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????????????L?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The team trained second times this week on Wednesday local time. As far as the training is concerned, it can be said to be mixed. The team, the quarterback Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers), took part in all the training for two days in a row. After he suffered a back injury, will not play the rumor collapse of itself. Rivers himself said, "the back does hurt, but it's not serious. I feel good now, I'm looking forward to the game this week. I believe we can win and go to the playoffs. " despite the fact that Rivers is not injured, the situation is not so optimistic for the top runner Ryan Matthews and Ryan Keenan Keenan. Two people were absent from training for two days, and the team did not reveal their specific circumstances. Ma cheap nfl jerseys free shipping thews is plagued by an ankle injury, Alan suffered a broken collarbone return undecided. whether or not Mathews and Alan can come out this week, the team believes they can find a way to win. Last week's victory showed that, and Rivers was looking forward to a hot hand and a reduction in passing misses. At present, they have put their destiny in their hands, and everyone is looking forward to the next victory.the New York giants wide receiver Victor croze (Victor Cruz) this season has not been fully participated in the training, his calf injury has not healed, which he was not selected to play against the Washington Redskins games played list. but Cruz is still confident that the giant will be his first season in the next face of Buffalo Bill. "I believe I'm going to play," Cruz told the New York media. giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) also did not deny the possibility, he played he said, "it feels like he will play, he was very excited, eager to return to the game," Cruz has not been in the game since he suffered a severe patellar tendon tear last October 12th. In spite of his successful recovery after the operation, he was suffering from a calf injury during this period. all these troubles postponed the arrival of a long - expected passing attack by giant fans. When Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham) took over the level continue to show the League top five, it is easy to forget a few years ago Cruz and quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) partner how dangerous.president art Rooney II Steelers told reporters on Tuesday that the Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger and his recent "long" a lot, he believes that Rothlisberger will continue to play next season. Before , Rothlisberger said he needed some time to decide the fate of 2017. After these statements posted on the Steelers lost the alcs. Rooney expressed his frustration at the loss and perceived that he could not go on forever. The big book that entered NFL in 2004 was still 35 years old. Rooney said the Steelers may be from the draft in part the young quarterback, but Delhi - speech and substitute Janice M. Vidal four and Rothlisberger's Jones's fate is not closely related to. Although the latter is likely to be replaced by the better free players in March.Water polo | Rome World Championships Men's water polo Chinese |4 than 14 negative lose the first battle of Montenegro Luca thirteenth World Championships in Rome to enter the fourth day, the Asian overlord China men's water polo team lose the first battle, group phase in 4 more than 14 lost to montenegro. At the world championships in , the Chinese men's team was in group B with Montenegro, Croatia and Brazil. In today's group first battle, facing the fourth Black Hills team of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China's male water is obviously inferior in strength. Finally, it lost 4 to 14. the Chinese team will meet Brazil in the next game on July 22nd local time. According to the water polo competition rules, the 16 teams are divided into four groups, of which the top three of each group can qualify for the qualifying rounds. If the Chinese team can beat Brazil team in second group matches, they will be eligible for promotion. (Yang Li)

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