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The official website of NFL |49 are invited Manjini served as the team's defensive coordinator | football NFL, the famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that 49 people in San Francisco on Wednesday with the team coach Eric Manjini proximal front (Eric Mangini) is served as the team's defensive coordinator job for the exchange. What is the day before the Oakland Raiders just Manjini and discuss as the defensive coordinator position. Under the tutelage of Bill Mangini - Biliqieke (Bill Belichick), is considered to be good at defense coach, served as coach of the New York jets and Cleveland Brown. The 2013 season was hired as a senior offensive consultant to study the attack under the hands of Jim Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) and then become a full-time coach of the near end. Now the 49 team coach team basically emptied, the team also hoped that Manjini can pick up their own good defensive line of work, to help t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he team through. , the other 49 people also intend to make Jason Tarver (Jason Tarver) as line and coach, but the new manager Jim Sura has not yet identified a good candidate. The 49 are the only team in the league with no offensive coordinator at the same time.The official website of NFL | Mustang out billions of dollars of von Miller promised not to renew the quotation | football , according to people familiar with the matter, although Denver wild horse has proposed a 6 year extension contract worth 114 million 500 thousand US dollars for the Von Miller, it is not possible for both sides to reach a consensus now, and the two sides are not negotiating now, Von. insiders say that the bid for wild horses includes $39 million 800 thousand in security revenues for the first two years. This part of the income is actually $38 million 500 thousand, but there is a other $1 million 300 thousand training bonus, which makes a total of 39 million 800 thousand. in the franchise tag in July 15th before the player must to sign long-term contract situation, informed sources at present for both sides to complete the contract before the date in this have a lot of worries. on Monday, Miller said his brokers and Mustang had made real progress in completing the contract renewal. , if Miller and Mustang can't finish the contract before the deadline, he must be back on the competition for a one year worth of just over 14 million dollars. As an exclusive privileged label player, he can only negotiate with wild horses and can't accept other teams.|2015 technology, representing national handball handball referee and referee training class held | hand Association 2015 national handball technical representative, chief referee and referee training class was held in Beijing on 13-15 March. 20 technical representatives, chief referees and 65 referees from all over the country have participated in the training, and the qualified personnel of the examination will be able to take the annual competition. in recent years, Chinese Handball Association attaches great importance to the occupation morals and raise the level of business, held the referee training class every year, in order to ensure a solid foundation of sportsmanship and discipline. Director, center bangleiqiu hand song China Handball Association chairman Lei Jun attended the training opening ceremony and made a mobilization speech, urged the referee in the new situation comprehensively deepen reform, improve their self-cultivation from three levels down to study business, to enhance the level of contribution China handball.After finally completed his contract after von Miller (Von Miller), Denver Mustang finally refocused his attention on remaking the League No. 1 defense team again. Mustang lost players Malik in the offseason, Jackson (Malik Jackson) and Danny Wilson (Danny Trevathan) - Trevor and some substitute defender, but the safetys T.J. Ward (T.J. Ward) believes that there is no reason not to copy Mustang and even enhance the performance in 2015. "There's no upper limit on ," Ward said. "We can be as good as we want. We can be the best defensive team in history. This is the goal of our effort. " Miller's return ensures that the lateral pass will continue to dominate. We expect the grade two Shane Ray to improve his performance and let DeMarcus - Ville (DeMarcus Ware) have more rest time. At the cornerback position, Chris - Harris (Chris Harris), AKI Budd Talib (Aqib Talib) and Bradley Robbie (Bradley Roby) that the Mustang had the league's best cornerback combination. there are still problems in the quarterback position, and if the Mustang wants to defend it, the defense team will have to perform miraculously as it did last season.

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