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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) last year will enter his contract, but he did not worry too much to fix a new contract. "as for my contract, I really don't want to talk about this sort of thing," Wilson said. "I love rugby football. I like to play ball. I'm trying to make progress and I want to be the best player in history. That's what I think about the question of the contract. Able to win many games at such a young age, able to work with so many excellent players, win some great reversals, win the super bowl, and enter the super bowl for second consecutive years, which is lucky enough for me to do these things. This is very special. So that's what I care about. I care about the next opportunity I have. The rest of the opportunity will come. I believe that God will bless me. I don't know what's going to happen, but I'll always believe it. I believe the contract will get the result. " Wilson this year's contract will only make high quality and inexpensive, the Seahawks spent $1 million 500 thousand. If they are not at cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the end of next season after negotiating a new contract, they can be the only way to make sure that Wilson will not leave was to give him the privilege label, then the contract amount will be close to $20 million. gave Wilson a privileged tag on what they would do when necessary, but they preferred to make a new contract before that. Wilson sounds like he is ready to face any things will happen: if a proper contract is ready to sign up, or if you are not satisfied with the contract he will wait for the seahawks.The proximal front Robert (Rob Gronkowski) - Marcus' this season has been a foul 5 offensive pass interference foul. He added up in the last five seasons that he had not been punished for having so many fouls on passing the ball. More alarming is that the number of pass interference foul glycopyrrolate review than other basic Cowes season 30 teams. so, yes, that's a problem. In the last game when a pass interference foul that one of his big yards after catch 'looks very shocked Gelon come to nothing. On Tuesday, when the Boston local sports radio said they believe the referee intentionally for Kowski at the proximal end of Gelon, front on twitter with the word "agree" to express their dissatisfaction. quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) appears in the game in the first half have been in the roar, and of course he leads to foul glycopyrrolate 'looks very dissatisfied after the game. "in addition to run forward not only contact with each other, let the other contact you he no other way," Brady said to the media on Monday. "Then they can obviously contact you within five yards of the kick-off line, but now what you say is that the attack team can't touch anyone five yards after the ball. I can't fully understand this. " because of a knee injury may be absent for a week Gelon 'have reason to feel disappointed. The penalty was the same as many of the fouls that patriots were punished in this game - most of them could not be blown away. At some point, you have to make a player's performance determine the effect 4 years after the Seattle Seahawks, veteran tight end Zach - Miller (Zach Miller) had in the offseason to look for work. Local time Friday, the Seahawks officially announced sacked Miller, because Miller was in poor health. , the 29 year old Miller, was absent from most of the 2014 seasons and had ankle surgery two times a year. Before the start of last season, the Seahawks and Miller agreed to pay, to stay in the team. But he only played 3 times throughout the season, completed the 6 catch, a total of 76 yards. In the original contract, Miller will take more than 1 million yuan of basic salary next season, plus about 1 million 140 thousand of the lineup award, he will bring about 3 million 400 thousand impact on the team's salary cap. ??????????????????????????240?? According to reports, along with Miller's departure, the Seahawks and former Denver winger Julius Thomas Mustang proximal (Julius Thmas) naturally together. Although Miller's injury history will scare off some of the original interest in his team, but the veteran catcher in the team still have the ability to compete for a starting position. The Tampa Bay pirates hope to meet with Miller recently, according to a lover.{"averagePoints":11.7,"playerId":13215,"percentChange":0,"averageDraftPosition":26.4,"percentOwned":98.8,"fullName":"Dez Bryant","lastPoints":5.4,"pointsSEASON":186.4,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"Injuries have limited Bryant to 22 games during the past two regular seasons, so it's easy to forget that he finished as a top-seven fantasy receiver during the prior three seasons. He was pretty good during the 13 games he played last season as well, posting a top-20 fantasy week during 54 percent of his outings (seventh best). Bryant scored eight touchdowns in 2016 after averaging 13.7 per season from 2012 to 2014. Bryant is averaging 8.8 targets per game (27 percent target share) during the 53 games he's played at least three-quarters of the pass play snaps since the start of 2013. The 28-year-old's volume will be limited some by Dallas' run-heavy scheme, but he does enough damage to warrant second-round consideration.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Fri May 19"},"positionRank":24,"totalPoints":186.4}

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