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new England patriot's rookie Sellers Jones (Cyrus Jones) does not seem to enjoy the team's super reversal in the fifty-first Super Bowl. , because Jones was the top ranked player in the 2016 season's draft of the patriot in the draft of the patriot, but when the team was 3 to 28 behind, Jones stayed in the field wearing clothes, because he didn't even have the chance to participate in other playoffs. "I won't be happy because I did not make my contribution," said Jones. I'm a team member, but I can't feel it. " The main reason Jones is unable to participate in the playoff team in the regular season, he kicked the ball in the abandoned off the ball 5 times, 11 punt return average 4.2 return yards, only in 14% when the number of defensive team. Jones on the season fourteenth weeks ruined team punt lead Baltimore crow lead the g cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ame, after he was involved in a game. But Jones became fans of the punching bag. For this reason, Jones canceled the plan to take off the season with his family, but began to prepare for his 2017 season. Jones said: "I have no entertainment for the rest of the season, because I'm not qualified to enjoy it."we all know Tom Brady (Tom Brady) is a cool player, at least on the sidelines, but when the court situation did not go as he thought he would be different. has been because of Brady's mistakes and teammates angry as everyone knows. Recently the team tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) comment on this. Gelon Kowski said: "every time when you see the angry, You'll see. him into the game. This will improve you, too, but sometimes you are scared by his anger. Only when you see his mood will you react. He wants to make the team play better. He's the leader. It's all because of him. " match on Sunday, Brady was captured on the sidelines of the camera he kept to the sidelines at moment. Of course, everything is not as good as he lets his teammates rekindle their confidence.The official website of NFL | giants Coach: Pierre Paul back | when ready football New York giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) said on Saturday he was with the team star defensive end Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) contact. said the two sides were Coughlin according to a good conversation on Friday, he also said that Pierre Paul will return to the team until ready to play. He is looking forward to returning to the team, Coughlin said. He was eager to come here. But he won't come to the team until he feels he is ready to play. days ago, the giant defense striker coach Robert nueng (Robert Nunn) said he and Pierre Paul made contact via SMS, the latter said he will return. When asked when the team can see their star at hand came back, she was no timetable. The recovery time of any length are possible, Coughlin said. I won't make a guess. no matter how long it takes Pierre and Paul to return to the court, he has made some progress with the team.The official website of NFL | Pierre Paul unsure of their career can continue to | football giants for New York giant defensive core Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul), whether it can continue to play the role of giants next season, there is no clear conclusion yet. He will be a free player after the end of the season, and he says: that's the fact. I can't guarantee anything for the future, maybe here, maybe not. was the last year of the Pierre Paul rookie contract, and he was going to take a salary of $4 million 600 thousand. In the 9 games of the season, the 2010 first round finished 3.5 escapement and made 1 balls. We need to wait and see how the events will develop, says Pierre - Paul. I've been here for 5 years, and I have experienced ups and downs. I love it, but we still need to face the reality at the end of the season. if Pierre - Paul enters the free market, he is bound to attract a lot of teams. The 25 year old flush had taken 16.5 shots in the 2011 season. Although he has never been able to get back to this degree since then, he is still an important player that the quarterback can't ignore. Besides, Pierre Paul's history of injury will affect his future to some extent. He has had back surgery, and his shoulder injury has also affected his performance.

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