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the New York giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) has been retired in talking about. , the 6 - time job bowl, revealed that he planned to play another 2 - year ball on Saturday. "I just decided last week. Again 2 years, get the Super Bowl champion, and then enjoy the fun, I will change the world in mental health, "Marshall said. Marshall plan to bring attention to mental health is not surprising. He had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorders. in this offseason Marshall and the giants signed a $12 million contract for 2 years. He would have earned $7 million 500 thousand in the new season before he was cut off by the New York jet. Since 2006, was selected to Marshall with season 8 receiving yards over 1000. In the past 10 years is the league's most efficient Marshall receivers, in receiving yards (11752 yards) and the frequency of the ball (921) are the mo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping st.Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) is a huge fan of the rainbow. recently gave him a rainbow candy vending machine to thank him for his long love. on Tuesday, US, Brown showed his new machine at home on his twitter. It is reported that this vending machine has received 125 pounds of rainbow sugar, and Brown has signed his name on the machine. Brown put a video on how to use the machine on his instagram, in addition to releasing his own picture with the machine on twitter. Brown has a good relationship with rainbow sugar company not only this season, but earlier in the season, he received a rainbow candy gift of rainbow candy gloves. ? Suzhou taigeer bowling match | Bowling 2015 Suzhou tigers bowling Museum 1. Participants: all bowling enthusiasts two, competition time: 19:00 in May 3, 2015, three, the venue: Suzhou tigers Bowling Club (4 people road, No. 3188, Wanda Square, block C) four, registration fee: 1, members of the museum last month scouring the ball full 30 games, the registration fee of 50 yuan 2, is not a member of the museum or the ball is not full 30 games, the registration fee is 200 yuan five, incentive method: group: first prize: $1500 in group B: first name: 300 yuan second: 1000 yuan second: 200 yuan third: 600 yuan third: 100 yuan fourth: 400 yuan fourth: 100 yuan fifth: 300 yuan fifth: 100 yuan sixth: 200 yuan sixth: 100 yuan single office top score: 100 yuan (except award winners) six, rules of competition: 1, group A: according to the total score divided 4 Bureau before the six award, the exchange form, each end of a shift along the right fairway group; 2, group B: group a sixth grades by extraction coefficient (0.925, 0.93, 0.935, 0.94, 0.945, 0.95, 0.955, 0.96), with a sixth score multiplied by the coefficient score down the row for six B grades; 3, add points: 55 years of age, under 18 years of age, women's players, straight players plus 6 points, 60 years of age over 8 points per Bureau, 10 points per game over 70 years, plus 220 points (no additional bonus); 4, subtraction: the total score of the next month's championship is reduced by 20 points, and the total score of the next game is reduced by 10 (no matter the empty) 5, the same score: the non - added person is before the list, and the second is in front of the less, and 6, the match is based on computer scoring and manual scoring, without breaking the foul line. 7, oil drop standard: Wall Street (40 feet oil) Suzhou tigers Bowling Club{"averagePoints":5.1,"playerId":17177,"percentChange":-2.7,"averageDraftPosition":170,"percentOwned":15.3,"fullName":"Taylor Gabriel","lastPoints":0,"pointsSEASON":81.7,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"Getting waived by the Browns is often a bad sign for a player's prospects, but that didn't stop Gabriel from exploding onto the fantasy scene in Atlanta last year. Gabriel was a situational player throughout the year (he was on the field for 51 percent of the pass plays when active), but his targets and, in turn, his production went way up in the second half. Gabriel's best fantasy week was 58th during Weeks 1-7, but he managed six top-30 weeks during his next seven outings. On the year, Gabriel averaged 11.5 yards per target (second) and 7.8 yards after catch (first). Atlanta's offense is going to come back to earth this year, and Gabriel will follow, especially considering he didn't see more than six targets in a single game last year. He's likely to be picked too early in your draft.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Fri May 19"},"positionRank":80,"totalPoints":81.7}

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