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automatic playback switch automatically play Steelers chief vs Trailer Steelers three carriages can ride Kansas loading... Tencent sports news tomorrow NFL playoff semi-final competition will start soon, and the rest of the teams are ready to go. What are the interesting things in the league today? Let's take a look at it: Iverson and cowboy boss photo Iverson refuel for Dallas and take a photo with his boss in a shirt, recently, NBA legend Allen Iverson went to Dallas, and the purpose of his trip was not for basketball, but he's childhood love of Sport - football. He visited the Dallas Cowboys training base in the NFL playoffs in the offseason, and have a very good time. Iverson, dressed in the Dallas cowboy classic Jersey, took the photo with the Dallas cowboy boss Jerry Jones. Iverson released the photo on his own Instagram, and he changed the pattern of his basketball court to the star logo of the cowboy team. At the hall of fame ceremony, revealed that Iverson's first choice was rugby and wanted to play for the Dallas cowboys. He thought he was the best olive player, and basketball was his second choice. Iverson is a famous basketball player, which is beyond doubt. But Iverson's talent is especially strong in football. In high school, Iverson was once a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping shining football star, but because of the NBA's salary and the rugby football he finally gave up. Iverson and Lebron James are the same age by the Dallas Cowboys team - the influence champion era, Iverson Instagram and the cowboys are full of your own memories, perhaps not to play cowboy is Iverson's greatest regret; and so is Lebron James, he more than once to visit the cowboys and Jerry Jones met with the Jersey cowboy look seems to join. but as a legend of the 76 people in Philadelphia, Iverson may be somewhat inappropriate in Dallas. Because the NFL team Philadelphia hawk's dead enemy is the Dallas cowboy team. Any Philadelphia people are abhorrent to the Dallas cowboys, but for the God of Philadelphia, the fans are still very tolerant. blizzard, semifinals postpone due to the Missouri ice storm is coming, Kansas time on Sunday the United States is expected to have about 2 cm of ice, thus greatly influence the emirate of Kansas and Pittsburgh Steelers game will be affected by the weather, the current American League semi-final match ticket price has been reduced to a degree, a $150 ticket cattle in the secondary market has been reduced to $30. For the sake of public safety and many factors, NFL officials announced today to change the time of the game. The game will be changed from the original time to the American week.The official website of NFL | ram show champion Goff to his football quarterback from | This year's show champion quarterback Jared gove (Jared Goff) will usher in his first NFL season, show champion status and living in a big city like Losangeles, let him feel the pressure of nature. In order to relieve his pressure, he began to contact the young quarterback of other teams in order to seek experience and guidance. Goff revealed in an interview that he had Mario Kobita and Marcus - Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars (Marcus Mariota) - Blake bottos (Blake Bortles) had private exchanges. Goff said in the interview, "they are very helpful. When I ask them for help, they say to me," I will be glad to ask you any questions. So I had a lot of fun chatting with them. In particular, Mario Kobita, he has given me a lot of people's experience, such as what the difference between University and NFL and how to adapt to this transition period. When I was in University, I played almost the same attacking system, so I needed the adjustment and adjustment as well. I felt that what he said was very useful. is not only the active quarterback, also played with Gough rams quarterback former who made contact, he was chosen in second days with Vince - Ferla Garmo (Vince Ferragamo) and Jim Everett (Jim Everett) met to Kurt Warner (Kurt Warner) of SMS communication. now Gove, is not willing to go to the ram in order to choose a huge price paid by him, just want to mind on football. He said, "it's a great honor for me to choose me at such a cost." But at the same time, I am just part of this team, so I try to do my part well every day, and I will not manage anything else. I'm just a quarterback playing rugby, that's all.on Friday afternoon local time, when the news conference of Roger Goodell Roger Goodell lasted for about 35 minutes, an uninvited guest rushed in from his left side. a man was then dragged away by the security officer and roared not to be taken to the elevator, and the press conference was interrupted for several seconds. (this is probably the most popular president of the League press conference, it is likely that Xiao Hua (Adam Silver) and he told the Losangeles clippers of decisions made by the press conference some more attention) this in social media also attracted to Godell's ridicule, they said Guder need to add a list of his affairs to repair NFL the "security" of this one. The name of the elevator and the roaring looks is casual visitor's attention to Godell and last week's violence protest. Last week, Baltimore crow running back ray - Rice (Ray Rice) complete video beating fiancee in the elevator to be exposed. and a number of reports that the casual visitor is a famous American radio show - Howard Stern (The Howard Stern Show) - actor bengi blunck (Benjy Bronk). The Stern show is famous for imitating the news and messing up at the press conference. In the 15 minute report, twitter "Howard - Stern" has entered the top three of the hot trend.Dallas cowboy fans must be looking forward to the good performance of the team in the next season. on Wednesday U.S. time, the team took over the Mendez Bryant (Dez Bryant) said that the Cowboys is his best. Bryant joined cowboys in 2010, including 2 sub divisions, the first is 12 wins, 4 defeats and 13 wins and 3 defeats. He believes that this year's team is more outstanding, which is obviously delighted for the fans. is another good news for the fans, Bryant said he felt good, compared to the past few seasons, he missed many games due to injury, last season just completed one of the first 13 games of the season only 9 games, which led to his data under severe sliding. If he can return to 2014, 88 shots and 1320 yards and 16 tendros, perhaps the cowboy will surpass the last season.

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