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New York giant announced that Victor Cruz and Jon Beason will not play the first season of regular season against Dallas cowboys in Dallas, New York. Cruz suffered a calf injury in the training camp after recovering from a knee injury last season, and he is still absent from training. According to the giants, the team has predicted that as the giant will play 3 games in 12 days after the start of the season, it is likely that Cruz will be able to fight in the fourth week. Although and Beeson Co. to participate in the training, his knee so he still can not go to the game. It is worth noting that the last time the 16 game of the season attendance Beeson dates back to the 2010 season. The team may have never played in the regular season before Varney (Uani Unga) - allsun served as the starting line. these two players may be the only one who is short of the first battle of the season. The team announced linebacker cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Jonathan Casillas (Jonathan Casillas) (neck), defensive tackle Kulun - Jenkins (Cullen Jenkins) (hamstring injury) and defensive end Iowa mabe - Audi group (Owa Odighizuwa) w (foot injury) were classified as likely to play games.NFL's official website, in fact we are Toni Romo, Waterloo Rugby a When the Dak Prescott in the last two minutes two times to come back from the brink of defeat cowboy, reverse against Pittsburgh Steelers, won 8 straight season after two days, Romo released a 5 minute 59 seconds of speech, the speech is written by him, and before the release of the team never gave anyone seen. In order to serve this team for 14 years, he said he would like to be a substitute for Dak and give him the most solid support, because Dak proved himself a worthy cowboy quarterback. and Romo still insisted on that day that he wanted to go back to the top level of competition, because he still longed for the joy of athletics and victory again. And when he talked about it, he could not choke. since that day, I have never doubted Romo's desire to return to the game until yesterday he accepted the CBS contract and officially declared his retirement. two ????2006???????????????????????????????1??19?????20??21????1??????????????????2??????????????????21????????????????????????????????????Tony Romo?? Later in the story, almost everyone knows that Romo is not connected to open up the ball, he then tries to punch the ball finished up front, but was finally caught in her front end. 's failure to help the ball was not only a direct end to the playoffs of the cowboy, but more like a nightmare to accompany his whole career. this error let all people forget that when the game only 2 minutes and 59 seconds, Romo will be the team from the 28 yard line to the other 2 yard line, no one remembers the day he came 29 with 189 yards and 1 touchdowns in 17, but no one remembers, that is Romo first season as a starting quarterback of the cowboys four. three the 2003 NFL draft, not what people pay attention to from the Eastern Illinois University white quarterback one looks nothing special, he and his team did not like what the sense of presence, so this is called the Tony Romo young people become a pick a logical. Sean Payton, the cowboy's quarterback coach at the time, saw his same school alumnus, and Romo signed with the cowboy team. And when Payton went to saints in 06 years to go to teach with 3 round picks, Romo was rejected by Jerry Jones.Chicago bears the main front matru proximal Lawrence Bennet (Martellus Bennett) today officially met within the team ban. In training on Monday, Bennet told his teammate Fowler (Kyle Fuller) strike violently, caused extremely bad influence in the team. bears general manager Phil Amery (Phil Emery) on the second day after the incident officially announced the team of Bennet's decision, Bennet will be fined and suspended for the double punishment, but the bears did not disclose the specific amount of punishment and no matches Bennet. According to the alliance, Bennet will be deducted for 4 weeks at most. As for the team's penalty decision, Bennet also expressed his idea, "every attack I have taken seriously. I did it every day before, and I worked hard. If that's too much, I think maybe I'm the most violent person on the court. " It seems that Bennet himself was not fully aware of his mistakes.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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