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JAKO company's jersey designer David ·. Blanche (David Blanch) has led the design of the New Jersey, and he is also the designer of the Hannover 96 past four seasons jerseys. Said Brent spoke about new shirt: "new shirt printing is a special kind of digital combination pattern, from the club's famous 96 badges, this is the most out of the ordinary place of the club. In the same way, the black and white green tricolor badges still appear in the heart, and the difference lies in the ubiquity of the 96 patterns on the New Jersey.Miami dolphin runner Sean Moreno (Knowshon Moreno) was expected to return after three weeks of injury and returned to the Green Bay Packer's match. The dolphins have marked Moreno as cheap nfl jerseys free shipping "very likely to fight." Moreno since second weeks due to injury since halfway out of the race has been in a truce, until this week he began training in all of the team, but he said that the protection of the elbow injury so that he was not suited, when asked what to wear elbow trouble, he replied: "all is troubled." Moreno in the offseason left the Denver broncos, and the Miami dolphins signed a one-year contract, the first game of the season on the bench as running backs took the score of 134 yards 1 touchdowns, helping the team win over new England patriots. this season the dolphins ground offensive performance, averaging 143.2 yards rushing yards ranked fifth in the league, starting running back Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller) turns to the impact and Moreno will challenge the packers, this season the packers defense in the league in the countdown to the first floor. The official website of NFL | watts in the Dezhou attack poly business couldn't fully understand | football Houston Dezhou people's defensive end forward J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) has become a member of the offensive team this season. This season he has 3 times as near end of temporary workers, completed 3 catches and converted to 3 touchdowns. This efficiency is also unmatched in the alliance. , but what is more surprising is that his three array is completed when he is attacking a businessman and he can't understand the tactical layout completely. It's equivalent to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is basically speaking a foreign language. In an interview with ESPN this week, said, "I couldn't understand what they were talking about when they attacked the business." I swear to God that I have no knowledge of the tactical arrangement, apart from what I am asked to do. Watt is not a joke. It really makes him confused. 13 weeks over the Tennessee Titans game points to his a pickup to prove the fact. At the time of the attack, Watt was listening to the arrangement. But because he didn't know Fitzpatrick's tactical code, he went up to ask the quarterback to do what he did. He asked, "what do I have to do?" Fitzpatrick replied, "run straight." then, Walter carried out the arrangement well.Chicago bear announced the signing of the former Carolina Panther protecting front Emmelle Sheila Toru (Amini Silatolu) on Wednesday. Sheila Toru has played 4 seasons for the Panther. He was troubled by injuries during this period. He laced the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee last November, the second time in his career that he had suffered the injury. bears obviously think Sheila is healthy enough to play for them touro. Sheila Toru had also visited the Seattle Seahawks, 49 people in San Francisco, Kansas City Chiefs and the Arizona cardinals. Sheila Toru had only fought 34 games in 4 seasons. If he is healthy, the two round show in 2012 has shown some potential.

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