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At the same time, the details are decorated with hot red, showing the proud fighting spirit of the people of Osaka. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????J?????????????J???????????????????????? Jersey right sleeve, J League below the "OSAKA" armband armband on behalf of the club hometown -- Osaka. introduced the latest technology of "Ice Blast" technology, through the collar after axillary increase cooling special patch controlling water, and fast cooling function. The special section line on the Jersey also absorbs sweat. The evaporation of the fabric surface will promote the diffusion of fibers, contact with sunlight, promote sweat evaporation, absorb heat from evaporating sweat, and inhibit the rise of temperature inside clothes. also draw inspiration from the strong heavy armor, will also be Kansai area popular arrow plume into the design team for the new season, the Osaka steel Pakistan Away Jersey are people in front of a bright white form. details, design is in line with the Away Jersey home court Jersey, new technology also provide comfortable experience for competitive players in the game.Author: cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist This week NFL daytime game, San Diego lightning borrow home court advantage over mighty Haiying, borrowed a friend's words, do the great things of lightning. In this game the Seahawks pavement lost 101 yards, lost the ball 284 yards. Since the 2012 season, the Seahawks defensive curtain formally established, they have been overcome in some matches opponents from the road, for example, against 49 people and the Vikings, also in some of the matches were passing end abuse, such as against the Patriots and the lion, but they never like this, the road passes both fall. How does lightning do in the end? The next thing I saw in this game: 1, the proper tactics, specializing in the Seahawks weakness a lot of teams against the Seahawks when lack of patience, or that they have no way to attack group for attack, so they will be tempted to try to pass a punch down the Seahawks, this trick is successful? Indeed, last season the pony had used continuous long fix Haiying, the rest of the team is not only long but with little success, often by the Seahawks completed steals, which gained nothing anti-corrosion of one meter. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? But they also attack pavement without too much special, only three running backs in the ball from the middle hard process, or in the shotgun formation, running back to run the fax tactics from the middle break. The Seahawks defensive style of tough, nature will not let the opponent easily pass from the middle, so dig Rivers 11 red ball 17 yards, three running backs 26 ball only advanced 84 yards, size is only 3.2 yards. But the lightning continued to punch the ball strategy, of course not just for a muscle and the Seahawks head. The NFL game, the ball has time and the outcome of the basic does not pull too much, but for the lightning, an important part of the time the ball is in their winning formula; in addition, the first two stalls to punch the ball lightning can often promote more than 5 yards, so they only need to face three less than 5 yards distance to take the first attack, a lightning punches the ball in the top two stalls, both dominated possession, and excellent groundwork for the third. Because often face three short code number, so the lightning is not necessarily in the distance passing over and let cornerback recklessly, and they will use a very clever strategy: running back against the flat region. What is the flat area? This is the flat in English, which is about the location of the lateral catcher and the corner guard face to face. (as shown in the diagram) under normal circumstances, the regional marker, cornerback will keep this area, if it is man to man defense, cornerback was took away, then the defense will generally defensive end or outside linebacker take care of. Do not know the Seahawks rushed pass ineffective, or lightning protection pass too good, anyway, the Seahawks early in the game at transfer effect is not good, so they used a large number of linebacker raids, the 43 ball defense in 11 raids, in this.Atlanta falcons announced that they got Tennessee 's Titan veteran Andy - Leavitt (Andy Levitre) through the deal. Leavitt himself gave the falcons this year's slogan on twitter, suggesting the deal. Titan signed Leavitt in 2013 with a contract of 6 years and 46 million 800 thousand dollars. In this transaction, they will get the sixth round draft of the Falcon draft next year and a conditional draft of 2017 draft. After 's first pre - season, Leavitt's position in the first line-up was replaced by Byron - Baer (Byron Bell). Last season, the Titans defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the 24-17 preseason enabled Baer and rookie Mathias defeated iosu (Josue Matias) and did not let Leavitt play. Titan began to use bigger players on the offensive front line, Leavitt's bad performance and the smaller body size -- 6 feet, 2 inches and 303 pounds -- let the team decide to give up him. when he joined Titan, he got 10 million 500 thousand dollars in the signing bonus. His contract had a total income of 13 million dollars, and his salary reached 6 million 500 thousand dollars this season.Denver wild horse announced on Monday local time that it had traded the offensive cutting edge Chris Clark (Chris Clark) to Dezhou in Houston and returned to a 2016 draft. Then the NFL website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that this is a seven round sign. Clark has made 27 games for the wild horse in the past 5 seasons, with 7 games in the first season of the season. Although the Mustang star left Jiefeng Ryan creditOn (Ryan Clady) for the season due to injury, but Clark still ranked in the rookie Taylor - Sambu LaRue (Tyler Sambrailo) behind, unable to play on the main. and to the people of Dezhou, Clark can only become the main rotation players, because the people of Dezhou star left Jiefeng Du Wan Brown (Duane Brown) is currently plagued by injuries still do not know whether the first week as the regular season, Clark's role is more like a firefighter.

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