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The official website of NFL, the Mustang Shane ray von Miller praised the leadership in football nest DeMarcus - DeMarcus Ware's decommissioning has caused the Mustang to lose the backbone of a dressing room. This allows another star to become the mainstay. In this regard, Shane ray (Shane Ray) believes that the star - von Miller (Von Miller) - do well. was asked if von Miller could fill the air's vacancy, and ray said. honestly, I have always said that Feng's leadership has been a little neglected, and many people don't discuss his ability and what he has done. He treats his teammates and players as always bluntly. He once criticized me and Shaq (Shaquille Barrett and Shaq Barrett) showed us how to do it. DeMarcus is more like our tutor, and Miller is older brother. Like this, you should do it, your feet should be so moving. No, you cheap nfl jerseys free shipping have to come again. ' he is such a leader. Forthright, good at teaching others. My eating habits, wanting a chef and keeping his body fat rate in fixed numbers were influenced by Miller. He did it thoroughly: weight 245 to 250 pounds, 7% body fat, no difference. I'm going to ask him, 'Hey, Feng, how can I make my ankle more flexible?' He has been trying to help others, to give them training and to talk to others, that's him. Although the outside world may not see it, this is what he insisted on doing every day and never changed. This is his excellent personality. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.It's one thing for to design a defensive plan to deal with Rob Gronkowski, and it's another thing to really keep him on the court. , some team coaches are defending the new England patriot's super near front through some specific tactics. Some teams, such as Washington red skinned coach Jay Gruden, choose a more traditional way. He said, "I think it still needs team strength. You can say that you need a double person to wrap him up, but if you do this, there is always a catch player who is 1 to 1 against your defender. So I think the man is probably the best choice. Our people need to give pressure, no matter who is the opposite. " is generally the Gelon Khodorkovsky compared to the legendary former tight end Toni - Gonzales (Tony Gonzalez), but Gruden made a different comparison, he said: "he is more like a great basketball player, Stephen - Curitiba (Steph Curry) or Lebron James (LeBron James), he is able to score. So we only need to limit him to complete some incredible scores. Before he catches the ball, we need players to go around and try to create balls or block him. if all this doesn't work? You can only hope that the Gelon Khodorkovsky morning ate.The official website of NFL | running back Lynch is still unable to determine whether to play the next game | football rest for a week and can not guarantee the horse running back Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) to be able to play the Seattle Seahawks game against the Cincinnati tigers. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol ( Pete Carroll) told reporters on Wednesday that Lynch is still due to a hamstring injury need to receive daily check, before the team until later this week to know he can play the next game. The running back position Seahawk may face difficult situation in the face of unbeaten tiger. Carol said Fred Jackson (Fred Jackson) had a high ankle sprain in the match against Detroit lions, but he thought Jackson would play against the tigers. If Lynch and Jackson both missed, rookie running back Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls) ball task will be liable for all three in this game. Rawls struggled to find a flushing space in a large number of matches on the field, and finally got 48 yards for the 17 shot.Adam Teicher ESPN Staff Writer The Chiefs added some depth at safety by signing veteran Robert Golden. The 27-year-old Golden played six seasons with the Steelers with 12 starts, including two last season. The Chiefs were in need of safety depth after releasing long-time starter Ron Parker last month. Safeties Daniel Sorensen and Eric Murray played a lot last season and Eric Berry is scheduled to return next season after missing most of 2017 because of a ruptured Achilles tendon.

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