther who has won the whole season so far this season, is still challenging the New York giants who are struggling for the playoffs. The game does not start to rely primarily on quarterback cam beyond all expectations, the Panther - Newton (Cam Newton) pass to receivers (Ted Ginn) - ted gold completed a touchdown. The giant in the next attack to tie the score: quarterback Eli Manning cross found wide receiver Reuben Randall (Rueben Randle) completed a touchdown. But the match went into the tempo of the Panther. In the second quarter, the Black Panther first attacked the ball in the half court by grabbing the ball to attack the group. Newton and the near end Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) then completed the 37 yard pass. At the end of the half finished Newton third touchdowns, this time he passes to take over German - Feng (Devin Funchess) chase completed 14 yard touchdown. In the second half, Newton finished 2 passes again in half a quarter, one time to Cory Brown (Corey Brown) and once again to Ted king. At this time the Panther is 35-7, and it looks like the game has entered the garbage time. But I did not expect the giant to blow the horn of the counter attack at this time. In the subsequent attack, Manning passed the ball to the near end winger Will Tye. The fourth section of the beginning of the giant run guard Rashard Jennings (Rashad Jennings) flush the ball 38 yards to complete the array. In the fourth quarter, half a half, the Black Panther kicked the ball, the giant grabbed the ball in the Black Panther red area. They didn't waste opportunities. Manning passed the ball to find Sean Shane (Flynn Vereen) to complete the touchdown. After successfully preventing the attack of the black panther, the giant tried to equate the score, and their efforts took over Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham)'s 14 yards catch up successfully. The giant equalised the score miraculously. But it left 1 minutes and 46 seconds for the Panther's attack team to advance to a free kick. After a lot of inaction, they got back to the giant's 25 - yard line and eventually hit a free kick shot at the end of the time. The Panther won the 38-35 victory over the giant and won 14 consecutive wins. Newton in the game 45 of 25 passes successfully gained 340 yards and 5 touchdowns and 100 yards. Cousins's heroics defeated Bill in the east of red lead The two teams of met each other in the playoffs, but the red skin of Washington DC, led by Kirk Cousins Kirk, is obviously more in shape. They took a 21-0 lead in the first half. In the team's first three waves, koxin's double pass found near - end Jordan - Reed (〉The official website of NFL | Andrew admitted his poor performance last season, | football Indianapolis's Pony quarterback Andrew Andrew (Andrew Luck) had been suffering from injuries last season, but injuries were not the only problem. In an interview with ESPN, LAK admitted that he did not perform well even when he was healthy last season. I wasn't doing well except for the injury problem - before the injury, Lark said. I have to get better. When I took part in the last few games of last season, I felt better and improved in the right direction. encounter that led to the game of the season, the kidney injury is reimbursed tear last season he best game: he completed 21 of 36 passes 252 yards and 2 touchdowns without passing by steals, also in the face of the league's best defensive ball has also rushed for 34 yards, helping the team win the Denver broncos. but in addition to this game, LAK's season was a mess. His quarterback score was the lowest in his career last season, only 74.9, and the pony was only 2 - 5 in his debut. in the 2016 season, the pony needs to be healthy. They also need to perform better.Green Bay Packers have been hit by the injuries plagued by the injuries. team leader Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) told reporters on Thursday that the veteran runner James Starks (James Starks) entered the League brain concussion inspection process due to Monday's car accident. Mccarthy stressed that Starks was "good," but whether he could participate in the next match against the Chicago bear was an unknown number. , since the first season runner Eddie Lacy (Eddie Lacy) has been reimbursed for her ankle surgery season, the 30 year old Starks's playing time (31 offense) and the number of punching balls (9.1 times) are the most in the team's running. But recently, former Seattle Seahawks running back Kristen Michael (Christine Michael) and bear the task to punch the ball outside over Thailand - Montgomerie (Ty Montgomery) has to assume the task to punch the ball in the last game, two people completed a total of 19 red ball for 77 yards. Starks only flashed the ball 2 times. Mccarthy also said that if the tactics needed, Montgomerie could get the most 20 shots in the match against the bear team. The injury made the packers hand in hand, but Starks was not the main runner recently. Michael - even Montgomerie - had a chance to fill Starks's vacancy.

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