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????????????L?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The team trained second times this week on Wednesday local time. As far as the training is concerned, it can be said to be mixed. The team, the quarterback Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers), took part in all the training for two days in a row. After he suffered a back injury, will not play the rumor collapse of itself. Rivers himself said, "the back does hurt, but it's not serious. I feel good now, I'm looking forward to the game this week. I believe we can win and go to the playoffs. " despite the fact that Rivers is not injured, the situation is not so optimistic for the top runner Ryan Matthews and Ryan Keenan Keenan. Two people were absent from training for two days, and the team did not reveal their specific circumstances. Mathews is plagued by an ankle injury, Alan suffered a broken collarbone return undecided. whether or not Mathews and Alan can come out this week, the team believes they can find a way to win. Last week's victory showed that, and Rivers was looking forward to a hot hand and a reduction in passing misses. At present, they have put their destiny in their hands, and everyone is looking forward t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o the next victory.The official website of NFL | beast mystery: why every time Lynch touchdown after football teammate | handshake Author: all lustre strong Marshawn Lynch, an increasingly elusive player, his behavior seems to be summed up in one sentence: tough life without explanation. For example, the general gesture handshake, often seen in the business setting, from the beginning of 13 years, has become the Seattle Seahawks ace running back touchdowns standard way to celebrate the. ???????????????????????????????????????????Richard Sherman?????????????????????Marshawn??????????????????????????????|??????????????? , some players will carefully design their own celebrations after reaching the stage -- usually dancing or a short imitation show, and other players will show themselves after reaching the goal. But these are not Lynch style, as a scoring style fierce and formidable star running back, touchdown, expression of Marshawn Lynch was celebrated with his image very different -- simple and calm and his hands. Saint Louis rams linebacker James Laurinaitis said: I love playing Lynch style, the red when the ball extremely aggressive. I personally think he has a defender's mentality and what to say, when he comes on, he is always ready to hit each other. And I love to see the celebrations in his post, and he will shake hands with the attacking players and make me amuse every time. for Lynch, the celebration of the handshake originated in the 2013 NBA championship final. The first half of 3-10 to 49 people behind the Seahawks, in the third quarter, Lynch one time for 40 yards and 49 touchdowns, let the Seahawks leveled the score of people. But this touchdown after Lynch and did not like the past and begin to embrace teammate pat helmet as a celebration on a different scene: turning into the end zone, Lynch stood up, then the proximal Luke Willson front over and hugged him. But before the next step of the celebration, Lynch reached out his right hand and then shook hands with every teammate who came to him, like a businessman. first, James Carpenter, the head of the sea hawk at the time, thought it was an insult... Why? He thought. Is Marshawn Lynch no longer willing to celebrate with them, hugging, clapping their helmets and meeting their heads, as they used to be? Why is ? Marshawn Lynch from no pair.Handball | Bush for the United States Olympic delegation | incentive for | hand off Players Association Luca local time on July 21st, U.S. President Barack Bush in the White House Rose Garden for the Olympic team. At the ceremony, Bush delivered speeches, congratulated all the athletes who were selected, and encouraged them to carry forward the spirit of Olympic higher, faster and stronger, and striving for good results to win glory for the US team. , as a friendly Ambassador of the United States, you will convey to the athletes and all Chinese people from all over the world the values of American people's love for freedom and respect for human rights. President Bush inspired American athletes. Bush will attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in August 8th and will watch the sports events of the previous days. I want to pay tribute to all the athletes, and I can't wait to share with you the joy of victory. Bush said excitedly. the US team of more than 400 people going to Beijing will be the largest team in the history of the Olympic Games. They will be formally stationed in the Beijing Normal University in July 25th to begin the final training and preparation of the Olympic Games. (Wu Ying)The official website of NFL | Newton: to become a pioneer in the sport | football quarterback four Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm (Kam Newton) said in an interview, I hope he can become a pioneer, become the representative of athletic quarterback like him. Newton said: in this society, including myself, love of things such as "label, a quarterback, he reminds me of the Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger), or let me think of Steve - McNair (Steve McNari), or Steve Yang (Steve Young)." A quarterback, he's going to the draft, is always labeled as a player. but what I want to say is that there's no need to label me because people are always comparing players who have retired from service. It's not a competition. I'm not trying to be arrogant about some special issues. I just say the truth. I want to be a pioneer, not only as a African American, but as a sports quarterback. What I'm going to say is that it's a way of playing, it's not about race, you can be a Caucasian descendant, and you can be any race that is different from me. Newton repeatedly stressed that he was satisfied with his skin color and the way he played, and he never cared for criticism from the outside world.

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