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The official website of NFL | Seahawk players: Quin is the master of defense | Rugby Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quin (Dan Quinn) in popularity between the players and not because he decided to drop the Falcon in Atlanta. A day ago, the line guard K.J. Wright (K.J. Wright) predicted that the falcons would easily enter the playoffs in the next season. A day later, Wright reiterated that Quin was a real defender, and he would help the team to win the super bowl. defensive end Michael Michael Bennett revealed that Quin had designed a perfect defensive strategy for the new England patriots on the media day. Bennet described Quin's plan as a master. At the same time, Bennet stressed that Quin knew every player and he was able to put the players in the right position and inspire them all. In the end, Bennet ad cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ded that Quin's character will help him to succeed in any team. before , defensive player Clif Avery (Cliff Avril) also said that Quin was good at teaching individual players. He can break every tactic to a lot of small parts, helping the players to get to a new level. Safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) said: he will stick to his coaching philosophy. A coach like him will succeed wherever he goes.NFL's official website, before the packers president died at the age of 98, football nest ???????????????20?????|им??????????????????-J. ???????Robert J. Parins????????????????98?? When retired, he pushed the team to hire Bob - Haran (Bob Harlan) and let the latter take over his work. Haran's wrapper is very strong, 3 times to the super bowl, 2 wins. , that's one of the best things he has ever done. The Jack Koeppler, a late Jack member of the packers, said so much in 2006. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.became the first lost in Super Bowl team in the home court after the Vikings, get tickets to pray the eagle. is more similar to whether the neutral court is on the road or away from home. "Jim Schwartz", the hawk defense coordinator, said: "we haven't played in the middle position yet. It's really hard for Jim to say that. But after the victory, I and the other players were able to feel the rejoicing of Philadelphia. The last time Eagle has been in the super bowl for some years, there are fans who can go to Losangeles with the team. There are people who can go to Minneapolis to support us, and hope that they can make super bowl become our home. It's not easy to get a Super Bowl ticket, and it's not a joke on the way. But I think there will be a sea of green, the Battle Hymn will resound in the gym, of course, the opponent (patriot) battle will be sounded. I don't think it's really like a neutral position. , of course, the last key is whether the hawk fans can win the race. After all, patriotic fans have spent a lot of money in the Super Bowl in recent years.Doug - Flutti (Doug Flutie) in NFL has been lucky to be able to hit the 40 year old, but he believes that Tom Brady (Tom Brady) no doubt can do. "There's no doubt about it," he said on a phone interview on Monday. There are some similarities between seems flutti and Brady, a former player is not high, but the latter did not go up, but flutti think better Brady, you will not see the new England patriots perform some reading running tactics, this ensures a longer occupation career. In 2005 flutti patriot retired, he was 43 years old, he said: "the 90% quarterback is a psychological battle, make a decision, read the defense, choose the right way to attack the ball get the best protection, this is all, Brady can do these, he is very focused, his ball is exactly, so his age is not a problem." , "he can play until he is 40 years old. As long as he thinks, of course, many things are unknown. I hit 43 years old, and then I chose not to continue because of some injuries. In fact, I still can pass and move, but I was defeated by inner fatigue." The 37 year old , this season has MVP level, 40 year old seems to not so far away from him.

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